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Wil Ukinix

Nov 23, 2021, 6:20:58 AM11/23/21

((Astrometrics, Level 4, Copernicus Center))

: That will all depend on the Hawlat.  ::Slight squint::  “Hawlats? “ What’s the plural of a “Hawlat”?  Is it Hawlat?  Hawlii?

I believe it is more delicate than that. It may be pronounced ‘Thorns-in-my-side’.

::snorts: Hawlat

Ukinix: ::slight hand wave:: Regardless.  Moving the Stellae, or attracting them to another part of the nebula, we’ll have to check with our Hawlat friends whether that is acceptable.  Or have our diplomatic staff get to that resolution.

Aleksandrov: Attracting them to a different part of the nebula would be the better option than just moving them. You do not want them coming back to the mining areas of control.

Iovianus: Which if they are attracted to the emissions of the mining equipment as well….that will be difficult.

Wil moved to the nearby console, and tapped a few times.

Ukinix: Going back to your idea, Doctor, if we adjust scans to monitor for the emissions you were talking about-

The map changed to show real time yellow dots.  Thousands upon thousands of them.

Aleksandrov: ::suppresses a snicker:: Well… that’s… unexpected.

Iovianus: Mhmm.

Ukinix: ::Crossing arms, moving closer:: Well, they’re either the creatures, or naturally occurring pockets of concentrated gas and particles similar to what the Stellae produce.  It could even be existing Stellae waste product.  ::slight smirk:: We come in to work out a game plan to lead the creatures away, and end up talking about their poos.

Aleksandrov: You can learn a lot from poo, Commander.

Iovianus: Unfortunately it is true.

Wil giggled a little, and nodded.

Ukinix: Doctor is there an area in the solar nebula that they could be attracted to, that isn’t shortlisted for mining?  Maybe more than one?

Aleksandrov: ::raises an eyebrow at him:: You do have a concept of how large this nebula is, do you not?

Wil paused for a moment, before holding his arms out wide, as if measuring the large three-dimensional display in front of them, to say that the solar nebula was “that big”.

Or was Kamoyo referring to the entire nebula beyond the proto-star system they were in?  Hedging his bets, Wil stretched out his arms even wider – just in case.

Iovianus: Is there a detailed map that shows what we do know?

Kamoyo access the console and to highlight several areas on the map of the system.

Aleksandrov: It is still being mapped. These areas are unclaimed. That doesn’t mean they will remain unclaimed...

Iovianus: The Hawlat would have to make an open claim in front of everyone.

Ukinix: We could declare a sanctuary area for them. ::Crossing arms:: Oh, boy.  If someone from MEEO has their eyes on one of those areas, there could be another argument.

Aleksandrov: There is also the matter of what you are going to use to attract them. We can use our ships to lead to the designated, but how do you intend to keep them from following us back? After all… ::smirk:: It is our emissions they enjoy.

Iovianus: Temporary charges to mimic the emissions. A buffet for them while we slip away.

Ukinix: Maybe we can mask our emissions somehow when we do.  But what could we use to set off emissions charges?

Iovianus: It wouldn’t be hard to modify a probe or a torpedo casing into what would amount to a firework.

Wil nodded. It was a good idea.  It seemed to him lots of pieces were coming together.

Ukinix: Also, we’ve got Ariadust, Reade and Iko working on drone “toys” for the creatures.  So if we can find the creatures a home – we unleash the toys, and let them play.  Then sneak away really quietly.  Like bad parents.

Aleksandrov: Response

Iovianus: In reality we just need to get things cleared with the different interested parties so that they all understand what we will be doing.

Ukinix: We’ll leave that to the diplomats and Counsellor Carter.  He’s meant to be doing some “milk” ceremony with the Hawlat.

Aleksandrov: Response?

Ukinix: It’ll either be harmless, or he’ll be so wired he’ll be able to see through subspace.  If so, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in *that* meeting.

Aleksandrov/Iovianus: Response

Bonohaman: =/\= Ops to Ukinix. =/\=

Ukinix: =/\= Go ahead. =/\=

Bonohaman: =/\= Commander, we’re getting reports the creatures have followed several MEEO exploration ships back from their latest trip.  There’s a large contingent of them outside of the station. =/\=

Ukinix: =/\= How many? =/\=

Bonohaman: =/\= Hard to tell with our sensors, but visually it looks like it could be hundreds, possibly thousands.  No ships can currently dock or leave any of the terminals. =/\=

Wil’s eyes opened wide, before he looked at Kamoyo and Cassian and nervously bit his bottom lip.

Ukinix: =/\= Understood, stand by. =/\= ::To Kamoyo and Cassian:: We better go take a look.

Aleksandrov/Iovianus: Response

He gestured for the pair to head back out of the room, and to the elevator.

((A minute later – Foyer area, Level 7, Copernicus Center))

Wil rushed outside of the building, out onto the ground level of the Grand Mezzanine.  On the mezzanine above Wil could see people had stopped, and were looking up at the transparent roof of the station, where The Spire was visible.

Swirling playfully around the tower were a large amount of Stellae.  It wasn’t long before the creatures were harmlessly banging into the transparent roof, before looping away.  The other creatures seemed to follow.  Somewhere up on the mezzanine, a young child began to cry, scared by the sound of the constant banging of the creatures.

Wil crossed his arms and craned his neck, almost doing a pirouette to get a good view of them.

Ukinix: Holy $%&#.  How many of these bloody things are there?

Aleksandrov/Iovianus: Response

Wil tapped his combadge.

Ukinix: =/\= Ukinix to Vataix.  Ambassador, you might want to look out of your windows to the top of the mezzanine. =/\=

More and more creatures seemed to join in the fun, so much so that the purple nebula and the distant stars could almost no longer be seen.

Vataix:=/\= Response =/\=

Aleksandrov/Iovianus: Response




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Wil Ukinix

Nov 23, 2021, 6:22:08 AM11/23/21
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