[ACT 2] Ambassador Rivi Vataix: Getting Caught Up

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Roshanara Rahman

Nov 10, 2021, 11:30:44 PM11/10/21
to Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
//Dear Cousin,

I must admit I was hoping my first letter to you as chief of mission and commanding officer of this grand outpost would be rather mundane by your standards. Perhaps that is my own naivety. Truthfully, my greatest fears in the months and weeks leading up to my first steps into this quadrant had been focused on my family and your son, wondering how they would all handle the change--and isolation.

Oh, I do not mean to worry you! Ayeden is fine, along with Istrol and Tidrid. I think having some familiar faces aboard the station from your former posting has helped in that regard.

But no, it is not family but rather this outpost's namesake--friendship--that I am most concerned about. The right of all sentient species to believe and worship as they wish is sacred to the Federation, a right that we Betazoids cherish as well.

But is there a limit to respecting someone's beliefs when they interfere with the lives of so many others who do not share them? That is the question the Federation has entrusted me to answer, and I am ever mindful of the repercussions of whatever decision I make.

May the Four Deities bless you, cousin.


((Chief of Mission's Office, Copernicus Center, Amity Outpost))

The USS Independence-B had returned, and Rivi's first officer and the station's Starfleet attache Lt. Commander Wil Ukinix entered the office, the last to join the meeting. Rivi looked over from where she was standing behind her desk gathered with the other officers and smiled.

Vataix: Wil! ::smiles:: Enjoy the trip out into the neighborhood?

Ukinix: Response

She nodded and then gestured towards John Carter, Keehani, and Ikaia Wong.

Vataix: We've been learning more about the creatures and specifically their significance to a species known as the Hawlat.

Ukinix: Response

Carter/Keehani/Wong: Response

Rivi turned to John, who'd been with her in the meeting between the station's chief of mining operations McLaren and the Hawlat pilgrims Prarim and Taven.

Vataix: John, why don't you update Wil briefly on what we know so far about these people?

Carter: Response

Ukinix/Keehani/Wong: Response

The ambassador nodded before turning to Amity's chief medical officer.

Vataix: And what have you learned, Lieutenant?

Wong: Response

Keehani: Response

Ukinix/Carter: Response

Rivi crossed her arms, furrowing her brow.

Vataix: Well, I think the first thing we do is agree on a uniform designation for these creatures.

She looked over at Wil and John.

Vataix: One that won't offend the Hawlat would be preferable.

Ukinix: Response

Carter: Response

Keehani/Wong: Response


Ambassador Rivi Vataix
Chief of Mission and Commanding Officer, Amity Outpost
Federation Diplomatic Corps, United Federation of Planets
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