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Dec 11, 2021, 11:32:24 PM12/11/21

((Ikaia’s Quarters - San Francisco Bay District - Amity Outpost))

Ikaia often questioned how he manages to get into these situations. The bruises he had gotten from being knocked around by the Stellae ran all along his left side from his shoulder down to his thigh. He was lucky that this was all he walked out with. In fact, everyone managed to have walked out of this situation alive. Seeing Kivik injured in the way that ne has was enough to send chills down Ikaia’s spine. That could have gone so horribly wrong. It made him start to question himself. Were any of the choices he has made the right ones? Could he have prevented more people getting harmed? 

Could have he done better for his team?

He continued to run the dermal regenerator over his thigh allowing himself to be lost in his own thoughts.

His own doubts.

The only thing that had snapped him out of it was a ping on his PADD. He stopped and put the dermal regenerator down only to pick up the PADD. He read it over a few times to take in what was being said.

Turns out the Hawlat had taken him up on volunteering himself. However, instead of it being in Carter’s place, it was alongside him. Now THAT was unexpected. Ikaia raised an eyebrow at this. He saw the line “wear your dress whites” come up in the message. Looks like this has become a much bigger event than it was before.

He really wasn’t sure if he should be honoured or VERY worried.

((Grand Mezzanine, Amity Outpost))

Ikaia smoothed out his dress uniform again one more time. His left side, though no longer bruised, still ached. Although, he was certain that was going to clear up in a few days time. The person he found himself standing next to, Carter, had added to his nervousness. It wasn’t that long ago that they had attempted this Ritual a first time and it had gone disastrously. Carter had said some things that brought about his ill ease last time. He remembered being very glad to be out of that conference room. Although, that didn’t last when he found himself getting roughed up by space borne life.

Bringing forth the vials of Angel’s Milk, Prarim set them upon the dais and stood over them, arms outstretched and face up to the glass ceiling - and beyond, the nebula where a new preserve had been established in the light of cooperation.

Prarim: Mu’ulahati… Hawlahanae… We are brought together by the paths of the divine, whose guidance - infinitely wise - shall shine brightly upon our spirit of trust. By this ritual shall we remove all shadow of doubt from this bond and allow it to flourish. ::To Wong and Carter:: Step forward, please.

Amity's two representatives, Lt. Commander John Carter and Lieutenant Ikaia Wong, were standing nearby in their dress uniforms and then stepped forward after the Hawlat gestured to them to come forward.

Ikaia swallowed hard as he stepped forward.

Prarim: The Federation, newcomers to the pasturelands of the Delta Quadrant, but eager to make friends. You have shown yourselves to be honest and reliable friends and resourceful allies. We are grateful for all you have done for us, and for your patience. Please, identify yourselves under the light of the Great Spirit and recite your pledges.

Each would have their own pledge - a brief testament to their intentions in the Ritual ahead.

Carter: Response

Wong: My name is Lieutenant Ikaia Wong. The Chief Medical Officer here at Amity. Both my profession as a healer and my home of Hawai’i inform my intentions. I intend to help where it’s needed; to demonstrate my aloha, my love and compassion for others be they for my ohana or those outside of it, in everything I do. To ease suffering where it exists and to place the saving of life above myself. To act in the greater good for everyone.

Prarim smiled as the Starfleet officers offered their words. He felt their spirits were genuine, if nervous. Understandable, given the importance of this Rite to his people - and to the continued stability of their treaty agreement.

Prarim: Acolyte Taven, Pilgrim Sahim. As the Federation has put forth two representatives, so too shall the Hawlat. ::Motioning:: Will you please step forward as well and recite your pledges.

Taven: Response

Sahim: Response

Prarim held his arms wide, his green cloak hanging dramatically by his sides.

Prarim: Mu’ulahati… Hawlahanae… Trust of the Hawlat. It is not easily won, but it shines eternal. ::Providing guidance to the participants:: You may each drink of your vials. Let the light guide you to a partner and press your brows together. The Milk shall allow for connection, as it strips away all distractions.

Ikaia found himself across from Sahim again. He nodded to her. Looking over the vial in his hands again. He steeled himself for this moment. He knew what was contained within the drink. The effects on humans were well documented. Klingons, not so much. Sure. The redundant organs of his would function to protect him from harm. But as for the effects and their aftermath? He was less sure about that.

oOWell. Bottoms up.Oo

And with that, Ikaia took a drink from the vial. It was thick and coated his mouth and throat as it slid its way down. Not exactly a pleasant feeling. 

Wong: Wait…. When is this supposed to—- ahhhh shluhp…..

It didn’t take long for the sensation to hit him. He felt reality start to slip away. The world around him felt dream-like and surreal. He could hear the ocean. The waves crashed against the shore. But he heard no birds. No wind. He could smell the salt. But there was something else here with him that wasn’t Hawlat. 

Something old. Ancient.

Spectral sharks swam around his ankles. Their semi-transparent blue bodies reminded him of constellations. He knew what these were. ‘Aumākua. The spirits of past ancestors in the forms of sharks. Guardians and healers. While the Angels were sacred to the Hawlat, the ‘aumākua and sharks were absolutely sacred to him. They were here for a reason. Somewhere in this landscape, he could see Sahim. No longer sitting so closely together. But still standing on the same beach together.

((OOC: Feel free to add anything you’d like here, Sahim! I’ll fill out more as needed!))

Eventually, the vision would come to pass and Ikaia found himself back in the Mezzanine. Only this time, he felt tired and very hungry with one massive headache. The vision may have been intense and short lived (Although, it felt longer). But coming down from this wasn’t a fun experience.

As they paired up, Prarim knew the effects of the Milk would happen quickly. It would be mere minutes to the observer, but to the participants, it may feel as if hours had passed. Each pair would find themselves linked in a trial - unique to their experiences - which they would face together. These trials of the spirit would require cooperation and faith to overcome. Only then would their true sight return.

Carter/Taven/Sahim: Response

One by one, the participants opened their eyes and, blinking, returned to the ‘real world’. Prarim smiled as they ‘returned’, each of them clearly moved by their shared experiences - though with such complex emotions on their faces, Prarim attempted not to interpret them. He knew that each, in time, would grow to deeper understanding.

Prarim: Your journeys are complete. Tell us - Commander Carter and Lieutenant Wong of the Federation - have you unwavering trust in your Hawlat companions?

Carter: Response

Wong: Yes. I’m certain I can trust in my companions. 

Prarim: And you, Taven and Sahim of the Hawlat - have these Federation officers shown themselves to be true allies?

Taven: Response

Sahim: Response

Prarim: Then, it is my great honour to formally illuminate this ordained friendship. May it shine ever brighter!

Any: Response

With the ritual concluded, Rivi stepped forward to Prarim and the other Hawlat.

Vataix: Thank you for letting us take part and witness that beautiful tradition.

Prarim: And thank you, Ambassador, for having the open mindedness to allow it. It is a rare quality, your Federation embodies - and one which is most welcome.

Vataix: I do not know where your journeys may take you next, but please, consider Amity your home for however long you wish to stay and whenever you wish to return.

Prarim nodded, bowing ever so slightly in appreciation and reverence.

Prarim: You are most gracious. We are called to follow the Angels wherever they shall lead - but for now, it seems as though we shall call this Nebula home. ::With a look towards Wil Ukinix:: We shall have much to discuss, Emissary, in the days ahead! ::Back to Vataix:: Ambassador, we are honored to declare ourselves your trusting friends.

Vataix nodded and smiled as she and Prarim bowed their heads towards one another before she looked over at the crew--her crew.

As for Ikaia, his mind swirled with thoughts. Things both liberating and weights that felt like he was being held down by. He had a lot to work through. This was the first mission he’s had where he has led something in an official capacity. Not as part of an accident or circumstance. He had a lot to think about.

And perhaps a large plate of furikake fries to demolish later.

Lieutenant Ikaia Wong PA-C

Chief Medical Officer

Amity Outpost


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