[ACT 1] Ambassador Rivi Vataix: Providence (part 1)

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Roshanara Rahman

Oct 28, 2021, 12:27:48 PM10/28/21
to Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Airlock, USS Independence-B))

Core: Ah, Ambassador Vataix.

Rivi walked through the airlock doors connecting the Independence to Terminal A's Gate A1. The Defiant-class ship was berthed on top of terminal, and to access the gate, one had to first ascend up a flight of stairs or use the elevator to reach the platform.

The Betazoid smiled at the Rodulan as she approached. She'd brought a PADD with a list of some questions she had and particular areas she wanted to see.

Vataix: Commander Core.

Core: I trust your trip aboard the Thor was pleasant?

Vataix: Quite pleasant! I had no idea Starfleet ships could be equipped with such luxuries as a full-service spa...

She saw what she took as an amused expression from the Rodulan, although in this rare situation, Rivi actually didn't know what Core was actually thinking. Species with four-lobed brains were unreadable to most telepaths, and the Rodulans who were particularly powerful telepaths themselves were unreadable to all other known telepathic species.

Core: And I hear you had a small run-in with some local... wildlife, I suppose.

Vataix: Yes, rather strange I must admit. You don't expect to see spacebourne lifeforms--or really any kind of life--in a solar nebula. Fortunately, Commander Teller was an adept pilot and helped guide our little friend back to its herd.

Core: Of course. ::He gestured into the hallway.:: Welcome aboard the Independence B. She's a Defiant-class starship -- known more for its combat capabilities, but Defiants are hardy ships. Watch your step -- they tend to take design choices from old Terran war boats, so I hear. Can lead to some nasty falls.

Rivi did as he suggested, carefully looking down before gingerly moving through the corridors as they headed to a turbolift.

Core: Where would you like to begin? We can start from the Bridge and make our way down to the engine room, if you'd like?

Vataix: Why don't we start in reverse? I think I've seen enough bridges and command centers. I'd be curious to see more of the ship's working areas.

Core: Response

She nodded happily and followed the man as they began their tour.

((Later - Bridge, USS Independence-B))

As they wrapped up their tour, Rivi returned to her PADD to make sure she'd addressed all her questions.

Vataix: Commander, how are the Independence's accommodations and amenities for diplomatic purposes?

Core: Response

Vataix: I see... was there any retrofitting done to the ship in preparation for its service to the Federation Diplomatic Corps?

Core: Response

Vataix: I understand her original design purpose as a capable combat vessel, but I'd like to see this ship also turned into just as capable a diplomatic courier. It may turn out to be the first impression of the Federation for many of our encounters, and I want to make sure we send the right message.

While she understood the threats that existed in the quadrant, she didn't want the native species to see the Federation first and foremost as an expanding empire with ships armed to the teeth.

Core: Response

Vataix: If you could prepare a list of feasible recommendations for what further work we can do on her, I'd appreciate it!

Core: Response

A com call for the ambassador informed her that the meeting with her new second officer and station's chief counselor was due shortly.

Vataix: If you'll excuse me, Commander. Thank you again very much for the tour!

Core: Response

((Rivi's Office, Copernicus Center, Amity Outpost))

Rivi returned to her office to see her first officer and Starfleet attache Lt. Commander Wil Ukinix waiting for her.

Vataix: Good morning, Wil.

Ukinix: Response

The station's chief of mission noted the small wooden box Wil had no doubt prepared for the occasion as she went behind her desk and placed down the PADD from earlier.

Vataix: I just came back from a tour of the Independence with Commander Core. A fine vessel, quite different from the Thor. In fact, it reminded me very much of Veritas.

Ukinix: Response

The door chime sounded then, and Rivi called out for their visitors to come in. Two Starfleet officers walked in, both wearing the blue division color of sciences and medical on their shoulders.

Vataix: Hello. Welcome to Amity Outpost.

Carter: Thank you Ambassador. 

Toliver: It’s a pleasure to be here…

Ukinix: Response

Carter: Thank you. Thank you both.

Vataix: Please, have a seat. May I get you anything? Water? Tea?

She grinned slightly.

Vataix: ...Smoothies?

Ukinix: Response

She led them to the table, where a built-in replicator on the table's surface produced the requested beverages. As she took her own smoothie, the new chief counselor spoke up.

Carter: Ambassador…are you from Ohmallera? The accent sounds very much like that region.

Vataix: Indeed, I am! The Vataix family has lived in Ohmallera for twelve generations. ::smiles:: Have you visited?

Carter: I’ve met a few from there.

Vataix: You have a sharp ear, Commander.

Carter: I love languages. The syntax. The rhythm. Figuring them out. I’m always up for learning new ones along the way. Perhaps it’s time to pick up some Betazoid…

Vataix: I'd be happy to help you practice.

The ambassador nodded before she took a sip from her smoothie.

Ukinix: Response

Toliver: All right Commander…

The other Starfleet officer who'd come in stood up and walked over to Wil, who'd grabbed the small box.

Vataix: Yes, let's make sure this first matter is attended to. Katy Toliver, in recognition of your previous service and dedication, it's my pleasure as commanding officer of Amity Outpost to promote you to the rank of lieutenant commander as you begin your tour of duty here in the Delta Quadrant.

Carter: Congratulations, Katy.

Ukinix: Response

She took the pip from Wil and placed it next to Toliver's two lieutenant pips.

Vataix: Congratulations.

Carter: Since we are all new here, can you fill us in on our roles here? I understand being a Second Officer on a starship, but I’m going to need a little coaching on what to do on a space station. I make no assumptions on what the job entails, Commander…

Toliver: And since John is my CO, are we responsible for the entire station for counseling services?

Vataix: You two are the senior counselors on the station, with John being ultimately responsible for the mental well-being and care of the station's residents, but you certainly won't be alone I taking care of everyone. Amity Outpost has a full hospital and counseling care center, and there will no doubt be staff counselors and junior counselors that you will supervise to spread the work around.

Carter: Response

Toliver: Response

Vataix: That said, for the senior administrative and Starfleet staff, I imagine they will elect to go directly to you two for their care.

Carter: Response

Toliver: Response

The ambassador then turned to Carter.

Vataix: As for the second officer role, you are essentially the next Starfleet officer in line after Wil when it comes to authority. However, because this is a Federation Diplomatic Corps station and *not* a Starfleet facility, the chain of command follows that of the Diplomatic Corps. As both chief of mission and station commanding officer, I hold the highest authority for both diplomatic matters and station operations. In matters of diplomatic concern and representing the interests of the Federation, my deputy chief of mission Dr. Orrey is next in line and holds authority in my absence. In matters of station operation, Wil and you serve as first and second officers respectively. Does that make things clear?

Carter: Response

Ukinix: Response

Vataix: Furthermore, as chief counselor, you will be working closely with my ambassadorial staff as essentially a diplomatic officer yourself. I hope you're up to the challenge because we have our first matter to attend to.

Carter: Response

Rivi called up for the computer to display a map of the system. A holographic chart of the area appeared, with Amity in the middle and asteroids stretching in both directions towards the system's young sun and out towards the cold vastness of space.

Vataix: One of the mining companies has asked for our assistance. It seems some local wildlife is interfering with their operations at the Posideon Mining Rig.

As she said the name, the location of the mining rig at Asteroid 6585 Poseidon was highlighted.

Ukinix: Response

Carter: Response

Toliver: Response

Vataix: Wil, I want you to take the Independence out to the area and see if there's anything we can do to herd the animals away from the mining operations.

(OOC: Ukinix's team consists of Core (chief engineer), Ariadust (helm/ops), Reade (engineer) Iko (security/tactical), and a mission-specific personal non-player character (MSPNPC) mine worker played by Iko)

Ukinix: Response

Vataix: I'd like our station's medical and science staff to also investigate more into these creatures. Anything they learn might be able to help us with this task.

Ukinix: Response

Carter: Response

Toliver: Response

Vataix: Finally, John, you and I are going to meet with the chief of mining operations here on Amity, Evelyn McLaren. She coordinates the activity of the various independent mining corporations that have taken up residence here on Amity.

Carter: Response

Vataix: All right, good luck, Wil. ::looks at Toliver:: And congratulations again. Let's get to it!


Ambassador Rivi Vataix
Chief of Mission and Commanding Officer, Amity Outpost
Federation Diplomatic Corps, United Federation of Planets
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