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Nov 24, 2021, 3:27:20 PM11/24/21
(OOC: apologies for the delay in simming, physical and mental health aren't great and work and uni is just very full on. Things should get better soon.) 

((Chief of Mission's Office, Copernicus Center, Amity Outpost))

When the door chimed and the assistant to the deputy chief of mission and counselor for cultural and press affairs walked in, Rivi smiled. She'd yet to really get to know the man and was looking forward to what he could contribute to helping defuse the tense situation.

Vataix: Mr. Daniels, thank you for coming.

Daniels: Hello Ma'am. It's lovely to see you again. How can I help?

Vataix: As you know with the Hawlat situation, we have quite the delicate diplomatic situation at hand. I need your help along with Dr. Orrey on learning more about the Hawlat pilgrims.

Daniels: I see. May I ask your impressions so far? I find it interesting to see what everyone thinks before I start weigh in.

Vataix: Luminary Prarim is certainly passionate about his beliefs, and I admire him for that. But I was most impressed that he was open to learning more about us and inviting us into this ritual.

Keehani: I was in the second meeting with Sahim, to discuss the logistics of scanning the Angels. I don’t think she shares the same, let’s say “passion” as Prarim but there is still devotion.

Daniels: I see so there is a variance within the population. Then again I guess that is to be expected across any population. 

Keehani: ::To Carter:: What are your impressions of them?

Daniels: Well personally I find them fascinating. They show signs of the early established beliefs of civilisations on earth and some of the religious practice of pilgrimage and signs from the Gods as well. The beginnings of religions such as Christianity relied upon these beliefs and signs, the star with the gifts from the wise men, marking of the stable alongside the songs and messages from the angles. It seems to be this also follows a more spiritual line such as the Native Americans and their culture however I do not know much about this. I wonder how it will be presented by media. It is easy to insult something or judge something that isn't understood.  

Keehani: ::Hand wave:: Allow me to handle the news media. I have already given a quick statement to Mr. Summerside. I have sent a direction to all diplomatic staff to be aware that for him any conversation is “on the record.”

Vataix: Yes, we need to make sure the press doesn't get ahead of us on this situation and that we present a united message from the Federation Diplomatic Corps.

Daniels: Agreed. Religious practices have far too often throughout history been misrepresented or distorted by the media. 

Keehani: Moving the creatures to another safe location, and using a technological solution to keep them there without harming them or interrupting mining operations, I think would be best for everyone. I would suggest proactively offering the Hawlats something that benefits them, with no questions asked, to show that we are serious about diplomatic relations. That is what the Federation does.

Vataix: Mr. Daniels, whatever we can learn more about Hawlat and their history in this quadrant I think would be helpful. More about their society and culture...

Daniels: Indeed. I'd like to talk with them. Maybe prepare a cultural exchange. 

Vataix: What do you suggest?

Daniels: Well I was thinking about asking them to show me, if they were willing how they worshiped, anything they wanted really, foods, cooking methods, stories. Everything can help build a picture of beliefs and attitudes. It's just making sure it's done on terms they are happy with. 

Vataix/Keehani: Response

Daniels: If I could send a message to the Luminaries, asking for education and teaching in all and any areas they are willing. Show an openness to learn with no conditions attached so that

A comm badge chimed and Carter stopped. 

Ukinix: =/\= Ukinix to Vataix. Ambassador, you might want to look out of your windows to the top of the mezzanine. =/\=

Carter stopped mid sentence and slowly made his way over to look out a window. He couldn't believe what he was seeing before him. 

Vataix:=/\= Response =/\=

Carter looked around to those around him. 

Daniels: This might be a slight issue. Have we discovered if they are a herding species or not? Just well ::he paused:: it could solve the miners problem. Although ::he trailed off hoping the others would understand his concern::

Vataix/Keehani: Response 

Carter Daniels 

Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Mission

Amity Outpost


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