Pilgrim Sahim: Establishing some limits on religious figures

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((Conference Room B4 - Amity Outpost))

    Sahim had been instructed by Prarim about what they could expect of this Federation and encouraged her to push their case so the Angels could thrive peacefully in the system nebula without being disturbed by the miners.

    The Hawlat had arrived to this system some time ago and had watched how they've brought the station to this area, thus, creating a diversion in the Angels peaceful travel and relief period whre they'll remain in the system for some time, nourishing, recuperating and looking through the stars for their next destination.

    As she's brought to a room where she'll deal wit hthe Federation officers to see what they'll do with the problems between the miners and the Angels, she kept silent, just replying as everyone was filling the room. Finally a man with golden hair appeared and somehow, she knew that it was the man in charge of the meeting, despite the presence of the first secretary to whom she'd been introduced by Prarim.

Wong: Greetings, everyone. I also welcome our esteemed guest from the Hawlat peoples. I am honoured to have you here on our outpost today. 

Sahim: Thank you for receiving me and be open to the needs and worries of my people.

Keehani: Response.

Kivik: It’s an honour to make your acquaintance. I’m Ensign Kivik and I represent Amity Outpost’s Science Division. We’re very interested in learning more about your people so that we can find common ground and a mutually agreeable outcome!

Wong:  I’m glad to see you all here. However, it has come to my understanding it’s been under less than desirable circumstances.

Keehani: Response.

Sahim: Yes, as the first secretary already know, the miners that are working in this system seem to have some problems with the entities we call our Angels. It seems that they don't feel they should respect them in their natural environment and are vouching for a... hostile action against them. We're commited to follow them and help them in any way we can so they can live in peace and guide us through the marvels of the universe. :: taking a breath :: As far as I know, your laws say that you are respectful with all kind of lives and beliefs right?

Kivik: Of course, General Order 34 requires us to honor and respect your religious beliefs and cultural practices, so long as nobody’s safety is at risk. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I don’t think the ‘Angels’ pose any immediate threat.

    Sahim watched as the one named Wong replicated a pitcher of water and some glasses for everyone, placing them in the middle of the table before sitting down at the head of the table and setting down his PADD. She took one of the glasses and after smelling its content took a sip. It was cold, but it seemed good.

Wong: So I’d like to hear about the angels, if no one minds. I’d like to hear it first hand.

Kivik: Agreed - that seems like a logical place to start. Perhaps we can begin learning about them from your people’s perspective. ::To the rest:: I think it’s important that we respect the Hawlat’s knowledge and boundaries in our study of these.. ..entities.

Keehani: Response.

Sahim: Well, as far as we know, the Angels are born in space, they have been present in our culture for at least two milenia, being referred in ancient texts with their appearances on our skies. They dwell in space and have always been peaceful creatures, not bothering when my people started following them, what changed our life and vision of ourselves in the big puzzle of the universe.

Wong: What is the connection between the angels and your culture, if you don’t mind me asking?

Sahim: I... I'm not sure how much I can say, some aspects of out religion aren't to be discussed with strangers. But I can tell you that the Angels appeared in a time of great need for our people in our home planet about five centuries ago, and their behavior alerted our predecessors that they need to leave our home. Once in space, we followed them where they go. Maybe one day, they'll give us a sign to settle somewhere else, so until then, we follow them wherever they go.

Kivik: Thank you for sharing that. I believe there are a number of other cultures who hold similar beliefs. I’m sure that the more we learn, the more likely we are to find a resolution.

Wong: I have to ask, when did all these issues start? I can’t imagine this is the first time that you’ve encountered mining operations. Have there been treaties in the past?

Keehani: Response.

Sahim: Other times we've been pursued by other species, we've had what you may call, skirmishes, but sometimes because of our actions and others because the ability of our elders to make deals, we managed to survive and protect them in their journey.

Kivik: Now that is interesting. ::Making some notes on nir PADD:: I’m curious - have your people studied the Angels at all, to try and better understand them from a scientific perspective?

Sahim: Yes, in fact, I'm interested in knowing what I can about them to learn and anticipate their needs and wishes.

Keehani/Wong: Response.

Kivik: In that case, do you have any knowledge regarding how the Angels choose their destinations? Do they follow any sort of pattern in their travels?

Sahim: Not exactly a pattern, as they're nomadic, like we are, they travel to different systems and places. This is the third nebula system they've stopped by since we have records. My understanding about why they stop in places like this is that they feel comfortable here. Like … mmm... like finding a warm bath after weeks of journey through a planet wit ha harsh environment. Here they find nourishment, entertainment and are usually protected from hostile species that might try to hunt them.

Keehani/Wong: Response.

    The ensign looked at her before speaking.

Kivik: Once our conversation here is complete, I’d like to ask for your people’s assistance in learning more about the Angels. Specifically, I’d like to run some non-invasive scans (from a distance that shouldn’t disturb them in any way) in order to better understand their physical bodies. If possible, I’d prefer if one of the Hawlat would join me in this effort to ensure we remain respectful of your boundaries.

Keehani/Wong: Response.

Sahim: I'll have to consult with my colleagues before granting that request. Non invasive scans should be good, but anything else,... we'll have to be sure that you don't disturb or hurt them. We know that nucleonic beam scans are not to be made. They'll flee when they feel them. Tachyon pulse scans aren't also an option, it affects them in their sense of orientation what could lead to accidents as they move erratically.

Kivik/Wong/Keehani: Response



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