Lt. Commander John Carter, "Clarity."

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Dec 18, 2021, 8:39:11 PM12/18/21
to 'L B' via Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Ground Level, Grand Mezzanine))


It was the day after the great semi-roundup of the Angels, and the rescue of one of their juvenile members. Today, dressed in his dress uniform along with LT. Wong, this was the day they would partake in the ceremony. Frankly, even with a night to sleep on his decision, there was never any doubt in his mind that this was indeed the right thing to do, and he was indeed going to do it. However, he was going to have a little conversation with the eager Klingon medical officer when this was all over…


Joining him momentarily was Lt. Commander Ukinix, the new Emissary for the Hawlat. John didn’t know exactly how the commander was doing with the new accolade, but perhaps he would send Toliver to talk to him about his new “responsibility…”


Ukinix: Commander Carter.  How are you feeling?


Carter: Consnidering that I’m about to drink a substance I know almost nothing about, I’m feeling pretty good…

Ukinix: ::Slight smirk, looking at vials of “milk”:: Well, I’ll admit to being a little bit jealous.

Carter: Jealous? It’s just part of the job. I was in the right place at the right time I guess…

Ukinix: You’ve earned this, mate.  Go get ‘em.  Hope you see big green bunnies or something.

Carter::smiling:: We’ll see…


John had studies the effects of psychedelic  drugs and natural substances, but even with that, he truly knew he was wading into the unknown…with wide open eyes. The bottles of Angels’ Milk were placed on the dais before them, and looking up at the glass ceiling, Luminary Prarim began to speak…


Prarim: Mu’ulahati… Hawlahanae… We are brought together by the paths of the divine, whose guidance - infinitely wise - shall shine brightly upon our spirit of trust. By this ritual shall we remove all shadow of doubt from this bond and allow it to flourish. ::To Wong and Carter:: Step forward, please.


Looking over at Wong, the two stepped forward…


Prarim: The Federation, newcomers to the pasturelands of the Delta Quadrant, but eager to make friends. You have shown yourselves to be honest and reliable friends and resourceful allies. We are grateful for all you have done for us, and for your patience. Please, identify yourselves under the light of the Great Spirit and recite your pledges.


As the senior officer and as protocol dictated, it was John who went first…


Carter: I am Lieutenant Commander John Marcus Carter, Second Officer, Amity Outpost. I am here as an officer of Starfleet, and a member of the Federation, to celebrate the beginning of a new friendship, one which each will learn from and teach the other. With mutual respect and honor, we take the first steps into that understanding. Here and now, through this ceremony, we affirm our commitment to understanding the Hawlat, as they commit to understanding us.

Wong: My name is Lieutenant Ikaia Wong. The Chief Medical Officer here at Amity. Both my profession as a healer and my home of Hawai’i inform my intentions. I intend to help where it’s needed; to demonstrate my aloha, my love and compassion for others be they for my ohana or those outside of it, in everything I do. To ease suffering where it exists and to place the saving of life above myself. To act in the greater good for everyone.

Prarim: Acolyte Taven, Pilgrim Sahim. As the Federation has put forth two representatives, so too shall the Hawlat. ::Motioning:: Will you please step forward as well and recite your pledges.

Taven: Response

Sahim: I'm Minash Sahim , Hawlat pilgrim for the Angels that have guided us here. I devote myself to the knowledge, to the betterment of the Hawlat and those around them. Those that share my path, shall know me for who I am, for what I do, for what my heart beats.

The Luminary in his green cloak held his arms out wide.. The scene was quiet, but John knew a crowd was gathering to watch what was going to happen. Prarim spoke…

Prarim: Mu’ulahati… Hawlahanae… Trust of the Hawlat. It is not easily won, but it shines eternal. ::Providing guidance to the participants:: You may each drink of your vials. Let the light guide you to a partner and press your brows together. The Milk shall allow for connection, as it strips away all distractions.


And so it would. John picked up his vial of Angels Milk as Taven sought him out, while Wong paired with Sahim. Quickly, Taven and Carter downed the Angels’ Milk, while next to him, sounding almost far away, he heard Wongs’ voice…


Wong: Wait…. When is this supposed to—- ahhhh shluhp…..


The liquid was warm and initially bitter, almost enough to make John retch, but as he and Taven touched foreheads, his entire world exploded with visions of the Hawlat from times past. Visions of enemies they had faced, visions of their home world, a beautiful planet that they left eons ago. His head swirled with the knowledge he was getting, and it was over all too soon as the two separated. Prarim spoke…


Prarim: Your journeys are complete. Tell us - Commander Carter and Lieutenant Wong of the Federation - have you unwavering trust in your Hawlat companions?

Carter: Yes. I have complete confidence

Wong: Yes. I’m certain I can trust in my companions. 

Prarim: And you, Taven and Sahim of the Hawlat - have these Federation officers shown themselves to be true allies?

Taven: Response

Sahim: :: blushing a little :: Yes,... with all my being, I'll put my life in the hands of this one.

Prarim: Then, it is my great honour to formally illuminate this ordained friendship. May it shine ever brighter!


The applause was , small we say, dignified and short. The Federation had gained a new ally and friend. Not bad for a first mission…now was the hard part, seeking out Lieutenant Wong…




Lt. Commander John Marcus Carter

Second Officer

Amity Outpost












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