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Geoffrey Teller

Oct 14, 2021, 1:22:56 AM10/14/21
to Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Grand Mezzanine, Amity Outpost - During the Cultural Festival))

((OOC:  In the interests of keeping this a manageable size, I've trimmed off some of the hanging tags at the front.))

A bit of sizzling fat dripped from one of the sausages and caused the grills flame to sputter and pop, sighing the meat slightly.  Geoff tried moving the sausages rapidly but seemed to be causing a chain reaction which intensified the flames even further.  

Teller:  Oh damn hang on...uh....I think Wil usually just pours his beer on it at this point...there must be one here somewhere....

Aleksandrov: Beer?

Corelli: Response

Teller:  Look ok this isn't my fault....I was going to just pour a beer on it!  They'll be fine.  Just...slightly crispy.  

Corelli: Response

Ukinix: My barbeque!

And it seemed the Thor XO had found what he was looking for.  He picked up the can of beer that Wil had stashed under the stall.  

Ukinix: ::Disappointed tone, eyes wide:: My *beer*!

Corelli: Response 

Aleksandrov: I do believe I am going to starve at this rate. 

Wil momentarily looked back at the woman with silver hair, before deciding to do something about putting the fire out.  He grabbed a nearby towel and began to try and blow out the fire by waving it.  That only seemed to fan the flames.  More smoke bellowed from the hot plates. 

Wong: Hey! Do you need help over there? We have a fire extinguisher over here! 

Aleksandrov: ::blinks and does a double take on the blond Klingon’s outfit:: That’s not something you see every day.

Ukinix: ::Looking back momentarily:: There is so much going on right now. 

Geoff's head whipped from the rapidly intensifying flames to the elaborately floral garb being sported by a jogging Mr. Wong.  Bemused, Geoff couldn't help but turn to comment.  

Teller:  Lieutenant Wong, you're....almost out of uniform.

Corelli: Response 

Ukinix: Ikaia, you can’t spray fire extinguisher all over the sausages. 

Wong: I dunno. I just saw a bit of fire and smoke going on and figured that you might need the help! 

Aleksandrov: My best guess… it involves fire and beer in some proportion.

Geoff had tried shifting some of the sausages out of the center of the blaze but only managed to burst several of the sausages and add fuel to the growing fire.  Just as the flames were cresting well above his head the station's fire suppression system kicked in and the runaway blaze was enveloped in a containment field and quickly starved of oxygen.  When it snapped out of existence a few moments later, Geoff surveyed the damage with a grim face.  

There we no survivors.  Geoff hung his head and gave his scorched tongs a single sad clack of shame.  

Ukinix: Burnt to a crisp.  ::Looking at Teller:: You’re giving that apron a bad name, Commander.

Geoff opened his mouth to protest but could fabricate no grounds on which to base it and instead pitched in as Wil cleared away the cinders and Geoff got the grill back up to temperature without immolating himself or any of the stations residents.  A pleasantly cold beer had at some point materialized in his hand and Teller took a step back to enjoy it as Wil threw a new batch of sausages on the grill.  

Teller:  Apparently I'm out of practice!  Don't worry, I think I've got a way of making it up to you. 

Geoff smirked.  The unexpected bout with the grill had his window to deliver Wil's birthday gift, the Ambassadors distraction wasted.  But there was still time, and Mr. Reade was standing by.  

Corelli/Any: Response  

Wong: ::raised an eyebrow.:: This? It's traditional hula garb for a traditional dance.  

With a gleeful shout Ikaia began gyrating in what Geoff assumed was the traditional, time honored manner.  Teller was largely distracted by the vegetation that made up portions of the outfit and its resemblance to one that had tried to eat them both on the trip out to Amity.  He subconsciously took a half step back, just in case.  

Aleksandrov: Well…. One can certainly say you are…. Physically fit. 

Geoff snorted a laugh and took a long pull from the beer he'd been provided, giving the grill a wide berth.  It gave him the perfect opportunity to give Wil a hard time.  

Teller:  It seems the Delta Quadrant just isn't ready for Tellerbq quite yet.

Corelli/Any: Response 

Wong: You can't have a lū'au or a culture festival without dancing! Right? 

Aleksandrov: I will take your word for it.  ::looks at Teller and Ukinix:: Provided I ever get something to eat. At this rate I’m going to have to try another stall before I faint. 

Ukinix: ::Turning sausages:: Coming right up, madame! 

Teller:  And he probably means that.  ::Geoff glanced over with a mocking smirk::  Barring any other pyrotechnics.

Wong/Corelli/Any: Response 

Aleksandrov: ::gestures to Geoff:: I only know one of you by name and I could use him for an armrest.

Geoff had turned to find himself another beer when he suddenly felt an elbow pressing into his shoulder.  

Ukinix: I never thought of that! 

Geoff huffed and shifted but Wil stayed firmly planted, apparently quite comfortable.  Geoff began plotting his vengeance almost immediately.

Teller:  If you keep this up the lady really will starve to death.  

Wong/Corelli/Any: Response

Aleksandrov: Response.

Ukinix: Of course, where are my manners.

With a rare display of genuine dexterity and competence, Wil deftly assembled and plated a sausage sandwich before presenting it with a flourish to the stalls only customer.  Geoff offered applause that were somewhere just between polite and mocking.  

Ukinix: I’m Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix, barbeque chef.  I also moonlight at Starfleet attaché and First Officer of Amity.  It’s lovely to meet you.

Geoff removed his apron and hung it nearby, raising his hands in surrender.  

Teller:  I'm a big enough man to admit when I'm beat, Mr. Ukinix.  You remain king of this particular hill.  At least, this piece of furniture thinks so.  

Wong/Aleksandrov/Corelli/Any: Response

Ukinix: ::To Kammus:: Ensign, would you like another one?

Wong/Aleksandrov/Corelli/Any: Response

Geoff reached in and pulled Wil aside.  

Teller:  You going to be working this thing all night, Wil?  If you're going to be in command, you really need to learn how to delegate better.  

Ukinix: I have a helper coming to take over from me in about ::looking at chrono:: one minute.   I was going to check out that cocktail bar, you lot want to come?

Teller:  Absolutely, but I want to make a little side trip first.  Won't take more than a few minutes.  Trust me.  ::Geoff winked::  You're all invited...this is definitely a case of 'the more the merrier.'  

Wong/Aleksandrov/Corelli/Any: Response

And right on cue, the person that was taking over the barbeque to give Wil a scheduled break turned up.

Solak: ::To Wil:: Commander Ukinix.  I am reporting for duty as requested.  ::The tricorder in his holster beeped, he takes it out and reads display:: Sensors indicate there has been a fire.  Has there been a recent safety incident?

Geoff jumped nearly a meter in the air at the unexpected voice behind him.  He hadn't heard a footfall or a breath or had even the vaguest hint there was a stonefaced Vulcan with an incredibly precise haircut standing less than a meter behind him.  

Teller:  ...AHHhHHhhello...Commander Solak, wasn't it?  Someone should really put a bell on you.  

Wong/Aleksandrov/Corelli/Any: Response

Wil seemed in high spirits as he took off his apron and tossed it to Solak.  The mans almost complete lack of reaction was, in and of itself, quite enthralling.  Geoff began wondering how long it would be until the apron rolled off or tumbled down.  

Solak: I contend that the slogan on this protective garment could be considered inappropriate, Commander.

Ukinix: ::Hand wave to Solak:: It’s an Earth thing, you’ll be ‘right.  ::To others, rubbing hand together:: Righto!  Who’s up for a perfectly symmetrical cocktail?

Geoff laughed as they retreated from the BBQ stall and the mildly befuddled Vulcan cartographer and waited a few moments for relative quite then tapped his comm badge.  

Teller: =/\= Teller to Reade, lock on to my coordinates and standby to beam yourself and our little surprise to my location. =/\=

Reade: =/\= Response =/\=

Geoff halted the small party and pointed towards a small, sparsely populated area of the mezzanine that Geoff figured was more than large enough for his purposes.  Once he'd gotten everyone into position, he turned to Wil with a mirthful grin.  

Teller:  I'm given to understand your birthday is coming up, Mr. Ukinix.  I realize this is a bit abrupt but as our time here is brief, I thought we might work a bit of celebrating into our day.  =/\= Teller to Reade.  Energize. =/\=

Geoff crossed his arms over his chest and smirked as the 'vehicle,' if it could be so classified, along with Mr. Reade, appeared nearby.  Six meters long, three meters wide and towering over them all at nearly three meters tall, the 'HoverPub' was a truly awesome sight here in its new stomping grounds.  Geoff crossed to Mr. Reade and offered Scotty a firm warm handshake, then turned back towards Wil.  

Teller:  Happy Birthday, Knackers.  Mr. Reade and I thought you might get bored, tired and dehydrated from walking around this big space station of yours and applied the fine art of engineering to the problem.  Frankly, I think it's some of my finest work.  So, who wants to hop on and float this thing down the Grand Mezzanine with me?  The beer's cold and the pedaling is optional.  

Ukinix/Reade/Wong/Aleksandrov/Corelli/Any: Response

Teller stode to the platform and jumped up, admiring how striking the Starfleet Delta shaped triangular bar had turned out.  He began rattling off features like a Ferengi merchant.  

Teller:  You'll also be happy to know it has been fitted with a rather robust sound system.  You'll be able to share your love of ancient terran geology music with a whole new quadrant.  Mr. Reade, what else did we cram into this thing?  Oh and can I pour anyone a beer?  Because I'm suddenly finding myself quite parched.  

Ukinix/Reade/Wong/Aleksandrov/Corelli/Any: Response

Geoff took up a position behind the bar and tapped the controls, getting the antigrav sled ready to lift them.  If they'd tuned the inertial dampeners correctly, they should be able to comfortably ascend, travel and descend without disturbing a drop of drink.   

Teller:  Well if you're all comfortably in position, we can be off for a slow hover down the mezzanine.  I'm pretty sure the collision sensors will keep us from bumping into anyone...too hard.  Mr. Reade, I think the honor should be yours.  Take us up!

Ukinix/Reade/Wong/Aleksandrov/Corelli/Any: Response


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