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((Yosemite “Sam”, Talon Class Scout))

Ariadust: =/\= Yosemite to Amity Operations. ::Ceciri's voice was dry, contained.:: We have a patient here for transport, and I would request orders to aid in the effort. =/\=

Iko: Jones took quite a beat from the angel we were trying to rescue from the mining operations.

Reade: =/\=He sure did, I have stabilized him the best I can.  Transport completed =/\=

Jones: Responses

Keehani: =/\= Lieutenant Ariadust, as you’re ranking officer and helm, we need you to get Yosemite back to the Asteroid quickly, so stay on board Yosemite, don’t beam back.  Medical will be able to take care of the patient.  Ops out. =/\=

Kivik: =/\= Yosemite - come in. We’re all set here. Please beam this Stellae out before we all get squished! =/\=

Iko: =/\= on our way back. Right now =/\=

Iko: I believe someone should stay with jones. Ariadust?

Wong: =/\=Aloha! Where are you? The Stellae is ready for a beam out. Preferably sooner than later. We’re getting our butts handed to us in here.=/\=

Reade: I am good to go.

Ariadust: Ready.

Jones: response

Iko: you ready Scotty? We gotta pilot this lad through all of… that.. ::motioning to the several stellae around them.:: once Ariadust and Jones make it safely off.

Reade: Change of plans Bec, looks like Ceciri is staying with us on board.

Iko: Sorry... oO theres goes that eagerness again ::mental groan:: Oo

Reade: =/\= We’re on our way back! Hang tight =/\= :: To Ceciri:: Punch it

Ceciri had began moving back at the signal. 

Ariadust: Already enroute.

Iko: ::mumbling:: good good.

Wong: =/\=Wait what?!=/\=

Kivik: =/\= We’re kind of in a rush here, Scotty! =/\=

Reade: =/\= Kivik and Ikaia, were coming around. 2 mins. =/\=

Reade: =/\= Copy, will inform Cerci and Bec =/\= :: To Bec & Cerci:: We might need some way to cool down the Stelle before we can beam it onboard.


Ariadust: We.. just need to beam it into open space, no need to beam it .. on a space smaller than it.

Iko: preferably some distance away from the rig so they don't get trapped again.

Reade: Yes, that will work.

Reade: =/\= Get ready all =/\=

Kivik: =/\= Way ahead of you, Scotty! ::To Ikaia:: Lieutenant, we may not be able to wait here for another two minutes. My helmet is damaged and.. :: struggling :: ..I don’t want to… =/\=

oO You haven't seen the last of it Bec... Oo

Thompkins: =/\=Response=/\=

Wong: =/\=Mister Thompkins, is there another way out of here?=/\=

Thompkins: =/\=Response=/\=

Kivik: =/\= I don’t think we have the luxury of waiting to find out. I say we try it. ::To Yosemite:: Scotty - we’re going to attempt an emergency egress here. When you arrive, please prioritize getting the Stallae back where it belongs. =/\=

Bec looked around for moment, trying to figure out what she should do. Then she saw the transporter pad, and without really thinking, just went over to it, to the controls. 

Ariadust: ETA now 1 minute, path is clear to mining rig. The Stallae have..all changed direction. They're much calmer now. Except.. ::Ceciri gestured to the sensors:: I think the one in the rig is trying to get out and just making it worse. When will be ready for beamout?

Iko: establishing a pattern lock... now.

Reade: Response

As they neared the corral, Ceciri brought them over it. She could see them trying to move out of the way, when the juvenile inadvertently bumped into the corridor, pushing it in just as they were passing through it.

Ariadust: We need to beam the Stallae out immediately!

Iko: ::holding up a finger, beat:: aaand energizing.

The little purply stellae rematerialised a good distance away from the rig. It spun in a circle a couple of times, before letting out a high pitched vibration and speeding off to its family. Bec leaned on the transporter controls for a moment, careful not to touch anything.

Reade: Response

Ariadust: =/\= Yosemite to Kivik and Wong, report! Any injuries? =/\=

Becs moment of peace didn't last very long though when Ariadust shook her awake. 

Iko: ::after doing some button pressing:: =/\= I've got a lock on you two and Thompkins. Standing by for transport. =/\=

Reade: Response

Kivik/Wong: Response

Iko: Energizing.

Wong, Kivik and Thompkins materialised in front of her. All looking relieved to be in an environment with air. 

Iko: welcome back! ::spotting kivik's helmet:: Woo Kivi... what the hell happened?!?

Kivik/Wong/Thompkins/Ariadust/Reade: response

Iko: Daaaammm..... oO thank you for letting me make a runner Wong... Oo

Kivik/Wong/Thompkins/Ariadust/Reade: response

Iko: Since your all here safely... should we head back?

Kivik/Wong/Thompkins/Ariadust/Reade: response

Keehani: =/\= response =/\= 

Iko: I think thats a yes to heading back...

Kivik/Wong/Thompkins/Ariadust/Reade: response

Ensign Rebecca Iko
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