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Keegan Flick-Parker

Nov 9, 2021, 8:54:21 PM11/9/21
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((BRIORI SUN ARTICLE: “Federation’s Benamite Mines - Touched By An Angel?”))

Amity Outpost, 239811.10

Since the United Federation of Planets first passed through the Delta Quadrant, local civilizations have had a field day speculating about the ever-expanding superpower’s true intentions in our space. Briorian citizens, many of whom now consider Earth (birthplace of the U.F.P.) to be their ancestral home as well, must pay particularly-close attention to the actions of the interstellar alliance in their determination about the worthiness of the organisation.

Amity Outpost - the Federation’s latest venture into the Delta Quadrant - has already proven to be a major success, at least in terms of its attractiveness to a number of local species and merchants. The station’s Grand Mezzanine is filled with Talaxians, Vaadwaur, and even the odd Banean. However, one nomadic tribe - the Hawlat - have recently found themselves at odds with the Federation, and the diplomatic kerfuffle has caused quite the stir.

It seems that benamite-mining operations in the system have been interrupted by some transient space-born fauna: the Hawlat’s “Angels” (colloquially referred to as “Space Cows” and “Mo-Mo’s” by some of the less-sympathetic miners. Federation representatives are now in talks with representatives of the deeply-religious Hawlat about how to handle the sensitive situation.

Speaking on behalf of the Hawlat, Luminary Prarim had this to say regarding the Federation: “The Federation has a chance here to prove itself. We have been in conference with them regarding the matter. We hope to find a resolution that will illuminate all parties under the light of the Great Spirit.” But, when asked what sort of resolution might be acceptable, the Luminary had little more to offer.

An official statement from First Secretary Keehani Ukinix cited the Federation’s “long and successful track record of working with different species,” - specifically in relation to respecting the traditions of the various civilizations they’ve encountered. Indeed, Federation guidelines dictate a policy of tolerance and inclusivity - “and the Hawlat is no different.” Nonetheless, the diplomat seemed hesitant to say anymore: “We will await the outcome of those negotiations before commenting any further.”

The situation is still unfolding, and the outcome remains to be seen. An inside source tells this reporter that there may be further tribulations to come, as the Hawlat may have invoked a sacred ritual to determine their next steps. What shall the Divine will - obstinance or acquiescence?  And what shall the Federation achieve - cooperation or controversy? Keep an eye on the Briori Sun for further updates.



PNPC Arthur Summerside (he/him/his)

Civilian Journalist

Amity Outpost

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Ensign Kivik (ne/nem/nir)

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