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Robin Hopper

May 22, 2024, 10:14:56 PMMay 22
to Amity Outpost (IC)

((Blue Line Train – Amity Outpost))

Robin was too antsy to sit. She stood by the door as the corkscrew train sped through the tunnels from the Mezzanine towards the Habitat Ring, eager to arrive at Sarek Station. At first, she’d thought she was just going to take the train home – since Wil had told her to take the rest of the day off.

oO I shouldn’t have had that drink Oo  she lamented, half wishing she didn’t now have this unexpected abundance of free time to deal with the emotional decision weighing on her conscience… and half because the movement of the train, combined with the ounces of alcohol in her stomach, were hardly a relaxing combination.

But she was not, in fact, heading home. Now she had a new destination in mind.

((Fitness Center))

The doors to the fitness center parted in front of her and Robin stepped through, perhaps at a slightly overzealous pace. The truth was, she had a lot on her mind – a thousand thoughts a minute, it felt like, whirring through her brain, and all of them unresolvable. The gym wasn’t her typical place to find respite from the stresses of life, but she was so worked up that none of the usual distractions would do.

A sudden bolt of relief struck her as she spotted John Carter, seemingly having just completed a workout with… were those skipropes? Not important. The point was–

Hopper: John! I was hoping you’d be here.

Her obvious joy at finding just the man she was looking for was quickly overcome by a visible anxiousness about something. Her hands fidgeted nervously as she moved across the springy gym floor towards the Counselor.

Carter: Response

Hopper: Hey, um… Do you remember the last time we talked – here, actually. You mentioned looking for a “sparring partner?”

She rubbed her hands together, nervously. Boxing was a sport she had little to no familiarity, outside of the handful of techniques that overlapped with Starfleet defensive training. She’d definitely never thought about taking it up herself and strapping on a pair of… what did they wear? Mittens? They looked like big mittens. 

Whatever the case, the thought of hitting a bag a bunch of times seemed like it would be incredibly cathartic right now. She just hoped John would be receptive.

Carter: Response

Hopper: ::Obviously uncertain:: I’m not sure exactly. I’ve never…  ::Shrug::  Well, anyway, I’d be game to try it. I’ve got some things on my mind and I just think maybe it’d be good for me. You could teach me. If you’re not too hungry and tired..?

Carter: Response



Lt. Commander Robin Hopper (she/they)
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