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Ka Banning

Nov 4, 2021, 9:37:24 PM11/4/21

((Conference Room B4, Level 13, Copernicus Centre - Amity Outpost))

Ikaia took one last look at Kivik and nodded to nem.

Wong: See you on the shuttle.

Kivik: Responses

And with the conclusion of the meeting, Ikaia had his own prep work to do and reports to file. But he couldn’t help but to feel the situation tug at his heart a little both as a Hawaiian and as a medical officer. Somewhere, there had to be a fair compromise. Of the two options, Ikaia was a decent hand at finding the third option and putting that on the table for everyone. He was the ideas guy. He only hoped that this time there was a fair third option he could bring to the table. But he’d only know for sure by getting out into the field.

((Section Alpha, Shuttlebay))

The two Talon class scout vessels, the Yosemite (which had affectionally been nicknamed the “Yosemite Sam” by some of the crew) and the Daintree, stood side by side.  Keehani came to understand that both were named after significant natural parks on Earth.

Ikaia had one more look at the shuttles. He was familiar with the Yosemite Sam. He had been out in it before with Mclaren and Katsim to check out the benemite fields. This time, he was going to be the one flying. He still disliked flying. But he has gotten better about it.

Keehani: ::Gesturing, smiling, cordial tone::  After you.

Ikaia hung back a little just to make sure Sahim got in safely.

Wong: Watch your step. Sometimes the first step can trip you up.

Ikaia entered afterwards. He was certain everyone else would be okay.

Sahim/Suribana/Kivik/Keehani: Responses

He walked into the cockpit and sat down at the controls. Once everyone was safely seated, the Yosemite Sam took off and made its way out of the shuttle bay.

((Cockpit - Yosemite “Yosemite Sam” - Angel Grazing Site))

The Yosemite drifted into the Angel grazing site. Colourful gases graced the area in its wonderful technicolour. Stars were as far as the eye could see. Large creatures, the Angels, floated in space as if it were water. Their manatee-like bodies swam and moved about gracefully. Aurora-like tendrils trailing along behind them adding to the colourful display. 

The shuttle came to a stop just outside the grazing area to avoid scaring the creatures. Ikaia was in awe at what he saw beyond the cockpit windows. It was times like these he couldn’t help but to take in the absolute wonder in what he was seeing.

Wong: Wow…. they’re beautiful….. 

The name “Angel” seemed to be a well deserved one from what Ikaia was seeing.

Sahim/Suribana/Kivik/Keehani: Responses

The Angels swam about outside finding new gasses to graze off of. Their movements were  playful and graceful. 

He finally looked over at his team.

Wong: Alright. So we’re far enough away so we shouldn’t scare them. Let’s take our scans and start our observations. See what we can learn about these creatures.

Sahim/Suribana/Kivik/Keehani: Responses

Wong: Kivik, Suribana, see if you can get your equipment set up, alright? Let’s see what data we can capture here. 

Sahim/Suribana/Kivik/Keehani: Responses

Lieutenant Ikaia Wong PA-C

Chief Medical Officer

Amity Outpost


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