Lieutenant Ikaia Wong - The Angel Report

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Ka Banning

Nov 8, 2021, 10:32:38 PM11/8/21

//Study of Space Borne Entities in the Delta Quadrant

//Report by Lieutenant Ikaia Wong PA-C. CMO. 

Taxonomy: Unknown. Scientific name pending.

Aliases: “Angels” and “Mo-Mos”*

Size: Between 12 meters (Juveniles) to 100 meters (Adults)

Life span: Unknown

Description: Resembling a cross between Terran manatees and whales, these creatures known as “Angels” to the indigenous population known as the Hawlat, have long trailing tendrils that appear to be made up of the gasses they consume.

Diet: Nebula gasses

Notes: Generally a friendly and playful life form, Angels have demonstrated that they have rudimentary emotions as observed by First Secretary Ukinix. They also appear to use the nebula gasses both as a means of communication with the rest of the pod by vibrating the gasses like we would with air, but also as a means of nutrition. They appear to use the gasses consumed by incorporating them into their molecular structure causing them to appear “cloaked” on on-board sensors. Possibly this is done as a means to avoid potential predators. However, it also makes them difficult to detect unless they are in visual range. Nucleon beam scans have been known to prompt the Angels into fleeing. Tachyon pulse scans are also known to disrupt their navigation. So caution must be used when scanning these life forms. They are also attracted to vented plasma. 

* Do not refer to these creatures as mo-mos in the presence of the Hawlat people as they appear to find the term offensive

//Chief Medical Officer’s Log - 239811.08

I finally get to do one of these? Neat!

Okay. So we’ve just completed our studies out in the field and we’ve just touched base at Amity Outpost. What I’ve seen out there is remarkable. I can see why the name “Angel” is a well earned one.

We took the shuttle Yosemite out to the most recent Angel grazing site with Doctor Suribana, Ensing Kivik, First Secretary Ukinix and our Hawlat guide, Sahim as my crew. We’re still parsing through the data we collected from this field trip. But while we were out there, it seems like the Angels have taken a real liking to us when they decided to get up close and personal with us. Judging by what was described and their observed mannerisms, they seemed to be playing with us. That’s certainly a positive first interaction. They’ve left a bit of residue on our shuttle. But I have yet to know what that means. I’ve taken a sample of the residue to the labs for further study of these compounds. We have a lot of data to sort through now based on what was collected in our study.

Given that the Angels are attracted to plasma as well as many of the gasses in the nebula at the grazing site, I suspect that the mining operations in the area might be producing emissions that mimic the properties that the Angels consider attractive. I think that if the mining operations were to cut back on these emissions at key times of the day, they may make themselves less of an attractive target instead of doing harm. I do include scaring them as doing harm. Space borne life is incredibly rare! I believe we should also make an effort in protecting it. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone. There is NO getting it back. Which reminds me… the Delta Quadrant is also home to the Hirogen and they may find the Angels attractive targets. That’s also a concern that I have.

Huh. This is a LOT to think about…..

Lieutenant Ikaia Wong PA-C

Chief Medical Officer

Amity Outpost


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