Ensign Kivik: Brainstorming

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Nov 15, 2021, 4:26:50 PM11/15/21
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((The Basement - Science & Research, Amity Outpost))


Ensign Kivik had just unloaded nir grav sled of scanning equipment from the train after the brief voyage aboard the Yosemite Sam. The scans had proven more fruitful than ne had hoped - but still, it was going to take more time to reach conclusions with the relatively-simple data they had obtained. Still - it beat using a nucleonic beam scan and starting a diplomatic incident!


As ne travelled down the hall (at roughly the speed of the grav-sled), Kivik heard a train arriving in the station and turned to see who had arrived. Ne smiled to see her friends, Scotty and Bec - as well as an operations officer ne was not familiar with. All the same, ne thought the Lieutenant’s face was familiar.


oO Perhaps ne served aboard the Veritas previously. Oo


Ariadust: Response 


Reade: Well, let's see what we can do. I think we could mimic the drones to display a certain behavior, but I am open to some other ideas as well. 


Iko: I like those ideas... Oh Kiv, hi ::frantic wave to Kivik who is some distance away:: the commander wants us to find a way of making some toy-like things for the creatures. got any ideas?


Kivik halted the grav-sled temporarily and walked back towards the arriving group, reducing the shouting distance as the two groups came together.


Kivik: Bec, Scotty - good to see you both. ::Thinking for a moment:: I take it you’re referring to Hawlat’s Angels, right? ::Putting a hand to nir chin, contemplatively:: Interesting. Why don’t you come with me to the lab. I need to drop off this equipment and run some scans. They may be useful in the development of this solution. ::To Ariadust:: Greetings, by the way. I’m Ensign Kivik.


Ariadust: Response 


Kivik nodded. Yes, that name did ring a bell. Lieutenant Ariadust must have served aboard the Veritas. The Ensign put it aside. Familiarity could wait for later. For now, the science officer waved for the others to follow and they proceeded down the hall, grav-sled of equipment in tow, towards the lab.


Reade: Hey Roomy! I hope all is well. Got any ideas for this? 


Iko: ::grinning:: This might be a stretch, but I think it would be fun...


Ariadust: Response


Kivik: Well, there’s a lot to take in. We’ve got to be considerate of a number of factors here. Before we get carried away generating ideas, we might benefit from comparing notes (so to speak) and figuring out what information we have available to us.


With that, they arrived at the lab. The doors slid open and the group entered. Kivik immediately got to work unloading the equipment from the sled and began running a preliminary analysis on the computer.


Reade: I agree. I think we should jot down some ideas and see what we can come up with. 


Iko: ::walking over to a nearby replicator:: sheet of A-three paper, and ink markers, all different colours.


Bec took the replicated materials and placed them on a nearby bench, which everyone soon gathered around.


Iko: ::smiling, holding out the pot of markers:: now, what colour would you like? let's cover this paper with ideas.


Kivik smiled at the security officer’s suggestion. It had been a long time since ne had actually used paper and ink to brainstorm - though there was something to be said for the cognitive benefits of tactile experience.


Kivik: ::Indicating nir uniform:: I suppose I’d best take blue.


Ariadust: Response


Reade: Aye, lets do this. 


Scotty jotted down some ideas and watched as the other did the same, he spoke about a thing he had been thinking about. 


Reade: Kivik, what do you think the scientific properties are for the mo-mo’s? 


Kivik: ::Looking at Reade quizzically:: Well, as an anthropologist, I’d recommend against calling them “mo-mo’s.” I’m not sure the Hawlat appreciate that particular epithet. As a biologist, I’d have to say they’re rather unique. Space born creatures are a rarity and many rely on unique forms of energy metabolism. In the.. ::pausing as ne realized ne also did not have a name to call them by:: ..Angels’ case, they seem to ingest nebulous gasses and plasmas and convert them into a sort of soft carapace that protects them from the harsh environment of open space.


Reade: I see, do we think we could take this edit of mine?


Kivik looked at Scotty’s work. It was straightforward and rather mechanical, as one might expect from an Engineer, but he seemed to have a decent understanding of the creatures’ physical properties.


Kivik: I think there’s room for biological elaboration, but you’ve got all the basics. Certainly enough to work off for now, if our goal is to find some sort of mechanised ‘lure’ or ‘distraction’ for them. Perhaps we can incorporate replicator technology to produce novel gasses and plasmas that might entice the Angels?


Reade: Oh, that is a great idea. What have you::pointing towards notes:: jotted down?


Kivik motioned to Lt. Ariadust to speak first, who ne expected would have suggestions related to the devices as well.


Ariadust: Response 


Kivik: That makes sense to me. If we’re able to find a way to reliably keep ahead of the Angels’ movements and avoid the drones being ‘swamped’, that could work. Perhaps you and Lt. Reade could start sketching out what the device might look like? ::To Bec:: I’m sure I can concoct some ‘plasma-smoothies’ that might draw the creatures… did you notice any other behaviours we might be able to work off of?


Iko: Response


Reade: I think could work, I think we need to try this in a holodeck? Maybe that could give us a better grasp? What do you guys think? 


Kivik: That makes sense to me. ::Motioning to the papers:: Now that we’ve got some ideas down, we can see how they might work ‘in action.’ My molecular analyses should be done now. I’ll get started on some “recipes” for these Angel smoothies as we go.


Iko/Ariadust: Response 


Reade: How is this? 


Kivik: Looks like a good jumping off point. ::Grabbing nir PADD:: What say we head to the holodeck and start getting our hands dirty?


Iko/Ariadust/Reade: Response




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