PNPC Lt. Commander Katy Toliver," Roundup!"

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Dec 5, 2021, 9:24:28 PM12/5/21
to 'L B' via Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Work Bee 17 – Outside Amity Outpost ))


It had been awhile since Katy flew anything, but when the call came that they needed pilots for the work bees to gently herd the Angels, Katy couldn’t help herself but to go and assist. With the First Officer heading up this round up, this was going to be...interesting indeed. Add the fact that she had already done all the decorating of her office she had planned to do, at least for now…


Although her fear of being at a space station still gnawed at her, Katy locked it away. She was here, on the edge of known space, on the doorstep of no doubt fantastic opportunity…and also indescribable peril. Two sides of the same coin, and she knew the day would come when the bad guys would come knocking…however, today was not that day. For the sake of a new friendship, a new ally, she was out here, in a work bee, clad in an unflattering EV suit, herding space faring creatures under the gaze of those who follow them.


The comm chatter had been steady, with the work bees forming up to do the patient job of gently herding the thousand plus creatures off somewhere else. She had seen old vids of cowboys herding cattle on Earth, with one particular song:


Just then, her comm came on…


Any: response




PNPC Lt. Commander Katy Toliver




Amity Outpost




As simmed by:


Lt. Commander John Marcus Carter


Second Officer


Amity Outpost












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