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(Gate A1, Terminal A))


(OOC: Seeing this is our first moments on the Independence-B in a mission, I’m taking some liberties here to allow us to explore the Defiant class ship.  Tell us what your character sees and does on the bridge!)


The tram came to a hault. This was it. Last time she had been on at a station on the bridge of a ship was in - get this – Final Cadet exam. And even then she over-eagerly shoved herself into it all, stress causing her to act like she was the first officer until she snapped herself out of it. And then fell back into it, and then snapped herself out of it and – well, you get the picture. She had now learnt to not dive herself head first into everything, but nerves weren’t going to help this situation – especially if they became too much..


Ukinix: C’mon team, take the stairs, it’s a good bit of exercise.


Scotty took a sip of his tea


Reade: Aye, I do need a workout. Eating too much recently. 


Bec raised her eyebrows and simply nodded. She was hoping, pleading, that she wouldn’t screw up this time. She needed to remember that even though she was an ensign, she was *only* an ensign.


Core/Ariadust: Response


They reached the height of the stairs to begin boarding the Independence.


Ukinix: We’ll be joined by a… ::looking at PADD while still walking:: Michael Rubio, a mining representative who-


Wil almost took a tumble into getting the vessel, but someone he managed to save his precious hot chocolate. 


Ukinix: Um - ::pointing at step:: - watch out for that.


Reade: Why can't it be flat? Or level at least. I would never understand some design requirements sometimes. 


Iko: oO Possibly to make sure you stay alert?? Oo


Core/Ariadust: Response


((Bridge, USS Independence B))


The bridge was long and thin. It felt, new, and when they leave, it would feel lived in, the cream carpet floor crisp and sleek. Well, most starships were crisp and sleek, at least the newer ones. LCARS screens luminated the walls at eye level, besides where the main viewer settled itself. She sat herself in a tactical seat, and they all waited for the next instruction.


Rubio made a vaguely dramatic entrance, a few skips and hops and near trips before standing in front of the commanding officer smiling gleefully.


Ukinix: ::To Rubio:: Welcome aboard, Mr Rubio.


Rubio: oh thank you put please- ::hand on chest:: Mr Rubio? That’s very posh – too posh – but it’s fine, not to worry. We’re here for business!


It was an exciting day, to be off that dratted asteroid! And not only that, but on a federation starship! It was almost like a dream – almost.


Ukinix: Engineering, how are we looking.


Core: Response 


Reade: Everything looks good sir. Warp core is online and impulse engines are good to go. All systems are nominal. 


Ukinix: Alrighty.  Prepare all systems, let’s set a course for ::looking at PADD:: Asteroid 6585 Poseidon.  ::To Ceciri:: Contact the terminal and request departure.  Let’s go.


Reade: Aye sir. 


Core/Ariadust: response


Bec opened her mouth to say something, but closed it and looked back at the controls. At least this tatical station had a chair – the one she was currently sitting on.


The ship launched away from the terminal, and was ready to depart towards the asteroid. 


Ukinix: Lieutenant Ariadust, what’s our ETA to the asteroid?


Ariadust: Response


Ukinix: ::To Bec at tactical console::  By all reports, the creatures are very hard to detect on sensors.  Keep a close eye out for them.


Iko: A-aye sir, will do. oO Now was not the time to stutter Bec! Oo


Once they were on their way, Wil turned in his chair to look at Michael.


Ukinix: What can you tell us about the mining operations on the asteroid?


Rubio: Oh, it’s just normal digging and drilling. Honestly. Some bits of the nebula we have found to be a lil iffy to navigate, especially with the, ya knoo?


Ukinix: Will that present a problem?


Rubio: So long as you don’t get stuck in a tyken rift. ::long pause:: I’m only joking! The only things you really need to look out for are those mo-mos. They love to sneak around and ::whispering for effect:: stop ya!


Iko: Mo-mos?


Rubio: space cows. We call ‘em mo-mos, after the sound the make – at least we think 'ey make. :: He sat back in his chair resting his hands behind his neck, getting comfy.::


Core/Ariadust/ Response


Reade: I do not like the sound of that all. If the sensor can barely detect them, we might need a little help. 


Rubio: ehh, you’ll be fine.


Bec finally spoke up.


Iko: commander, if what ::pointing thumb at Michael:: uhh...


Rubio: Mic


Iko: ::fingergun click:: If what Mic says is true, we could scan for vibrations in a “mo-mo” kind of patten and potentially find a better way of finding... ::shrugging:: these creatures? I don’t know if it will work but uhh...


Ukinix/Core/Ariadust: Responses 


Reade: That makes sense. I did not think of that to be honest. 


Rubio: ::clapping hands together:: Ya got some wise ‘nes here! Excellent ideas! ::punching into the air above him:: Make ‘em happen!


Iko looked over at the enthusiastic miner curiously and was slightly – no – rather intimidated by him – and all his energy!


Ukinix/Core/Ariadust: Responses 


The man – Michael - was enthusiastic. Possibly too enthusiastic. But then again, what is there to get enthusiastic about when you were mining asteroids all day long?


Reade: How long have these been a problem? 


Rubio: Eh, 13, 14 earth days I guess? I haven’t counted ok? So many questions!!


Iko: The first reports of these life forms was from 12 days ago.


Rubio: I was close!


Ukinix/Core/Ariadust: Responses


Rubio: I don’t KNOW anything about these... things other than that they are absolute nusances. Our job is to get them out of here, so lets get them out of here!


Uknix/Core/Ariadust: Responses


Rubio: can’t you like, use your magical technology to get them the hell out of here! Whatcha-name – Iko – get some sensor readings. You, ::pointing at Ariadust:: get this ship going faster i’m getting impatient.


Ukinix: response


Rubio: Bro, chill. I know what i’m doing. Chill! C-H-I-L-L!


Ukinix/Core/Ariadust: response


Rubio: ::sigh:: I’m sorry you can’t believe me.


Iko: Sir,


Rubio: Don’t call me sir. It’s too poshy.


He was sitting back down again, spread out like on a king on his throne.


Iko: Sir, perhaps you should take a breather, maybe stay off the bridge for a lil while... ::pause, facepalm::


Why did tension half to build like this...


Ukinix/Core/Ariadust: Responses


((Ooc: yes I am aware that I have spelt Mo-mo’s with one o, this is intentional. Also sorry if Michael is too annoying))





Ensign Rebecca Iko

Security Officer

USS Amity​




Michael Rubio

Mining Supervisor

Craters Mining Industry






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