Luminary Prarim: Revelation

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Ensign Kivik

Dec 7, 2021, 4:02:31 PM12/7/21
to Amity Outpost

((Conference Room B4, Amity Outpost ))

Prarim: Commander, I wonder if we might take a recess from our meeting. Is there somewhere we could go - somewhere we might be able to see the operation occurring outside the station? I would very much like to see the situation firsthand.

The Luminary bowed his head, respectfully. He was beginning to recall the feelings he’d first had as an Acolyte to Luminary Farvan many years ago. The doubt and confusion he’d experienced then had long since washed away - yet remnants remained. At times, comprehending the Great Spirit’s purpose took time and careful reflection… luxuries they did not have at this moment.

It was in such times that one had to rely on their intuitive understanding. To walk where the light shone brightest. That was what Prarim hoped to do now.

Carter: We will take a recess. Follow me, and we’ll go to Operations. From there, you will be able to see how the Federation and Starfleet will honor its commitment…and its word on protecting the Angels and your people.

Sahim: We hope for that.

Taven: Praise be to the Angels…

Suribana: You've shown patience with us, I'm sure it'll be rewarded.

Carter: ::nodding:: Then we shall reconvene in Ops. Shall we go?

Prarim: Yes. ::To Taven:: Remember your duty. ::To Sahim:: Will you join us? I would greatly appreciate your presence there, Sahim.

Sahim: Will we have some saying in the Ops of yours?

A good question - though one Prarim suspected he already knew the answer to. Starfleet, for all its diversity of opinion and attitude, maintained fairly strict procedures. In many ways, Prarim could relate. The Hawlat, too, had their rituals and routines – what organized society did not?

Carter: Response

Taven: I have a duty to perform.

Prarim: Indeed. We’d best get moving, then. Sahim, will you walk with me? I may have some questions for you.

Sahim: Yes, I will.

Suribana: Again, if I can help you with anything, don't hesitate to ask.

Prarim: ::Graciously:: Thank you, Doctor… If I think of anything requiring your expertise, I will.

Carter/Taven: Response

As they stepped out of the room and into the hallway, two additional Starfleet Officers approached - though Prarim noted their raiments were different than those of Carter. Diplomatic Corps officers.

oO There are, indeed, a great many people to manage but a few Hawlat… Oo

Orrey/Daniels: Response

Carter: Response

Prarim: Bright light upon you. I am Luminary Prarim of the Hawlat. ::Turning to Taven and Sahim:: My Acolyte and Pilgrim accompany me.

Suribana/Sahim: Response

Orrey/Daniels: Response

Prarim: We hope now to visit your ‘Ops’ chamber and gain a better vantage of the situation outside. From what we’ve heard, it may be mutually beneficial for both our people to see and discuss the matter firsthand.

Orrey/Daniels/Carter/Suribana/Sahim: Response

Ch’urro: =/\= Commander Carter, your presence is requested in Terminal A. Ambassador Vataix has asked that you prepare the Independence B to disembark immediately. =/\=

oO Curious. Oo

Carter: Response

Orrey/Daniels: Response

Prarim: This is precisely why I believe that ‘Ops’ is where we should be. I wish to understand your people’s intentions and plans better - and to share any knowledge that we possess which may be useful in finding a pleasing resolution.

Orrey/Daniels/Carter/Suribana/Sahim: Response

And with that, they went on to their destinations.

((Minutes Later - Ops, Copernicus Center, Amity Outpost))

Keehani turned out the voices of her fellow diplomats.  Accompanying them were the Hawlat Delegation. With a smile, Keehani took a few steps and then outstretched her arms like she was hosting an Earth twentieth century game show.

Keehani: ::Smiling:: Luminary.  Acolyte.  Pilgrim.  Welcome to Starfleet Ops.  This is where the magic happens.

Prarim looked around, admittedly impressed with the technology on display. Many of the Hawlat’s vessels now comprised a patchwork of outdated designs and various ‘upgrades’ they had managed to acquire along their long voyage. With rarely any time to dock for extended periods and maintain their ships, it was challenging to stay up-to-date with the rest of the galaxy. But what the Hawlat lacked in resources, they more than made up for in spirit. 

Prarim: Most impressive, First Secretary – though I suspect what truly happens here is the result of careful planning and rigorous preparation, rather than true magic. Divine miracles cannot be achieved through any amount of technology or strategy. ::Realising that he was losing the point:: I mean no offence, mind you. Only a recognition of the dual role that technology and mysticism have to play in our experiences.

With that, Prarim smiled, hoping the First Secretary would understand his intent. His gaze shifted momentarily to Taven, wondering if the Acolyte had made contact with the others during their travels aboard the Station.

Sahim/Taven: Responses

Suribana: Response

Bonohaman: ::To Jansen:: Envoy, sensors are detecting five unknown ships at ten-thousand kilometres and closing.  Scans indicate that the occupants ::turning to look at visitors::  are likely to be Hawlat.

Keehani crossed her arms and raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Prarim felt his stomachs flutter with excitement. The fleet had arrived and were taking up positions now to begin their Vigil. Whatever happened next, it would not happen without the rightful presence of the Hawlat. He smiled, reassuringly, at the glance from First Secretary Ukinix.

Orrey/Daniels: Response

Prarim: There is no need for concern. What you see is the entirety of the Hawlat, here in common purpose. I believe the Angels that led us here have also brought our people together – challenging as that confluence may have been thus far – for a reason. It is my hope that we shall soon understand why.

Sahim/Taven: Responses

Vataix: =/\= Independence to Dr. Orrey. =/\= 

Orrey: =/\= Response =/\= 

Vataix: =/\= We've sent data that one of the work bees has collected regarding a change in the creatures. Perhaps the Hawlat can help us understand what we're looking at? =/\=

A viewscreen nearby the holographic projection of Amity changed to show a work bee, surrounded by a group of Stellae that seemed to be glowing brightly.  They were flying alongside the workbee, seemingly escorting it.  Their movements were small and deliberate, their body in a minimal rhythmic wave, relaxing every now and then to allow themselves to glide in the vacuum of space.    

Orrey: =/\= Response =/\= 

Daniels: =/\= Response =/\= 

Sahim/Taven: =/\= Response =/\=

Prarim’s eyes went wide with wonder. Such a thing had only been written about in the texts – it had been many centuries since anyone, Hawlat or other, had received such a blessing. The Luminary grinned uncontrollably. At last, he thought, he was beginning to understand what the Great Spirit had been trying to tell them all along.

Prarim: It is a miracle. ::Excitedly:: How I have dreamed of seeing such a thing within my lifetime! First Secretary, Envoy… there is no more auspicious sign the Angels could give us.

Keehani/Orrey: Response

Prarim: I believe I understand, at last, what has been happening here. ::Turning to Taven:: Acolyte Taven, what do you recall of the Exodus of Hawlathia.

Taven: Response

Prarim: Indeed. It was then, in our time of most desperate need, that the Angels first came to our people, shepherding us to safety amongst the stars. ::To the Starfleet Officers:: As our ships took flight, the Angels came in vast numbers – sent by the Great Spirit, whose divine light shone upon them much like what we see here now.

Sahim/Orrey/Daniels: Response

Prarim: Now that the Hawlat have gathered, they share that light with us again – as a beacon that our long journey is over, a sign that it has been found: the Supreme Pasture… Only something most miraculous has occurred. ::To Keehani:: Tell me, does your Commander Ukinix have any sort of perception beyond the physical - any spiritual sensitivities?

Keehani: Response

Prarim: Then he must be told at once. Such abilities once existed amongst our people as well - the Ritual of Trust is now the last link to that connection we possess… I believe the Angels have sensed this and chosen Commander Ukinix as an Emissary. He must reach out to them and follow their divine will. They must know that they’ve been heard! ::To Taven and Sahim:: The Hawlat must follow that work bee.

Taven/Sahim: Response

Keehani/Orrey/Daniels: Response

Prarim: Everything is clear now. The Angels have been visiting your miners, drawn to your ships, coming to the station in droves with clear purpose all along. They wish to greet you… to bring you good tidings of this wondrous place… This is a welcoming delegation from the Divine – a welcome to all.

Taven/Sahim: Response

Keehani/Orrey/Daniels: Response



MSPNPC Prarim (he/him)

Hawlat Luminary

Simmed by Kivik


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