JP: Lt. Jg. Reade, Cmdr. Teller & Ambassador Vataix - Learn to Fly PT2

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Sunny Sandhu

Oct 13, 2021, 12:18:51 PM10/13/21

((Deck 1 - XO’s Office, USS Thor - During the Journey to Amity))

The computer rattled off a deck and hallway junction number so Geoff had the turbolift take them to an adjacent section.  With Lt. Reade in the lead they trotted down the hallway and intercepted the Ambassador just as she was passing a t-junction.  

Reade: Ambassador, do you have a moment? 

Rivi turned to see one of her engineers approaching with ever helpful Mr. Teller right behind him.

Vataix: Certainly.

Reade: I wanted to plan a surprise birthday party for Wil. I wanted to know if you could keep him occupied once we arrive at Amity? 

Teller:  We’ll need...hmm...about a five minute window.  Ten would be better.  As much distraction as’am.  

The ambassador grinned gleefully, her eyes squinting in delight.

Vataix: I love surprise parties! And I think I have just the thing to keep Commander Ukinix busy…

Actually several ideas were coming to mind the more she thought about it before Teller interjected with another question.

Teller:  Just a you know if there are any station regulations about operating a grav-sled while under the influ....actually never mind, I’ll just check with the computer.  Have a nice day Ambassador!  

Reade: Thanks a lot Ambassador. I will keep you informed. 

Vataix: Oooo! I can’t wait! Good luck, gentlemen!

Geoff nodded politely and directed the two of them back towards the turbolift, a devilish grin spreading on his face.  This was going to be fun.  

((Main Engineering, USS Thor))

After a quick visit to the industrial replication specialists below decks and their bemused reactions to their plan, Geoff and Scotty proceeded to Main Engineering and one of the secure workrooms just off the main engine bay.  The small mid-deck lift brought them both to the upper level and Geoff suspiciously keyed his access code in the door, checking over his shoulder all the time.  

Reade:  Alright, where were those plans? 

Geoff strode in, waited for the doors to close then sealed them and secured the room.  They were in about as private a space as they could hope for on a starship.  Once done, he crossed to the nearby wall terminal and began keying in commands.  Moments later, equipment all around the lab sprang to life.  

Teller: Well, we’re going to need to get a little creative...doubt the design for the freecloud one is in the database.  But that’s what Engineers are for.  Besides, we can probably include a few upgrades...some that Wil might even enjoy.  

Geoff clapped his hands together and rubbed them vigorously, delighted to have a complex build to sink his teeth into.  It was just the break he needed and his enthusiasm was growing by the minute.  

Reade: I see. What should I do to help?

Geoff scrolled through the replicator database until he found the first thing they’d need and began inputting commands.  It was a complex mechanism and couldn’t be replicated all at once, but it would be a good place to start.  

As Scotty waited for Commander Teller to finish replicating the part. He worked on his parts. There was a bit of process needed to get this going, but in the end it would be the best thing done.

Teller:  Ok so here’s how I see it...we take this design for a standard class three anti-grav cargo sled.  It’s about the right meters long and about two meters wide...should give plenty of space to mount the frame, seats and tap equipment.  It’ll end up weighing a few thousand kilos by the time it’s done and there are people on it, but that shouldn’t be a problem.  Start grabbing components as they come off the replicator or the transporter pad in the back and lay them out on the lab table. 

Reade:  Sounds good. Ill get that going. 

Scotty proceeded to start grabbing the components as they came off either the replicator or transporter pad, and started to place the parts on the lab table. After a  few moments had passed there was a bunch of parts on the lab table. 

Teller:  Well then we need to design the part that goes on top, and I had an idea….think we could lay it out so the frame looks like the Starfleet Delta?  Bit of a triangle with a bend in the bottom?  I’m sure Starfleet would be proud to make a cultural contribution like this to the Delta Quadrant.  

Reade:  I think that is a totally awesome idea. If we can actually get that to show that on the station, it could go a long way to establish relations with the Delta Quadrant species. 

Teller:  In that case I’ll start hauling components, you sit down and start laying out the framing elements with the computer.  Send them to the industrial replicators when you’re done and we’ll have them in a few minutes.  We’ll have this whole thing assembled in a few hours, tops.  

Scotty nodded to Geoff, as he got to work. He walked over to the computer and started to frame the pieces with the computer and sent over the parts to the industrial replicators.  After a few moments the parts started to materialize right in front of Scotty. 

((Two Hours Later))

The engineering lab had become crowded as component after component was replicated, transported and dragged to whatever free space was left.  The grav sled base was only partially assembled and the design of the upper frame was still being tinkered with.  Geoff heaved the latest component, the secondary grav impeller for the sled, over to the wall and placed it with a huff.  

Teller:  Ok, I think that’s everything we’ve requested so far...and if it isn’t ::Geoff groaned as his shoulder crunched::...I might need to replicate myself a new shoulder.  How’s it going?  You figure out a way to mount the bar that won’t end up crushing peoples knees?  

Reade:  Well, that is a good question. At first that was giving me problems ::pointing to the problem area:: but after a slight adjustment on the adjoining beam, the knees seemed to clear it, no humans should have problems. 

Teller:  Well I mean, it’s a problem for the creatures that have knees.  Maybe they’re less popular in the delta quadrant then I realized.  

Reade:  Haha, that would make a good response. Hopefully there is no other problems. 

Teller: Alright then, send those plans down and by the time the rest of the parts show up, we should be able to put the grav sled together.  

((Three Hours Later))

With the last stem bolt sealed, Geoff took a step back from their completed project and truly took it in for the first time.  Hovering majestically in the center of the room their birthday present for Wil Ukinix, and their contribution to Amity’s rest & recreation facilities, was finally ready and properly impressive.  

The frame and bar itself had been polished to a shine, along with the beer taps they’d installed at every seat.  Below the bar counter at foot level mechanical pedals connected to a control input, providing very basic navigational control for those aboard.  It was meant for a slow pleasure cruise around the station and Geoff was confident there was adequate open spaces.  Geoff smiled over to Reade, who had every right to be proud of what they’d managed.  It was one hell of a first collaboration and Geoff hoped it wouldn’t be their last.  

Reade: I think we are done? We can beam it over once on Amity? How does that sound?

Geoff nodded in almost total agreement.  

Teller: We’re absolutely done and I think it’s a damn masterpiece.  If it doesn’t get Wil court martialed he’ll love it.  Might love it either way.  But let's wait on the delivery - Ambassador Vataix said she’d distract him for us, and I’m sure she’s got some big event planned for the station.  As soon as she pulls him away I’ll contact you and we can beam it to his location together, right in the middle of the party.  It’ll make a hell of a splash.  

Reade:  Response

Teller:  Thanks for getting us started on this, Scotty.  You’re doing that moniker proud.  ::Geoff rolled his sleeves back down and retrieved his uniform jacket.:: I’ll be in touch soon and I promise, you’ll be there to see the look on Wil’s face.  That’s a Good Job Guarantee.  

Reade:  Response



Lt.JG Scotty Reade

Engineering Officer

Amity Outpost 



Commander Geoffrey Teller

Executive Officer

USS Thor - NCC 82607

Commodore A. Kells, Commanding



Ambassador Rivi Vataix

Chief of Mission and Commanding Officer, Amity Outpost

Federation Diplomatic Corps, United Federation of Planets


Sunny Sandhu

Oct 13, 2021, 5:32:40 PM10/13/21

((OOC: I forgot to fill in the last two Reade tags in the post I sent earlier. Please read this one instead. Apologies))

Reade:  Indeed it will. I hope this works out. 

Teller:  Thanks for getting us started on this, Scotty.  You’re doing that moniker proud.  ::Geoff rolled his sleeves back down and retrieved his uniform jacket.:: I’ll be in touch soon and I promise, you’ll be there to see the look on Wil’s face.  That’s a Good Job Guarantee.  

Reade:  Thanks, Commander Teller. Hopefully, Wil likes it 

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