Lt. Ceciri Ariadust - Wild Piloting

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Koihime Nakamura

Dec 6, 2021, 2:11:36 AM12/6/21
to Amity Outpost
((Transporter Pad - Yosemite “Sam”, Talon Class Scout))

As Scotty was preparing to look at Jones, his combadge chipped, with Keehani Ukinix’s voice from Amity coming through, while Bec removed her helmet. as the conversation continued, she started pacing.

Keehani: =/\= Amity to scout Yosemite. =/\=

Reade =/\= This is Scotty, what can I do you First Secretary Ukinx?=/\=

Keehani: =/\= You should know we have begun a plan to herd a mass of Stellae, over a thousand, away from Amity Outpost, first using Work Bees followed by auxiliary craft.  We’re hopeful the plan will be successful, but you may want to look out for a large amount of Stellae on your return. =/\=

Reade: =/\= Acknowledged, thanks for the heads up=/\=

Keehani: =/\= Ambassador Vataix has requested an update.  What’s your status? =/\=

Reade: =/\= We have separated into two teams. Jones was injured while trying to transport the Angel out from the trapped machine. Currently me, Lt. Ariadust, and Ensign Iko are onboard the Sam and stabilizing Jones and heading back towards Amity. While Lt.Wong, Ensign Kivik and Thompkins are going to stabilize the Angel and contain her. I will provide more update as needed, Scotty out =/\=

Keehani: =/\= Response =/\=

Reade: I have got him stable for now, shall we head back to Amity?

Ceciri felt vaguely that she could have helped rather than Reade take on everything himself, but she just mentally shrugged. She wasn't needed here.. entirely. Like always.

.oO Note to self, consider seeing one of the counselors about this. Oo. Ceciri was probably just imagining things as always. Besides, she was needed to get them back, wasn't she? Especially with that herd..

Iko: And transport Jones to their sickbay.

Reade: I think that makes sense, shall I get some plasma ready to vent, just in case we come across the Stella horde on the way back to the station?

Jones: Response

Iko: perhaps venting plasma before we get there somehow?

Ariadust: Response

Reade: Copy, I modify a small torpedo and launch it like a plasma mine? Should keep them distracted?

Wow, they moved fast. Too fast. Ceciri rather thought that was a terrible idea.

Iko: if not, we'll know.

Ariadust: I wouldn't. The torpedo can be modified to spill plasma, sure, but it's just as likely to detonate and explode the plasma, and with that many moving lifesigns, I do *not think* spooking the Stellae is a good idea.

Jones/Reade: Response

Iko: I'm fine, you shouldn't have to worry about me right now.

Ariadust: You really should relax. ::Ceciri's mouth was full of that acrid taste, and couple that with the weirdness of the Staelle just causing her mouth to taste in a way she could not define and wasn't sure she liked:: If you run yourself into the Temple of Storms, you may never emerge. ::Ceciri was already piloting her way back to Amity, and took a glance at the field that the workbees were working to get up.:: Besides.. this is going to be a rough ride if we're to get him in close range.

Ceciri had glanced at those readings, and while Jones was stabilized, he needed proper aid fast. Not to mention she needed him off the runabout before she could start assisting.

Jones/Reade: Response 

Iko: Whats our ETA to amity?

Ariadust: 3 minutes. And that's because we're about to do something that will either get us there in time for treatment, or on the Plinth of the Honored. Please put very secure restraints on the patient and then activate your seat restraints. ::Ceciri suited words to action. She suspected this was going to be a very wild ride::

Jones/Reade: Response 

Iko: Sorry.

Ceciri was .. Okay, look, she had once been like this. Before she left her third year as a cadet. Any ensign this nervous and anxious, was NOT someone who should be in active duty out here. Granted, it wasn't hers to know why, but she was at a loss as to why this ensign hadn't been assigned on a medium risk tour to get her used to space and develop her confidence, rather than throwing her on the deep end.

And frankly, it was her job to help her now. Which Ceciri would have appreciated if she wasn't navigating through a chaos that reminded her of the optional challenge exams. The field was activating, and while it was driving the Stellae away from the regions, the fact it was activating and them being herded meant that the arrival path she needed to take was straight through a herd stampeding from the station to the juvenile, spooked somewhat by the fields.

.oO I do not envy Kirik and Wong. Oo.

Jones/Reade: Response 

Iko: I don't really know what for, just sorry....

Ariadust: Deep breaths. Focus on your job now. I need you to monitor the sensors, and warn me if we're nearing a cluster of biosigns. Reade, if you can make sure the engines and shields keep operating, that would be appreciated, we're about to bump up the runabout.

Reade/Jones/Iko: (if any) Responses

Ceciri more or less didn't hear them, as she changed the frequency of the plasma - to one that was distinctly far away from the optimal KIRA ones. With the blessing of the fairies, they would just be seen as a moving obstacle rather than something to play with.

And, at first, it seemed to work, as Ceciri began to spin the ship, use thrusters for rapid movement, the entire gambit from Piloting 460. So far, so good. But then she saw a bloom on sensors, as the photonic field really got going, and the Staelle.. got agitated. And the *Yosemite* was in the middle of the pack.

Ceciri spent all of her focus moving the ship, upside down and all around, even more vicious turns when required, and she could hear the bumps on the shields, which began to sing their shrill song of warning. They were probably only halfway through, but she knew she couldn't turn back. This wasn't piloting 460, this was the optional Piloting 520 seminar, where you were asked to match your abilities against Starfleet's best across it's history, and it's component services before the formation of Starfleet.

A seminar she had attempted twice, and not entirely succeeded at, to be fair, but Ceciri was one for a challenge.

Reade/Jones/Iko: (if any) Responses

.oO That, and I don't think any other path would have been safe from the mining rig, either. Oo.

The stray thought escaped her, but she had to glue her attention to the screen, the controls, the tractor beams she had resorted to propel or brake more sharply than what the engine could give her, the slight surge in weirdness warning her almost preternaturally, the always beeping proximity alarm gaining in tone as the mass near them increased and decreasing as the mass decreased, the whine and sounds of the SIF.. that was her entire foci now, and why some Starfleet pilots never left shuttles, where such a focus was even possible.

Reade/Jones/Iko: (if any) Responses

This was almost entirely successfully, but just as they were about to get hit by a wall, she spotted a workbee sit up a drone, and between the sudden change of direction, and the lock on of tractor beams to the station, the runabout emerged into near Amity space in a wild spiral that she brought to a control and a stop relative to the station. The field looked to be very stable by now, with almost no Staelle in near-space.

Ariadust: =/\= Yosemite to Amity Operations. ::Ceciri's voice was dry, contained.:: We have a patient here for transport, and I would request orders to aid in the effort. =/\=

Reade/Jones/Iko: (if any) Responses

Amity: =/\= ? =/\=

Lt. Ceciri Ariadust
Helm Officer
Amity Outpost
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