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Wil Ukinix

Nov 6, 2021, 12:42:04 AM11/6/21

((Bridge, USS Independence B))

Ukinix: ::Unimpressed tone, under his breath:: Alright.  ::To Bec:: Ensign, can you escort Mick… Mike… Mr.Rubio to the mess hall, and then you come straight back.  ::To Rubio:: Mr. Rubio, we’ll let you know when we get to the asteroid.  There’s plenty of replicators down there, grab yourself something to eat, I highly recommend the Italian hot chocolate. ::chef’s kiss::

Iko: Aye sir. ::She then looked at Rubio.


Rubio: ::neutral tone:: Very well 


Iko: this way *sir*. 


Michael grumbled, but followed her obediently 

Ukinix: Right. Where were we.  ::Squeezing lips together:: Oh yeah.  On screen, please.

The screen showed the creatures were either looping around in circles around each other, performing figure eight style moves, or generally just shimmying from left to right and back again.

Core/Ariadust: Responses

: Hmm, they do seem to be alright.

Ukinix: ::Standing up, crossing arms::  They don’t look to be injured.  Or upset.  In fact, they look like they’re having a great time.

Core/Ariadust: Responses

Iko: Wha- ::shug:: hmm ok.

Ukinix: Well, let’s see if we can get to the asteroid with them in tow, and without frying any of them.  ::To Ceciri:: Let’s resume course, and see what happens.

Iko: Sir, I suggest going at quarter-impulse.

Wil turned and gave a nod to Iko.

Ukinix: Agreed, one quarter impulse.

Core/Ariadust: Responses

Rubio: We're gonna take these... things *too* the asteroid? I thought our mission was to get them away from here!

Ukinix: Mr. Rubio, our objective is to understand the creatures so we *can* have them not interfere with mining operations.  That may take some time.  And if it wasn’t us taking them there, it may well have been a mining transport vessel.  At least we have the sensors on board to better understand them.


Core/Ariadust: Response 


Rubio: Apologies *commander.* I shall, leave you to your business.

Wil began to spin in his chair to respond, but left it when he saw Rubio leaving the bridge.


Iko: ::Once Rubio had left the bridge she sighed:: He's made a runner... ::looking at viewscreen:: Just like these little guys are doing.  

On the view screen, the creatures were either playfully following the ship, or had attached themselves to the hull and were seemingly tapping their “flipper” in joy.

Ukinix: They’re loving this aren’t they.  They don’t even look scared.

But their playful patters of movement changed.  They started bumping into each other, their swirls turning into frantic small loops.  Wil changed the view to a camera that was directly positioned on the hull.  In the near distance, about 5 to 10 metres away, the mo-mo’s began slapping their tails against the hull.

Ukinix: Okay, now they look scared.


Core/Ariadust: Response 


Reade: I do think they might be a bit alarmed. Since they have not seen a vessel of this size before.  


Iko: Their afraid of us. I suggest full stop. Let them learn that we are not a threat. If you want to do anything else, by all means do it i just gave an option I- oO am digging a hole and should stop talking Oo 


The sound of someone letting out a single huff was heard from the back of the bridge.  Assuming that it was Rubio, Wil turned to see the man looking unimpressed.

Ukinix: ::Staring at Rubio:: Lieutenant Ariadust, full stop please. 


Core/Ariadust: Response 


Reade: What was that noise?  


Rubio: ::Hands up:: I breathed too loud didn't I? My apologies. 


Iko: I guess so. ::she held in a chuckle:: 


Core/Ariadust: Response

The viewscreen showed that the creatures were back to their happy, frolicking self.

: This is going to be a long trip.


Reade: Well then. What should we do here? 


Ukinix: I’m open to suggestions.

Core/Ariadust/Iko: Response  


Reade: I am thinking if we vent some plasma, they might seem to follow that instead. We can show them we mean no harm? 

Ukinix: As long as we can prove that the plasma from our ship doesn’t harm them.  Let’s start with small quantities.

Core/Ariadust/Iko: Response  


Reade: Hmm, guess you make a good point. Shall we try it?  


Core/Ariadust/Iko/Rubio: Response 

Ukinix: Agreed.  Helm, steady as she goes, ::To Scotty:: let’s vent a small plasma stream.

((Approximately Three hours later - Asteroid 6585 Poseidon))

The trip had taken longer than expected, due to having to go at a slower pace more times than not.  While they did increase their speed when they could, sometimes it would send the creatures into a frenzy and Wil made sure to have the ship slow down to make sure none of them got scared, seriously injured or perished.  The plasma, for whatever reason, did seem to calm them down.  Wil hoped the mo-mo’s weren’t high or drunk on plasma…

On screen was a close-up view of the asteroid.  Embedded in one side of it was what seemed to be a portable building that was home and a temporary residence for the miners.  Lights from the windows lit up the area of the asteroid around it.  Drones surrounded the asteroid, ferrying small amounts of ore from the asteroid to a floating container that looked as though it was tethered by some sort of tractor beam.  Once they dropped of their contents, each drone would return to another part of the asteroid. 

That drones started having a hard time though when some of the mo-mo’s that had been following the Indy-B started making their way towards them.  The creatures playfully bumped into them, or knocked them around like they were beach balls.  Some of the other creatures headed for the portable building, frolicking around the various equipment that was situated around it. 


Rubio: Response 


Core/Ariadust/Iko/Rubio/Reade: Response  

Wil checked the readouts on the consoled that were situated next to the centre chair.  Long range scans showed that the Yosemite was situated near a concentrated gas cloud.  He decided to hail them to see what they were up to.

Ukinix: =/\= This is the Independence-B to scout Yosemite =/\=

Wong: =/\= Responses =/\=

Ukinix: =/\= We’ve arrived at the Posedion asteroid, with a who group of those mo-mo’s in tow, and we saw that you were out and about.  What’s your status? =/\=

Wong: =/\= Response =/\=

Ukinix: =/\= “Mo-mo’s”, you know, the creatures.  It’s what the mining crews call them.  You found any? =/\=

Wong: =/\=Response =/\=

Ukinix: =/\= Sorry, who? =/\=

Wong: =/\= Response =/\=

Keehani: =/\= Commander Ukinix, we have begun diplomatic discussions with the Hawlats.  The creatures, the “Angels”, are sacred to them. =/\= 

Ukinix: =/\= ::biting bottom lip:: …oh crap.  That complicates things. =/\=

Keehani: =/\= ::Clearing throat:: Just letting you know, that we have a member of the Hawlat delegation on board our scout now, Commander. =/\= 

Wong: =/\= Responses =/\=

Ukinix: =/\= Understood.  Oh, and Lieutenant?  They seem to like small amounts of vented plasma.  Ukinix out.  =/\=  

When the comm call was ended, Wil smiled a little bit. 

Ukinix: ::Slight chuckle:: Hawlats, hey?  “Angels”.  ::To Rubio:: Well, that complicates things a little, doesn’t it, mate.

Rubio: Response

Ukinix: ::Palm up:: Relax.  ::To everyone:: Let’s beam aboard the asteroid.

Core/Ariadust/Iko/Rubio/Reade: Response 

((Mining Rig, Asteroid 6585 Poseidon))

The crew were in the office section of the rig.  Out of the windows was purple gaseous nebula.  “Swimming” around the windows were multiple mo-mos, seemingly having the time of their life.

Quietly playing in the background was an old Terran tune that Wil remembered hearing once or twice before.

Ukinix: Mr Carcetti? ::offering hand::  I’m Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix, Starfleet attaché to the Federation Diplomatic Corp on Amity.  ::Gesturing:: This is Commander Core, Lieutenant Ariadust, Lieutenant Reade, Ensign Iko, and I’m assuming you know the mining supervisor Michael Rubio.

Carcetti: ::Accepting handshake:: Welcome to six-five-eight-five.  ::Looking out of windows at Angels, unimpressed tone:: I see you brought some mo-mo friends with you.  ::Half jokingly:: We’ll have to abandon the asteroid at this rate.

Ukinix: Yeah.  About that… um, have you ever heard of a species called the “Hawlats” by any chance?

oO Awkies Oo

Wil became concerned that this was going to become a fight.  This was a tough situation, because the Federation had its priorities for Amity - one of them being benamite.  Mining operations weren't the enemy.  But neither were the Hawlats.

Core/Ariadust/Iko/Rubio/Reade: Response 








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