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S Philbrook

May 21, 2024, 4:29:10 PMMay 21

((Level 1, Main Engineering, Amity Outpost))

Char continued to walk around the level as she was sketching on her PADD. The coiling system for the bot was going to have to be a genuine piece of art and so she felt she needed to get the system as close to well, an actual armadillo as possible. The plates over its back had to be able to coil and slide over each other. She continued to work comparing the properties of various metals and alloys to determine what could be a good mix. 

Thats when gold caught her eye and she spotted Nathan. 

Vanlith: Hey Nathan have you got a minute?

Richards: Response 

Char smiled and walked closer to him. 

Vanlith: Well I have been having a think about the ARMadillo we were talking about before. 

Richards: Response 

Vanlith: Well if you have a moment I’d like to talk to you about it all. Maybe about the metal as well. I guess if he’s stored in your arm it would be cool to get him looking the same.

Richards: Response

(OOC: Happy to backsim this more here) 

Iko: So….

Char looked up having not seen Bec walk in until she then.

Vanlith: Oh hi Bec. Are you ok? 

Iko/Reade/Richards/Esma (?): Response 

Vanlith: Right I see. Well I guess the question is what in particular are you thinking of learning about? Engineering in itself is huge, I am sure there are things that Nathan and Scotty know about that I just, well don’t know as well. And thinks the ::chuckling as she spoke:: wonderful and ingenuitive Vanlith knows about that they do not. 

Iko/Reade/Richards/Esma (?): Response


Lt Charlena Vanlith


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