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Wil Ukinix

May 22, 2024, 6:04:44 PMMay 22
to Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((XO’s Office, Level 3, Copernicus Center))


Ukinix: Yeah, so um... ::scratching side of head::... look I’ll just come out with it. A First Officer position came up and Starfleet were asking for candidates. I put your name forward, and they might have picked you.


Wil watched Robin closely as she paused while blinking, understandably in shock from the news. Then there were a lot of gestures – opening her mouth to speak; then sitting back in her chair; then looking up at the “sky”; then letting out big sigh...


Hopper: Woah…  ::Turning to face him::  You’re serious.


He nodded.


Ukinix: USS Cambridge. Science Vessel, deep space. Like, deep deep space. Exploring parts unforeseen of Alpha and Beta quadrants. Seemed right up your alley. Starfleet have formally offered you the First Officer position. ::Looking up:: Computer, PADD with USS Cambridge assignment for Lieutenant Commander Robin Hopper, authorisation Ukinix-Alpha-Nine-Gamma-Three.


A PADD materialised into existence in Wil’s free hand. He handed it over to Robin. On it was a typical LCARs display, with information about the offer on the Cambridge.


Hopper: ::Scrolling back to the top::  The Cambridge…


Ukinix: I’m assuming it’s named after Cambridge, England?


Hopper: Isn’t Cambridge in the United States?


He sensed that Robin was pondering the details a little further.


Hopper: Cambridge, Massachusetts. Where Harvard is… Or do you mean Cambridge College in Boston?


Ukinix: Nah, gotta be England. Cambridge University. Isaac Newton? Stephen Hawking?


Wil smirked a little when Robin pursed her lips, the off-worlder seemingly trying to make sense of the naming of the ship.


Hopper: Well that’s confusing.


Ukinix: Anyway, have a read. Just think about it. You’d be serving on the bridge of the Cambridge. ::Proud smirk:: Like that one?


For a moment Wil found it slightly hilarious imaging a Starfleet Captain have to say “Welcome to the bridge of the Cambrige. I’m Captain Trubridge, my First Officer Commander T’Brij”.


But that fleeting moment was interrupted with he sensed a feeling of shock wash over him, which he knew came from Robin. He momentarily and quietly focused on his on breathing to get in touch with his own emotional core again.


Hopper: That’s… Well, I mean… That’s really something.  ::Chewing her lip, nervously::  You actually think I’m ready for something like that? That’s a lot of responsibility – and it’s such different work from what I’m used to.


Ukinix: Robin, you were born ready. Your track record here, and on the Wall Street speaks for itself.


Wil had another moment of ponderance and self-induced distraction, which made him furrow his brow and look down.


Ukinix: Why did they name a ship after an old corporate financial centre? Sounds more like a Ferengi thing.


He wasn’t sure if Robin had even heard that. She paused, seemingly considering what the offer meant.


Hopper: I’d have to leave… everything, everyone, here. You’d all be so far away. It’s six weeks back to Earth, but who knows where we’d be. I could be on the opposite end of the Beta Quadrant.


His stupid Betazoid senses once again sensed some inner conflict in Robin. He centred himself once more.


Hopper: Computer. Another drink. Full strength.


Wil raised his eyebrows, as a slight mischievous yet proud expression appeared on his face. Especially when Robin lifted the full-strength drink and took a big gulp.


Ukinix: Computer, record Lieutenant Commander Hopper as off duty for the rest of the day, authorisation Ukinix-Nine-Bravo-Six-Gamma.


There was a chirp of confirmation at Wil’s decision to let Robin take the rest of her duty shift off. She had some thinking to do anyway.


He smirked again when Robin sat down her identical looking drink on the other armrest, before wiping it away the smirk as best he could. oO For some reason that’s hilarious. Oo


Hopper: ::Unsettled::  I’m sorry… I don’t want to seem ungrateful, Wil. The truth is, this is very much the kind of posting I had always dreamed of. Long before I ever really thought I would qualify for Starfleet Academy. It’s a dream, honestly. I don’t think I can thank you enough for recommending me for the position.


Wil had wanted to be a Starfleet officer like his mother since he was three. And there were many times that very young Wil had assembled toys on his bed in a bridge configuration and referred to himself as “Captain Ukinix”.


Ukinix: No worries, believe I understand fully. And you’re welcome.


He sat back in his chair, took a small swig of his beer, then looked out to the half-mowed lawn with some pride.


Hopper: I’m definitely not saying “no”. But I’m also not sure I should say “yes” either. This –  ::waving the PADD in the air::  – feels like a big decision. Really big. You know?   I… I just need some time to think about it. Do you know when they need an answer by?


Ukinix: You’ve got a bit of time, but if you say “yes” they want you on board and settled in time for the Frontier Day celebrations. ::Slight smirk:: Then you’ll be able to see both Cambridges while you’re in orbit of Earth.


Hopper: Response


Ukinix: On a serious note – you’ve earned this. If they hypothetically offered me a CO role on a ship, and asked me who I’d pick as First Officer, you’d be the first person I’d ask, Commander. ::Lifting hand:: Sorry, “Robin”, now that you’re officially off duty and getting a few drinks under your belt.


Hopper: Response


Ukinix: I know this is a tough decision, and I put your name forward because you deserve it. It was up to Starfleet to choose from the candidates. They picked you. That’s a big deal.


Hopper: Response


Ukinix: Eh, you wouldn’t be the first.


Hopper: Response


Wil stood up and put his protective earmuffs back on to continue mowing the lawn. He finished his non-alcoholic beer, threw the empty can back into the esky, then spoke slightly louder than he normally would have.


Ukinix: ::Slightly raised voice:: And you can talk to me any time about this while you’re making your decision. I know this isn’t easy, especially with Nathan and all that.


Hopper: Response


He took the earmuffs off for a moment, as he tucked his tongue under the left side of his bottom lip, as an idea formed in his head. He then gestured towards the mower.


Ukinix: Wanna have a go?


Hopper: Response









Commander Wil Ukinix
Starfleet attaché and First Officer
Amity Outpost


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