Dr. Kamoyo Aleksandrov & MSNPC Acolyte Taven: Conflict of Rational

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Madalain Ackley

Oct 30, 2021, 5:39:27 PM10/30/21
to Amity Outpost - StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Conference Room, Amity Outpost))


Vataix: Before we continue further, I want to make it clear nothing has happened yet. The Independence is investigating options but the final orders on what happens come from me alone.


Prarim: ::Terse:: That is most fortuitous, Ambassador. My people won’t tolerate any disrespectful actions to the Angels.


Taven: ::quiet voice:: They are our guides...


Vataix: First, can you explain a bit more about what these creatures mean to you and your history with them?


Prarim’s wide flat nose flared which Taven had come to know meant his Luminary was restraining his displeasure. Sadly Taven knew this was only the beginning.


Prarim: Of course. I had submitted a Religious Practices document for consideration when my people were first welcomed aboard the Outpost, but I suppose it hasn’t made its way to you yet, Ambassador. ::Taking a deep breath:: My people, the Hawlat, are a nomadic race. The Angels, whom you insist on interfering with, are our spiritual guides. They lead us among the stars, from pasture to pasture, so that we might thrive in spiritual alertness.


Taven: It is said that each new pasture leads us to another level of enlightenment. ::folding his webbed hands within his sleeves of his robe:: Our understanding of the universe will be gifted to us if we remain faithful to their edicts.


Although Taven personally was a little unclear about some of those edicts. There seemed to be a disconnect between the oldest records and the ones they were now using and no one set seemed to be complete.


Carter/Orrey: Response


Aleksandrov: Truly, we are only trying to understand how your relationship with your ‘angels’ works….


McLaren: Sorry to interrupt, but is it possible to relocate these animals away from the mining sites? 


Taven: ::looking shocked, his eye fur stiffening:: Relocate?!


Daniels:That solution would be ideal for you, however, we need to understand more of the Hawlat perspective. The Angels hold great value to them just as your work does to you and so we must work together to find a solution that favours both parties. 


Carter/Vataix/Orrey/Prarim: Responses 


McLaren: That makes sense, that could solve our problems though. 


Aleksandrov: Our problems perhaps, but not the deeper issues.


Carter/Vataix/Orrey/Daniels/Prarim: Responses




Dr. Kamoyo Aleksandrov, BS,MS, PhD

Chief of Geology

Science Department

Amity Outpost





Acolyte Taven (MSNPC)

1st Acolyte

Hawlat Delegation


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