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Wil Ukinix

Nov 2, 2021, 4:15:19 PM11/2/21

((Conference Room B4, Level 13, Copernicus Centre - Amity Outpost))

Not exactly a pattern, as they're nomadic, like we are, they travel to different systems and places. This is the third nebula system they've stopped by since we have records. My understanding about why they stop in places like this is that they feel comfortable here. Like … mmm... like finding a warm bath after weeks of journey through a planet with a harsh environment. Here they find nourishment, entertainment and are usually protected from hostile species that might try to hunt them.  

Sahim was rational, that made the conversation easy.  She noted, though, that more authoritative members of the Hawlat’s may not be so accepting of a rational approach, especially given they were a theological based culture.

Keehani: I can understand in an area of space with species such as the Hirogen nearby that hunting would be an issue for you.  The Federation has no interest in hunting these creatures, we simply wish to extract benamite and other materials.



Kivik: Once our conversation here is complete, I’d like to ask for your people’s assistance in learning more about the Angels. Specifically, I’d like to run some non-invasive scans (from a distance that shouldn’t disturb them in any way) in order to better understand their physical bodies. If possible, I’d prefer if one of the Hawlat would join me in this effort to ensure we remain respectful of your boundaries.

Keehani smiled again.  Ne was making the new exo-politics first real encounter with a foreign species easier.  It was a decent suggestion. 


Keehani: Of course, this is not a decision that you need to make straight away, especially if you have to discuss with others.

Agreed. Take some time to discuss with your colleagues if need be. 


Sahim: I'll have to consult with my colleagues before granting that request. Non invasive scans should be good, but anything else,... we'll have to be sure that you don't disturb or hurt them. We know that nucleonic beam scans are not to be made. They'll flee when they feel them. Tachyon pulse scans aren't also an option, it affects them in their sense of orientation what could lead to accidents as they move erratically.

At that point she hoped that Lieutenant Wong and Ensign Kivik were taking appropriate notes (physically or mentally), because the technical details were lost on Keehani.   


Wong: I promise you that when we do our scans that we will be sure to avoid anything that will do harm to the angels. I have a firm belief in the words “do no harm.”

Kivik: Of course - I’m sure we can all agree. I’ve marked down that nucleonic beams and tachyon pulses should be avoided. That memo should go out to our colleagues on the Independence as well, just in case. ::Making some notes on nir PADD:: We can use good old fashioned molecular or lepton scans instead… but we’ll still be careful.

oO Molecular or “lepton” scans... Oo

Every day was going to be an adventure of technical babble while working alongside Starfleet.

Sahim, may I ask a few follow up questions.

Sahim: Response

Keehani: How have your people dealt with the Angels when they attach themselves to your ships and have caused damage? 

Sahim: Response

Wong: I also have a question if you don’t mind - is there anything about the ships that the Angels find particularly attractive? 


Kivik: ::To Sahim:: For example, is this a playful behaviour, some sort of feeding activity, or do they use other vessels as a tool to get around more easily? 

Keehani: From reports I’ve read that the Angels do seem to playfully like to attach themselves to vessels and frolic around our mining installations.  If we were to propose that we make this system, the Angel’s home, safer for everyone – space vessels, mining, and for the animals themselves, what would you think?

Ensign Kivik nodded and took some notes.

Sahim: Response

Kivik: ::Thinking:: Hmm… We’ll need to conduct a little more research before we can say anything with certainty (the last thing we want is to get ahead of ourselves and make the situation worse). If we gather more data about the Angels, we may be able to find an agreeable solution. 


Wong: I believe it’s possible and that could be done. 


Keehani: I am wondering if there is a technical solution that would restrict the Angels from a small amount of specific areas of the system, and ensure both they and are vessels are safe when they pass through.

Wong: I think we need to come up with a strong solution that keeps the Angels safe. But I think we can accomplish more by getting out in the field.  


Kivik: Agreed, Lieutenant. ::To Keehani:: That may work - deterring them from a certain area - or we may find it more effective to attract them to safer areas instead. Of course, all of this will depend on what we can learn about them and what motivates them - ::to Sahim:: with the Hawlat’s supervision of course, Sahim. 


Sahim: Responses

Suribana: Responses

Keehani: Of course, Doctor.  As a civilian we’ll need to organise security clearance for you but that will be fine.


Wong: However, given the nature of this situation, I would prefer that we have a guide with us. Sahim, would you be able to speak to the right channels about this with Ukinix? I would prefer to have you as a guide if at all possible. 

Keehani: ::Politely:: Excuse me, Lieutenant, ::pointing at self:: Do you mean me?  Or Commander Ukinix?  If it’s the latter, we’ll need to contact the Independence-B.


Sahim/Suribana: Responses 


Keehani sensed some enthusiasm in Kivik, and it was infectious.  She smiled a little. 


Kivik: I’m sure we’ll all feel more comfortable with the Hawlat included in this process. 


Wong: Ensign Kivik, Doctor Suribana, I’d like to have you work on preparations for heading out into the field. We need to be ready to go once we get the okay. I think if we took the Yosemite Sam out, it would be safest for us to research and learn more about the Angels without doing any harm to anyone. 


Kivik: I’ll have some specialised equipment we’ll want to bring aboard to make sure we get effective scans from a comfortable distance. I’d welcome any assistance with that, especially from your people, Sahim - though I understand that you’ll need to speak with your fellows before making any decisions. 


Keehani: I will organise clearances for both Sahim and Doctor Suribana in the meantime. 


Sahim/Suribana: Responses

Wong: You have my word as a medical officer that neither I nor my team will allow anything to harm the Angels as long as we are here. 


Sahim/Suribana: Responses 


Wong: In the meantime, we need to consider what we’d like to see in a treaty. It’s something I think we need to give some thought to. 


While the others were talking and no-one else was looking, Keehani locked eyes with Wong, opened hers slightly wider than usual, and very subtly shook her head to indicate “no don’t go there” to him.

While she understood the sentiment, any talk of a treaty was not only premature, but potentially crippling for part of Amity’s main mission.  That could take months, if not longer.  The risk was that mining operations could be interrupted, if not completely halted in that time.  Someone in Paris would be very annoyed once they eventually got that news, and that was a situation she would try to avoid for Ambassador Vataix and Dr. Orrey.

Keehani: Of course… I am sure we can come to an arrangement without the need for something so ::rolling hand:: formal.  That may take time and I’m sure all parties would like a satisfactory outcome, as quickly as possible.

Sahim/Suribana: Responses 


Kivik: ::Nodding:: These all sound like reasonable suggestions to me. My only recommendation at this time would be to ensure we leave room in the discussion for significant revisions, should we find them necessary after our investigations. 

oO Looks like the treaty thought is out of the mind now. Oo  It was a saying that was the equivalent of the Terran “the cat is out of the bag.”  She liked the Betazoid version better.  It was time to steer the conversation back.

Keehani: Yes, but again, let’s consider time as an important factor.  ::To Sahim:: I’m assuming, like us, the Hawlat would prefer a quick resolution?  A Memorandum of Understanding will be drafted much quicker, which will be better for everyone.  In the meantime, ::To Wong:: May I suggest you begin your in-field study of the creatures, so that we can determine the scope of such an agreement?  In fact, I will prepare the necessary clearances and ask for the Shuttlebay to ready Yosemite ::pushing index finger into table, smiling:: right now.  Sound good?

It was a rhetorical question.  Keehani lifted her PADD, and began immediately tapping information into it.  That action would give Suribana and Sahim clearance to enter the shuttlebay on behalf of the Diplomatic Corps, and request Shuttlebay crews to immediately ready the Yosemite.  Once done, she stood up.

Keehani: I’m coming too.  ::Smiling, to Sahim:: Tell me, Sahim, do you drink coffee?

Sahim/Suribana: Responses

Kivik/Wong: Responses

((Section Alpha, Shuttlebay))

The two Talon class scout vessels, the Yosemite (which had affectionally been nicknamed the “Yosemite Sam” by some of the crew) and the Daintree, stood side by side.  Keehani came to understand that both were named after significant natural parks on Earth.

Keehani: ::Gesturing, smiling, cordial tone::  After you.

Sahim/Suribana/Kivik/Wong: Responses








First Secretary Keehani Ukinix

Amity Outpost

Federation Diplomatic Corps, United Federation of Planets

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