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Wil Ukinix

Dec 6, 2021, 5:46:44 AM12/6/21

((Work Bee 8, Outside Amity Outpost))

Just as Zal was finishing speaking, Wil nudged the nose of his Work Bee through the shuttle bay exit.  When a gap in the creatures emerged, he began the slow acceleration through the force field out into space.

He looked down at his console.  The swirl of red around amity was starting to get stretched out.

Ukinix: =/\= Looks like it’s starting to work- argh! =/\=  

There was a huge “thud” noise.  One of the Stellae had smooshed it’s face against the side of the bee, pushing it into the path of another creature only a few metres away – which promptly head-butted Wil’s worker bee, like it was a beach ball.

Ukinix: =/\= #@%#! =/\=

Paarus: =/\= Commander! Are you ok? =/\=  


Vataix: =/\= Response =/\= 

Klaxons began to sound through the speakers in Wil’s EV suit, as his worker bee went tumbling out of control back towards Amity.  He strained to reach the controls, before touching a few buttons.  The worker bee righted itself and engines came to life with a whir.  After a few tense seconds, the vehicle came to a complete stop in space - one metre from the solid outer hull of the station.

Ukinix: =/\= ::Relieved exhale:: Yep, I’m OK.  I think I almost became part of the station. =/\=

Wil exhaled a sigh of relief through his lips, as his body processed the end of an adrenalin rush.

Paarus: =/\= The plan was to drive the stellae away from the station commander, not get pushed into the station by the stellae. =/\= 


Vataix/Any: =/\= Response =/\= 

Wil didn’t get a chance to respond, because another Stellae was headed his way.  As quickly as someone who is average (at best) at anything helm related could, Wil rotated the Bee before heading *away* from Amity, along his pre-set course.

Wil pressed the button on the console to turn the prototype gas emitter on.  The Stellae that was coming towards him, and a whole group of around 30 more, began to follow – playfully looping and darting around, seemingly taking in the tasty gas that the Work Bee was giving to them.


Paarus: =/\= Paarus to Ambassador Vataix. Group Gamma will be crossing the half way mark in a few minutes. =/\= 


Vataix: =/\= Response =/\=

=/\= Aye, around 25 clicks to go.  Slowly increasing speed.  Hey does anyone know how fast these things can travel? =/\=

Paarus/Any: =/\= Responses =/\=

Ukinix: =/\= Well I’m about to find out.  I’m taking my group of Stellae past the halfway mark, with some gusto. =/\=

Wil increased the speed of the Bee to around 1000 kilometres per hour.  The rear-view video feed on the console showed that the following Stellae were non-plussed, and kept playfully looping and swirling in the jet of gas.

He increased the speed of the Bee until it was at a cruising speed of 20,000 kilometres per hour.  After initially falling back, the Stellae stopped their playful looping and swirling, and concentrated on following the emissions from the work bee.

Paarus: =/\= Response =/\=

Ukinix: =/\= Understood, head for rendezvous point Bravo and we’ll round up as many as we can. =/\=

Paarus: =/\= Response =/\=

Wil turned the work bee in a very long arc, then increased the speed of the bee once more.  The purple glow of the nebula shined in on the dark cockpit of the Work Bee.  On the view screen showing the Stellae behind him, he noticed there were now more than fifty following.  But they were doing something odd.  The creature’s tendrils seemed to be almost stiff, and their whole body seemed to glow brighter than Wil had ever seen them.

Ukinix: =/\= Hey Ensign, are the Stellae that are following you doing something odd? =/\=

Paarus: =/\= Response =/\= 

The short-range sensors showed a large group of the creatures amassing ahead.  The Stellae that were following Wil’s work bee suddenly made their way all around Wil’s vessel.  Their movements were small and deliberate, their body in a minimal rhythmic wave, relaxing every now and then to allow themselves to glide in the vacuum of space.  They didn’t seem interested in the gases anymore, in fact they seemed to be almost escorting Wil’s work bee.  They glowed a brigther colour, almost the same colour of the nebula.

Ukinix: =/\= Ukinix to Amity.  The Stellae are behaving in a way we haven’t seen before.  I’m transmitting you sensor information.  Can we ask one of the Hawlat if they know what they’re doing? =/\=

Vataix/Any Amity: =/\= Response =/\=




Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix    

Starfleet attaché and First Officer    

Amity Outpost

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