Lt. JG Scotty Reade - Space Miner Rescue - Part 2

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Sunny Sandhu

Dec 1, 2021, 6:28:43 PM12/1/21

((Mining Rig, Asteroid 6585 Poseidon)) 

Iko: ::still speaking fast:: someone tell me what the hell i can do to help! ::beat:: please- 


Reade =/\= Clearing out buffers from transporter, isolating the worker bee, still need about 15 seconds for them to come up =/\= 


Wong: =/\= Hang on….!=/\=


Ariadust: =/\= Still working on transport, but I can move the workbee closer to you. =/\=


Wong: =/\=Please be careful! I haven’t assessed his injuries yet. =/\=

Iko: lieutenant, do you need help? Ensign? ::finally slowing down, exhale:: 


Ariadust/Kivik/Thompkins: Response 

Reade: =/\= Everyone else ok? =/\=


Scotty looked out from the Talon scout and saw Ikaia started scanning Jones. He was hoping everything was alright. 


Wong: =/\=Ensign Iko, you need to remember to breathe. Panicking isn’t going to do a lot of good right now.=/\=


Reade: =/\= Take a breather Ensign. Collect your thoughts =/\=

Thompkins/Ariadust/Kivik: response 


Iko: ::sheepishly:: Aye sir.


Wong: =/\=There’s no way around this. Lieutenant Ariadust, I’m going to need you to beam our injured aboard. I can’t do anything without opening the Work Bee which, stating the obvious here, is a bad thing in an airless environment. You and Reade are going to have to do some first aid to keep him stable until I get back. I’ll be sending you what I scanned on my tricorder riiight…. ::presses a few buttons:: ….now.  Ensign Iko, you’re beaming back to the shuttle with him. They’re going to need all the help they can get up there.=/\


Reade: =/\= Roger Ikaia, I just got your tricoder report of Jones, we will do everything we can. =/\=

Thompkins/Ariadust/Kivik: response


Iko: I apologize for my unprofessional behavior...


Wong: =/\=Don’t worry about that right now, Iko. You have my patient to help look after and they’re going to need your help.=/\=

Scotty was sure Bec would calm down. 


 Wong: =/\=Thirty seconds has to be up now. Lieutenant, if you can beam aboard our patient and Iko now, that’d be fantastic.=/\=


Wong: =/\=Ensign Kivik, I’m going to need you and Mister Tompkins to come with me to track down the Stellae. I’m going to need you to check on those transport enhancers, Kivik, while I get the cable off the Stellae’s neck.=/\=


Reade: =/\= I have transported Jones and Ensign Iko  onto the Sam. We will begin to look at him =/\= 

Thompkins/Ariadust/Kivik/Iko: response


Wong: =/\=Alright. Well…. Let’s find that Stellae and get them out of here quickly. We don’t have a lot of time here.=/\=


Reade: We need to stabilize him fast, according to Wong tricorder scan it looks like Jones does not have a punctured lung.

Thompkins/Ariadust/Kivik/Iko: Response

Wong: =/\=And Reade? I hope you don’t mind me borrowing some of your drones. I think we’re going to need them.=/\=

Scotty was once again getting his medical fingers ready, he used them once back on mission on Antor II, he would be needing them again. 


Reade =/\= Of course, transferring the program to your tricorder =/\= 

Thompkins/Ariadust/Kivik/Iko: Response

((Transporter Pad - Yosemite “Sam”, Talon Class Scout))

As Scotty was preparing to look at Jones, his combadge chripped, with Keehani Ukinix’s voice from Amity coming through

Keehani: =/\= Amity to scout Yosemite. =/\=

Reade =/\= This is Scotty, what can I do you First Secretary Ukinx?=/\=

Keehani: =/\= You should know we have begun a plan to herd a mass of Stellae, over a thousand, away from Amity Outpost, first using Work Bees followed by auxiliary craft.  We’re hopeful the plan will be successful, but you may want to look out for a large amount of Stellae on your return. =/\=

Reade: =/\= Acknowledged, thanks for the heads up=/\=

Keehani: =/\= Ambassador Vataix has requested an update.  What’s your status? =/\=

Reade: =/\= We have separated into two teams. Jones was injured while trying to transport the Angel out from the trapped machine. Currently me, Lt. Ariadust, and Ensign Iko are onboard the Sam and stabilizing Jones and heading back towards Amity. While Lt.Wong, Ensign Kivik and Thompkins are going to stabilize the Angel and contain her. I will provide more update as needed, Scotty out =/\=

Keehani: =/\= Response =/\= 

Reade: I have got him stable for now, shall we head back to Amity? 

Jones/Ariadust/Iko: Response 

Reade: I think that makes sense, shall I get some plasma ready to vent, just in case we come across the Stella horde on the way back to the station? 

Jones: Response 

Ariadust/Iko: Response 

Reade: Copy, I modify a small torpedo and launch it like a plasma mine? Should keep them distracted? 

Jones/Ariadust/Iko: Response


Lt. JG Scotty Reade

Engineering Officer

Amity Outpost 


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