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Nov 7, 2021, 6:13:06 PM11/7/21
to 'L B' via Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Conference Room- Amity Outpost ))


Prarim: Perhaps there is a way. ::Looking at the others again:: We do not know you and, to speak plainly, we do not trust you. As far as the Hawlat are concerned, the Angels are in their rightful place and any further provocation may stand as testament to the empiricism of the Federation – however, our people may yet find common pasture. If you truly wish to forge a Bond of Faith with us, that we might take you at your word, I urge you to engage with our practices and prove your worthiness before the Angels’ judgment. ::With a knowing look to Taven:: I invoke The Ritual of Trust.

J. Carter: This…Ritual Of Trust…I think we would all like to know more about it.

Orrey: That was something you did leave out of your descriptions of your practices.

John wasn’t exactly sure where this was headed, but going down this path was the best way, at least for now…

Daniels: Response 

 McLaren: What is the Ritual of Trust? I have not heard of that before. 

 Taven: The… Circle of Luminaries will meet and determine which of you deserve the right to the ritual.

 Prarim: The Acolyte speaks truth. I will meet with my fellows once we conclude this discussion and commune with the Angels to uncover the Great Spirit’s determination. ::To Carter:: This meeting may be held publicly, if that is the Federation’s preference. ::To the rest:: For those among you willing to put your names forth, the Ritual of Trust involves a sacred act - the sharing of Angel’s Milk - Hawlat and Federation shall both partake and the challenge shall unfold before them. They must work together to interpret the visions granted them by the Angels and overcome any ‘obstacles’ they face... In so doing, they shall prove that we may trust one another under the vigilance of the Great Spirit.

The happiness of the Luminary was indeed making John a little apprehensive. This was sounding more and more like a vision quest undertaken by Native Americans. The question foremost in his mind now was this Angel’s Milk like peyote. If it was, he could survive it, crazy visions included. Of course, he could back off, but absolutely he dismissed that idea. The Federation, and Starfleet, were there to lead, to listen, to understand, and partaking in this ritual, while unconventional, was part of the deal…and he also knew that he was going to be the one who took the Angel’s Milk. Prarim spoke…

Prarim: ::To Carter:: There is no need to put forth names now. We’ll give you time to decide amongst yourselves who wishes to partake. While we wait, we will determine our Hawlat representative.

J.Carter: As the senior Starfleet officer here, I have decided that I shall be the one who will partake of the Angel’s Milk…

Vataix/Daniels: Responses

McLaren: Interesting, guess I would need to see this ritual. 

Orrey: So while we await that outcome ::He turned his attention toward the other end of the table.:: Is this currently the only mining operation you have going on?

 McLaren: At the moment yes, but there are many more starting soon. I can provide you with a list if you like?

J. Carter: That would be a prudent suggestion…

The only way to keep the channel of communications open was to be completely open to their current guests.

Vataix/Daniels: Responses

Orrey: Can you explain a little about the methods you are using? Perhaps our geologist can make some other suggestions.

 McLaren: I do not have all the details here at the moment, but I can set up a meeting with you Ms. Aleksandrov? 

 Aleksandrov: Of course, Ms. McLaren. I am sure we have a lot to talk about.

Prarim: I’d ask that you send the relevant details to my people as well. While we have no ‘geologists’ among us, some are more technically-minded than myself. I believe you’ve been meeting with Sahim. She may be able to understand these details about mining practices better than I.

J. Carter: That should not be a problem.

Vataix/Daniels/Taven: Responses

McLaren: Does this work for you Ambassador?

Vataix/Daniels: Responses

 McLaren: Dr. Orrey, and Commander Carter, if you do not mind I would like to know when you have another meeting with the Halwat.

J. Carter::nodding:: Not a problem with that.

 Orrey: Response

Prarim: The Light of the Great Spirit shines upon us all, Ms. McClaren. You’re welcome to join our discussions, so long as you keep your mind and heart open.

Aleksandrov: And on you, Luminary. 

J. Carter: I believe we have made great progress in understanding between us, and that understanding will only become deeper as we continue down the path.

Daniels/Keehani/Orrey/Vataix: Responses

McLaren: Thank You

Aleksandrov: Ms. McLaren, if you would let me know when you wish to meet?

J. Carter: Allow me to get a status report from the Independence- B on their progress. We’ll reconvene in say, eight hours?

McLaren/ Daniels/Keehani/Orrey/Vataix: Responses


Lt. Commander John Marcus Carter

 Acting First Officer

 Amity Outpost

















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