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Wil Ukinix

Nov 1, 2021, 8:29:50 AM11/1/21

((Bridge, USS Independence B))

Wil sat in the centre chair on a raised platform and smiled broadly.  Ahead of him, Ceciri was seated in the helm console.  To his left and right, the rest of the team were either seated or standing at different functionally dedicated consoles.  The viewscreen at the front of the bridge showed Terminal A’s platform, and the space outside.  

Their guest, Michael Rubio, sat at one of the chairs of an unmanned console.

Ukinix: ::To Rubio:: Welcome aboard, Mr Rubio.

Rubio: oh thank you put please- ::hand on chest:: Mr Rubio? That’s very posh – too posh – but it’s fine, not to worry. We’re here for business!

Wil paused for a moment to contain a smirk, before turning to his crew.

Ukinix: Engineering, how are we looking.

Core: Response

: Everything looks good sir. Warp core is online and impulse engines are good to go. All systems are nominal.

Ukinix: Alrighty.  Prepare all systems, let’s set a course for ::looking at PADD:: Asteroid 6585 Poseidon.  ::To Ceciri:: Contact the terminal and request departure.  Let’s go.

Reade: Aye sir.

Core/Ariadust: Response

The ship raised from the Terminal platform.  As they moved away from the Outpost, Wil changed the viewscreen to show the rear view, showing Amity Outpost in all its glory.

Ukinix: Lieutenant Ariadust, what’s our ETA to the asteroid?

Ariadust: Response

Ukinix: ::To Bec at tactical console::  By all reports, the creatures are very hard to detect on sensors.  Keep a close eye out for them.

Iko: A-aye sir, will do.

Once they were on their way, Wil turned in his chair to look at Michael.

Ukinix: What can you tell us about the mining operations on the asteroid?

Rubio: Oh, it’s just normal digging and drilling. Honestly. Some bits of the nebula we have found to be a lil iffy to navigate, especially with the, ya knoo?

oO Oh Lordy. Oo

Ukinix: Will that present a problem?

Rubio: So long as you don’t get stuck in a tyken rift. ::long pause:: I’m only joking! The only things you really need to look out for are those mo-mos. They love to sneak around and ::whispering for effect:: stop ya! 

Wil pressed his tongue into the side of his cheek.  He couldn’t tell if he was amused or annoyed.

Iko: Mo-mos? 


Rubio: space cows. We call ‘em mo-mos, after the sound the make – at least we think 'ey make. :: He sat back in his chair resting his hands behind his neck, getting comfy.:: 

Ukinix: ::Flatly:: "Mo-mo’s"

Core/Ariadust: Responses 


Reade: I do not like the sound of that all. If the sensor can barely detect them, we might need a little help.  


Rubio: ehh, you’ll be fine.

Wil swivelled in his chair so that he was no longer looking at Mr. Rubio.  Then he bit his bottom lip. 


Iko: commander, if what ::pointing thumb at Michael:: uhh...  


Rubio: Mic

Iko: ::fingergun click:: If what Mic says is true, we could scan for vibrations in a “mo-mo” kind of patten and potentially find a better way of finding... ::shrugging:: these creatures? I don’t know if it will work but uhh... 


Ukinix: Better than nothing Ensign, calibrate sensors to scan for small vibrations generated by a creature the size of- ::clears throat:: - Mo-Mo.

Core/Ariadust: Responses  


Reade: That makes sense. I did not think of that to be honest.  


Rubio: ::clapping hands together:: Ya got some wise ‘nes here! Excellent ideas! ::punching into the air above him:: Make ‘em happen! 


Ukinix: ::Swiveling in char to look at Rubio:: Um-

But he cut himself off.  He just couldn’t find any words to say.

Core/Ariadust: Responses  


Reade: How long have these been a problem?  


Rubio: Eh, 13, 14 earth days I guess? I haven’t counted ok? So many questions!! 

oO Yeah, there’s a reason for that. Oo

Iko: The first reports of these life forms was from 12 days ago. 


Rubio: I was close! 


Ukinix: ::Clears throat deliberately slower and louder than last time:: Right.  So um, ::To Tristam:: Commander, are there any enhancements you can make to sensors to better detect the vibrations of the… mo-mo’s?

Core/Ariadust: Responses 


Rubio: I don’t KNOW anything about these... things other than that they are absolute nusances. Our job is to get them out of here, so lets get them out of here! 

Wil swivelled in his chair more rapidly this time, to look at their guest.

Ukinix: Mr Rubio, we will do what we can to humanely ensure the… mo-mo’s …don’t interrupt your mining operations.

: Responses 


Rubio: can’t you like, use your magical technology to get them the hell out of here! Whatcha-name – Iko – get some sensor readings. You, ::pointing at Ariadust:: get this ship going faster i’m getting impatient. 


Ukinix: ::awkward chuckle:: Ah, Mr Rubio, we’re here to help you but you need to help us by letting us do our job so that you can do yours. 


Rubio: Bro, chill. I know what i’m doing. Chill! C-H-I-L-L! 

Wil, the normally affable human-Betazoid hybrid, spoke with a tone that showed some level of bemusement.  He turned his attention back to the view screen, and intended to keep it there for as long as possible.

Ukinix: ::Bemused tone, to Ceciri:: Are we there yet by any chance, Lieutenant?

Core/Ariadust/Reade: response 


Rubio: ::sigh:: I’m sorry you can’t believe me. 


Iko: Sir, 


Rubio: Don’t call me sir. It’s too poshy.  

When hearing the “thud” of the guest’s chair, Wil looked back to see “Mic” or “Mike” or “Mick” or whatever his name was sitting on his chair like he was some sort of crude, entitled nobility.  Wil’s patience was starting to wear thin.

Iko: Sir, perhaps you should take a breather, maybe stay off the bridge for a lil while... ::pause, facepalm:: 

Judging by Ensign Iko’s facepalm, it was obvious that Wil wasn’t the only one annoyed by the guest.

Ukinix: ::To Rubio:: Hey, have you checked out the mess hall on deck two?  Plenty of room there to spread out while we make the journey-

He was interrupted by klaxon warnings indicating a collision had occurred.  His face turned back to the viewscreen, before looking at the two slim LCARS console displays that sat either side of the centre chair.

Ukinix: Report.

Core/Ariadust/Reade: Responses

Ukinix: Full stop.  Is it the mo-mo’s?

Iko: Response

Ukinix: ::looking at right hand console:: By what I’m seeing here, it looks like a whole herd.  ::Slight smirk::  Would that be a moo of mo-mo’s?

Rubio: Response

Ukinix: ::Unimpressed tone, under his breath:: Alright.  ::To Bec:: Ensign, can you escort Mick… Mike… Mr.Rubio to the mess hall, and then you come straight back.  ::To Rubio:: Mr. Rubio, we’ll let you know when we get to the asteroid.  There’s plenty of replicators down there, grab yourself something to eat, I highly recommend the Italian hot chocolate. ::chef’s kiss::

Iko/Rubio: Response

Ukinix: Right. Where were we.  ::Squeezing lips together:: Oh yeah.  On screen, please.

The screen showed the creatures were either looping around in circles around each other, performing figure eight style moves, or generally just shimmying from left to right and back again.

Core/Ariadust/Reade: Responses

Ukinix: ::Standing up, crossing arms::  They don’t look to be injured.  Or upset.  In fact, they look like they’re having a great time.

Core/Ariadust/Reade/Iko: Responses

Ukinix: Well, let’s see if we can get to the asteroid with them in tow, and without frying any of them.  ::To Ceciri:: Let’s resume course, and see what happens.

Core/Ariadust/Reade/Iko: Responses

Rubio: Response







Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix

Starfleet attaché and First Officer
Amity Outpost


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