Pilgrim Sahim: The gentle heart shall earn the trust

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(( Ops room, Amity Outpost ))

    As the First secretary was working to make the best of the situation, Sahim doubts seemed to fade away as they're checking what the team assigned to liberate the young Angel was doing. They're taking considerable risk to free it, even receiving some impact from it.

Keehani: Prarim, ::tapping nearby console:: I am opening a comm channel to Commander Ukinix, your new Emissary to the Angels.  I think the importance of his role should come straight from you and your delegation, Luminary. 

    The gesture was welcomed by them and the Luminary made the call while Sahim observed the moment history was being made, trying to memorize every detail.

  After a few minutes the Starfleet team managed to get the Angel out and joined the rest of the group. Sahim breathed out, relieved and happy for the conclusion of the crisis. She'd had her doubts about the situation but fortunately they've managed to get the best of it.

( Later )

((Grand Mezzanine, Amity Outpost))

    The Council of Luminaries had been assembled and all had agreed - after what they had seen in the Nebula, there could be no doubt. The Angels’ message was clear and if this was to be their new home amongst the stars, then cooperation with the Federation was not only necessary - it was divinely mandated. Those thoughts were embedded in all the Hawlat that had seen the Angels behavior and Prarim's words to the fleet when the young one was liberated. The ritual will be made, even if it was just to provide with further sign of their mutual respect and trust in each other.

    They had all gathered on the ground floor of the Grand Mezzanine to witness the ritual. The Ambassador watched quietly as Prarim began reciting the first words of the ritual.

    Bringing forth the vials of Angel’s Milk, Prarim set them upon the dais and stood over them, arms outstretched and face up to the glass ceiling - and beyond, the nebula where a new preserve had been established in the light of cooperation.

Prarim: Mu’ulahati… Hawlahanae… We are brought together by the paths of the divine, whose guidance - infinitely wise - shall shine brightly upon our spirit of trust. By this ritual shall we remove all shadow of doubt from this bond and allow it to flourish. ::To Wong and Carter:: Step forward, please.

    Amity's two representatives stepped forward after the Luminary gestured to them to come forward.

Prarim: The Federation, newcomers to the pasturelands of the Delta Quadrant, but eager to make friends. You have shown yourselves to be honest and reliable friends and resourceful allies. We are grateful for all you have done for us, and for your patience. Please, identify yourselves under the light of the Great Spirit and recite your pledges.

    Each would have their own pledge - a brief testament to their intentions in the Ritual ahead.

Carter: Response

Wong: My name is Lieutenant Ikaia Wong. The Chief Medical Officer here at Amity. Both my profession as a healer and my home of Hawai’i inform my intentions. I intend to help where it’s needed; to demonstrate my aloha, my love and compassion for others be they for my ohana or those outside of it, in everything I do. To ease suffering where it exists and to place the saving of life above myself. To act in the greater good for everyone.

Prarim: Acolyte Taven, Pilgrim Sahim. As the Federation has put forth two representatives, so too shall the Hawlat. ::Motioning:: Will you please step forward as well and recite your pledges.

Taven: Response

Sahim: I'm Minash Sahim , Hawlat pilgrim for the Angels that have guided us here. I devote myself to the knowledge, to the betterment of the Hawlat and those around them. Those that share my path, shall know me for who I am, for what I do, for what my heart beats.

    Prarim held his arms wide, his green cloak hanging dramatically by his sides.

Prarim: Mu’ulahati… Hawlahanae… Trust of the Hawlat. It is not easily won, but it shines eternal. ::Providing guidance to the participants:: You may each drink of your vials. Let the light guide you to a partner and press your brows together. The Milk shall allow for connection, as it strips away all distractions.

    Sahim looked at the medical officer and took her vial, approaching it to her lips. He nodded to her, looking over the vial in his hands again She didn't thought about it, drinking it in one gulp and waiting for him to do the sam. Ikaia took a drink from the vial and approached his brow to hers. She could feel his warmth as their skin touched and she closed her eyes waiting for the effect to take place. She heard the man speaking,... for a second or two.

Wong: Wait…. When is this supposed to—- ahhhh shluhp…..

( Trust test landscape )

    The world around her changed and she's transported to a place she was unfamiliar with. She could hear the ocean, the waves crashing against the shore, she could smell the salt. She opened her eyes and saw the half Klingon looking around while she opened her senses to the environment, feeling the presence of something, someone, larger than them, something old, ancient.

    She looked up to the sky and saw the small figure of an Angel in the sky. It was tiny as it was so far away, but she could feel it. However, she noticed something else, something powerful too, but different. She looked at Wong, standing a few meters from her, looking at his feet, or maybe the sand.

    She approached the man, but something on the ground called her attention. It was a scary vision of an ethereal creature. She could see its fangs, it's predatory eyes, the movement under his feet. She felt a tremor through her spine and made a step back.

Sahim: What's this ? This is a bad omen... What does it mean?

    She was a bit scared that this was a sign of the true nature of the man, under the surface an evil waiting to be freed to the surface.

Wong: Response

Sahim: Is this your home?

Wong: Response

Sahim: I.. need to understand. Your world is so different,... I see the Angel up above, but it's so far... and :: pointing at the spectral creatures :: this are right here... you know what they are?

Wong: Repsonse

Sahim: They're not... dangerous? They certainly look like they are...

Wong: Response

    She relaxed a bit, still not willing to approach the zone where they were. A subtle sound could be heard in the sky and she could see the Angel more clearly, bigger, as if it was approaching the surface.

Sahim: I need to know more, would you mind showing me the place, what it means to you, who,... you really are?

Wong: Response

Sahim: You tell me something, I'll tell you something. Seems fair.

    The two walked through the Island, Wong telling her about that place named Hawa'i, the story about those Shark creatures and what they mean to him and his culture. Surprisingly they're similar to what the Angels meant for the Hawlat and she shared some knowledge not usually shared with others. As they talked, the Angel on the sky began to occupy a larger portion of it and on the other hand, those shark ethereal cratures seemed to loose their menacing features and began to emit a small bright, blue to her eyes.

    As the sun on this island set and a full moon could be seen above, Sahim and Wong shared a stone at the border of a cliff. The Angel in the sky, the ‘Aumākua on the water below them. As they talked about their dreams, hopes and future plans, she noticed that the Angel and the ‘Aumākua were moving in syncrony. She smiled at the sight and looked at Ikaia who looked back at her. They approached each other's heads, looking in their eyes, feeling an attraction that led them to join their foreheads...

( Back to reality )

And they're back to the grand Mezzanine, in front of everyone, with a feeling of peace and connection that she haven't thought she'll have with a non Hawlat. The voice of Luminary Prarim brought her back to her senses.

Prarim: Your journeys are complete. Tell us - Commander Carter and Lieutenant Wong of the Federation - have you unwavering trust in your Hawlat companions?

Carter: Response

Wong: Yes. I’m certain I can trust in my companions. 

Prarim: And you, Taven and Sahim of the Hawlat - have these Federation officers shown themselves to be true allies?

Taven: Response

Sahim: :: blushing a little :: Yes,... with all my being, I'll put my life in the hands of this one.

Prarim: Then, it is my great honour to formally illuminate this ordained friendship. May it shine ever brighter!

Any: Response

Sahim: It's been an interesting experience, one that I'll never forget.

Wong: Response

Sahim: Since we're going to be around, I trust we'll see each other again.

Wong: Response

    The Luminary and the Ambassador were talking and Sahim managd to listen to the end of their conversation.

Prarim: You are most gracious. We are called to follow the Angels wherever they shall lead - but for now, it seems as though we shall call this Nebula home. ::With a look towards Wil Ukinix:: We shall have much to discuss, Emissary, in the days ahead! ::Back to Vataix:: Ambassador, we are honored to declare ourselves your trusting friends.

    Vataix nodded and smiled as she and Prarim bowed their heads towards one another.

    A new chapter was being written now for the Hawlat in their eternal journey through the stars - one which would bring with it revitalization and renewal under the watchful eye of their Angels. After long years of hardship, Prarim breathed a sigh of relief and Sahim smiled and looked at the crowd around them, not seeing fear or hatred, but joy and friendship.



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