Lieutenant Ikaia Wong - Delicious Milk or Terrible Poison?

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Nov 15, 2021, 5:04:20 PM11/15/21

((Chief of Mission's Office, Copernicus Center, Amity Outpost))

Vataix: That's an excellent idea, John! The Hawlat's objections no doubt are rooted in fears that we're going to harm the creatures... but if we can entice them to move elsewhere where they'll be safe and perhaps even more prosperous... 

Ukinix: Provided the Hawlats are OK with us attracting them elsewhere using artificial means.

Keehani: ::nodding:: We can make that a target of our discussions with the Hawlat, provided Starfleet can achieve that technically.

Wong: Speaking of targets, we need to think of one more hazard in the area - the Hirogen. I think they may also view the Hawlat people and the Stellae as potential prey. That concerns me.

Carter: Which means we would be on the hook for protecting them as long as they were within sensor range. The question is how do we handle protecting them? Or are we missing something here? Has anyone scanned the Hawlats’ ships to find out how tactically capable they are? 

Ukinix: We didn’t encounter a vessel of theirs on the Indy.  I’m sure we want more than just what their tactical capabilities are,  but it sounds like a worthwhile exercise.

Keehani: ::Tapping at PADD:: On the list.

Vataix: I think for now we have to tackle the most immediate issue which is the conflict between the mining operations and the angels. The Federation has not yet made contact with the Hirogen here in the Delta Quadrant since Voyager's return. I'd rather our first encounter with them not be with a list of demands... 


Ukinix: Yeah, turning up and saying “Hi, we demand you don’t hunt us” might be waving a red flag to a bull.

Keehani: ::furrowing eyebrows, blinking:: A what to a what? 


Wong: A bull is a terran creature that’s large, furry, with horns and sometimes ill tempered. Humans liked to ride them for ah some reason.

Carter: Response 


Vataix: John, Ikaia, I want you two to meet with the Hawlat along with Doctor Suribana and find out more about what this ritual involves. As the station's chief medical officer, Lieutenant, I'll rely on your judgment as to whether it is safe or not for John to undergo. 


Wong: ::Nodding:: You have my word, Ambassador. 

He also couldn’t help but to take another glance at Commander Carter. He still thought it was insane for him to sign up for something he had NO IDEA what it entails. What made matters worse was this man was another teal shirt just like him who should have known better. Something that very much stressed the CMO out.


Carter: Response 


Wil sat up slightly in his seat when Rivi addressed him.


Vataix: Wil, I want you to begin preparations with Commander Iovianus and Dr. Aleksandrov on using the Independence and whatever other craft we have on Amity to help lead a path for the angels away from the mining operations. 


Ukinix: Aye ma’am. 


Vataix: Report back to me with a status update in four hours, everyone. 


Four hours wasn’t a lot of time. If Ikaia needed something processed in a lab or having to sort through research, he was going to have to off load that on either his staff or Holokaia depending on which was faster or more convenient. 

Wong: Alright. Four hours. I should have everything ready by then. I shall ensure Commander Carter’s safety no matter what happens. ::To Carter:: I’m going to need you to take a quick physical so I can have a baseline before this Ritual happens. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.

Carter: Response 

Wil sat forward in his chair, and pressed his palms together while tapping his fingers together a few times.


Ukinix: So, um… dismissed? 


Vataix: All right, off to it! 

And with that, Ikaia grabbed his mug of coffee, his PADD and got up. He nodded to Commander Carter. He had a few things to prepare first before he could even consider completing the physical or the Ritual. First thing’s first, he had to head back to his Medical Centre.

((Ikaia’s Office - Medical Centre - Amity Outpost))

He stepped into his office and slumped into his chair. Ikaia dropped the PADD onto his desk and pinched the bridge of his nose. He already had one of his own put himself at risk for this. To make matters worse, this man was human. Ikaia knew all too well how fragile humans could be. If for whatever reason Ikaia had to pull Carter out of the Ritual, he knew someone was going to have to take his place. He dropped his hands into his lap and looked at his PADD one more time. He could see his face reflected in the screen before he turned it back on. He bit his bottom lip at the idea of a replacement for Carter if things got too dangerous and the only other replacement he could think of right now was the one that was being reflected back at him on his darkened PADD. He was a Klingon. Built to handle the tough stuff including substances that could kill a human in an instant. He could still remember his brush with T’Mihn and her poisonous tea. It was a miserable experience. But he did walk out of it on the other side.

With a sigh, he tapped his commbadge.

Wong: =/\= Doctor Suribana? It’s Lieutenant Wong here. Listen, do you think you can pack up some of our medkits and a mobile lab? =/\=

Suribana: Response.

Wong: =/\=Commander Carter, one of our teal shirts, has decided to sign up for some sort of Ritual that involves the consumption of a substance we don’t know if it will harm him or not. In other words, he’s chosen to sign on the dotted line in his own blood without reading the fine print. I want to make sure he stays safe. =/\=

Suribana: Response.

Wong: =/\= I’m going to check to see which conference room the Hawlat people have booked and we can meet up there. We really have only four hours to get everything done and head back to speak to the Ambassador with our findings..=/\=

Suribana: Response.

Wong: =/\=Thanks. I’ll see you down there.=/\=

Ikaia ended the call and glanced up for a moment.

Wong: Computer, run Holokaia.

Ikaia waited as his homebrew EMH shimmered to life.

Holokaia: Greetings, Creator.

Wong: Aloha. I’m going to need your help.

He reached into his lab coat pocket and passed a test tube full of purple shimmering liquid over to his holographic companion.

Wong: I’m going to need you to run that down to the lab and run an analysis on it. We need a better picture of what we’re dealing with. Think you can do that?

Holokaia nodded.

Holokaia: I will see to it that it is completed immediately.

Wong: Thank you. We have four hours to find out what’s what. So the faster you can have this processed by the lab, the better.

And with that, Holokaia soon left the office leaving Ikaia by himself. He took a moment to finish off the last of his coffee before pulling up all the files generated from the earlier survey of the Stellae. 


Lieutenant Ikaia Wong PA-C

Chief Medical Officer

Amity Outpost


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