Ensign Kivik: Welcome Wagon

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Keegan Flick-Parker

Oct 16, 2021, 7:17:46 AM10/16/21
to Amity Outpost

((OOC: A friendly reminder that, as a J’naii, Kivik is ungendered and uses the pronouns ne/nem/nir in place of he/him/his. They/them pronouns are also ok, if you aren’t sure.))

((Amity Outpost - Habitat Ring))

Ensign Kivik walked to the turbolift already buzzing with excitement! The moment ne had heard that there was to be a festival - a chance to really see what Amity and its denizens had to offer - the junior science officer could barely contain themselves.

J’naii was an isolated world, cut off from the rest of galactic civilization on the edge of the Alpha Quadrant. Kivik had always been keenly interested in other cultures and now, ne had the opportunity to really experience them firsthand. The Shoals had been interesting, but this was the Delta Quadrant. There were strange new worlds to explore and new civilizations to seek out!

oO And of course, to really understand a culture, one must sample their cuisine! Oo Kivik thought, smiling as ne considered the myriad desserts that surely would be on offer.

In fact, ne was so distracted thinking about how ne could go for a hot cup of Jibrore, that ne barely avoided a head on collision with…

Kivik: I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you there, Lieuten-

It suddenly struck Kivik that the figure standing in the elevator was not Lieutenant Ikaia Wong. In fact, now that ne had a second to look at the person ne had just about run into, they really looked almost nothing alike - save for the forehead ridges! 

oO We have a new Klingon?! Oo

Iko: Response.

Kivik: ::A little flustered:: Ah, yes - my apologies Ensign. For a moment I mistook you for somebody else… I’m Ensign Kivik. You must be a new member of the Amity crew?

Iko: Response.

Ne stepped aside and let the Ensign exit the turbolift - but now nir curiosity about the newcomer was getting the best of them. Certainly, the festival could wait a few minutes!

Kivik: Well then, let me be among the first to say, “Welcome Aboard!” Have you gotten settled in yet?

Iko: Response.

Kivik: I see! Well, the station is huge compared to what most of us are used to - there’s certainly a lot to see! ::Looking at Iko with a playful grin:: Say - have you heard about the Festival being held on the Grand Mezzanine? It’d be a great chance to take in the sights and meet some of the folks that call Amity home! I was just on my way there now… If you like, we could go together?

Iko: Response.


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