Ensign Kivik: One Angel To Beam Up

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Ensign Kivik

Nov 30, 2021, 5:37:04 PM11/30/21
to Amity Outpost

((Shuttlecraft Yosemite, Poseidon Mining Rig))

Kivik: As much as I hate to say this, Lieutenant - I think I should come along as well. If I can get close to the creature, I might be able to place some pattern enhancers that will allow us to safely transport it out of the rig once we free it from the cabling…

Reade: I have completed modifying the drone, it should be good to go

Ariadust: Response

Wong: If we go through with this plan, I know this is tense. Especially for a first mission. Ensign Iko. However, I can come with you to help. Just know that we will have your back.

Iko: Just don't trust everything I say ::nervous chuckle::

Kivik: You’ll do fine, Bec. Just remember your training and you’ll be fine.

Reade: You got this Bec, just remember we are all here. If you need help please ask. 

Wong: Lieutenant Ariadust, how are things looking on your end? 

Ariadust: Response

Iko: How close are we to the mining rig?

Kivik: About as close as we can get.

Reade: All ship systems are good, this is the close we can get her

Wong: Excellent. Thanks for doing this.

Ariadust: Response

Iko: can we get a lock?

Kivik: There’s simply too much interference to beam it out if it’s caught up in anything. We might end up incorporating other materials into the transporter pattern - and that’s a whole mess we don’t want to get into, least of all with the Hawlat watching our every move. This is going to take a gentle touch.

Reade: I agree, we have not even tested our transporters on these creatures before, so I am not sure if it would cause some issues with the buffer or pattern, we really need to play it safe. 

Wong: And we know so little about them in general. So hopefully, we’re able to pull this off.

Ariadust: Response

Iko: ::sigh:: plan B?

Kivik: Unfortunately, I have to agree with Lieutenant Wong’s directive. We’ll attempt to calm the creature by feeding it with the drone - Reade, do you think you can get it close enough? Meanwhile, Lieutenant Ariadust can keep the rest of the Stellae swarm at bay. oO I hope. Oo Wong, Iko, and I will take EV suits and.. ::feeling slightly short of breath:: ..go free the creature from the rig.

Reade: Aye, I can get the drone in pretty close. I will radio you guys once I have got its attention. 

Wong: Thank you, Lieutenant.

Iko: we all ready?

Ariadust: Response

Kivik: ::Nervously:: Okay, then… Time to shine. 

The science officer removed a pack of pattern enhancers that were stowed beside the transporter pad, located just aft of the flight deck. With the plan taking shape, Kivik turned and began walking towards the rear of the vessel, where the airlock and EV suits were located. 

Kivik: ::To Wong: Lieutenant, I’m sorry if I spoke over you. Was there anything else you wanted to discuss?

Wong: Actually, I already covered it when I brought up the plan and the Hawlat people paying very close attention to us. So you’re entirely okay in my books. That said….

Wong: You’re doing a good job, Kivik. Don’t forget it.

Kivik: I’ll keep that in mind.

Reade: Alright, the drone has been deployed. Waiting on you guys. 

Iko: getting suited up now.

Ariadust: Response?

Wong: Alright. One key thing here - since the Hawlat ARE watching us, we can’t take anything out that looks like a phaser to cut the cables. They might take just the appearance of them the wrong way. Fortunately, I do have laser scalpels that have the strength and depth to be able to cut something as thick as those cables quickly.

Reade: Good Luck all! 

Iko: You too Scotty and Airadust!

Ariadust: Response

Wong: Thank you. ::A smile:: Today’s your lucky day! We get to save a life!

((The Chute - Poseidon Mining Rig))

In their freshly-donned EV suits, Kivik, Wong, and Iko stepped onto the Yosemite’s small transporter pad and beamed out of the ship to the chute where the Stellae juvenile was trapped. As the light enveloped the science officer, ne took one more deep breath in, as if about to jump into a pool of water. Ne knew it was silly, but somehow it just helped nem feel better.

As they rematerialized at the entrance to the chute, Kivik was momentarily disoriented. Aboard the shuttle, one could discern ‘up’ from ‘down’ - artificial though the directions may have been - but in space… there was nothing to ‘grab onto’.

Wong looked ahead into the chute, which vibrated slightly - presumably with the thrashings of the juvenile Stellae trapped within. The guide cables which ran the length of the chute shook, despite the incredibly high tension they would be under… oO It may be a baby but it was still a sizable creature… Oo

Wong: Now THIS is one BIG patient. ::A beat::  Alright. Please don’t forget to magnetize your boots, guys. We’re going to literally have to walk up the walls to reach the stellae.

oO Right, of course…Oo Kivik activated the magnets in nir boots and felt the devices pull nem towards the surface of the chute, a dull thud reverberating within nir suit as ne connected. It was comforting, somehow, to have something solid beneath nir feet. oO That’s better! Oo

Thompkins: =/\= Starfleet, just so you know, if you're planning on sending anyone into the conduit, Jones and I are standing by to accompany you in our own workbees. =/\=

Kivik looked around and saw, indeed, two miners approaching in their modified work bee vehicles. The Ensign was grateful - happy to accept any assistance - as ne stared into the long black tunnel ahead of them.

Wong: =/\=Thank you! Any help would be greatly appreciated. It looks like the Stellae is stuck pretty deep in this conduit and I’d rather not want us to get lost down here. =/\=

Kivik: =/\= Agreed. You’re very welcome to join us. Err.. lead us. =/\=

Thompkins: =/\= It's easy to get disoriented in there. And respectfully, with your pals back at Amity occupied by the herd, you're going to need all the help you can get right now. =/\=

Wong: =/\=I’m going to take a guess and say the situation back at Amity has gotten worse since after we left….=/\= 

Kivik: =/\= All the more reason to act quickly and get back. =/\=

At that moment, Reade’s voice cut into the chatter with an update.

Reade: =/\= Scotty to away team, the drone is in place and leaking plasma. What is your status =/\=

Wong: =/\= There’s a lot of tension over the cables. We’re going to need to lure them back a little in order to cut the lines safely.=/\=

Thompkins/Carcetti: =/\= Response =/\= 

Kivik: =/\= Scotty, why don’t you send the drone in ahead? We’re not going to have much luck down there if the Stellae is still.. oO what was the human expression? Oo ..freaking out down there. =/\=

Reade: =/\=  Acknowledged, the drone is moving to where requested. =/\= 

Wong: =/\= Think you can use the drones to lure the Stellae back a bit? We’re going to need some slack in the lines.=/\=

Wong looked back at his team.

Wong: =/\=Mister Carcetti, Mister Thompkins, can you lead the way?=/\=

Iko: =/\= getting lost in space is not on my bucket list... =/\=

Thompkins/Carcetti: =/\= Response =/\= 

Kivik watched as Thompkins’ and Carcetti’s work bees moved carefully and silently ahead of them into the chute, thankful for the dim light they gave off - which made the tunnel seem a little less threatening.

Wong motioned for his fellow officers to follow him as he started walking up the conduit. The science officer took a nervous step forward - a most unnatural motion in zero gravity. Were it not for the mag boots, nir own leg’s momentum would likely carry nem away from the ground and off into space. All the same, nir foot came down and then the next, and the next, and before ne knew it, Kivik was walking slowly after Wong into the conduit.

Reade: =/\= Away Team, the horde of Stella have come faster than we expected, be prepared to see some slight resistance. =/\=

Ikaia placed a palm on the glass of his helmet. Bec breathed a giggle.

oO And I was just beginning to think things were going to go smoothly from here on out… Oo

Wong: =/\= Reade, I will literally buy you a whole keg of beer right now for you to NOT let them do that! =/\=

Kivik: ::Attempting some humour:: =/\= Scotty’s antics are enough as is, Lieutenant. How about a nice holosuite gift card or something instead? Or flowers? Scotty, you like flowers, right? =/\=

Reade/Thompkins/Carcetti: =/\= Response =/\= 

Wong: =/\= Okay. Looks like we’re going to need to be quick and I have an idea. Mister Carcetti, Mister Thompkins, can you come here for a moment please? We’re going to need to hitch a ride. If we magentize ourselves to the outside of your Work Bee and hold on, we should be able to get to the Stellae quickly.=/\=

Kivik felt a tremor well up inside nem at the thought of it. For a moment ne was immobilized, stopping nir tracks and falling a few steps behind the others. This did not sound safe - but then, ne may have just been overestimating the risks… Then ne noticed Bec, already charging ahead towards a work bee, ready to jump on board.

oO If only I had some of Bec’s courage and Bec had some of my restraint… we’d both be perfect Ensigns… Oo

With that thought, Kivik heartened nemself and stepped forward again, standing beside Wong.

Reade/Thompkins/Carcetti: =/\= Response =/\= 

Wong: =/\=Everyone, grab your favourite Work Bee and let’s head on out!=/\=

Kivik turned to Wong and waved to get his attention, when he looked, pointed at Bec, clambering aboard the small craft already. Through the reflections on his visor, Kivik couldn’t read Wong’s expression and so, just shrugged, before heading to join Bec aboard Thompkins’ work bee.

Ne demagnetized nir boots and, using the maneuver practiced in Zero-G training, pushed off from the surface while tucking into a backwards roll. This allowed nem to reorient nir boots towards the work bee and, re-magnetizing, stick to it, feet first. Ne moved as quickly as ne could around the craft and sat atop the craft, nir feet planted firmly against the upper edge of the work bee’s viewport.

As the craft took off down the chute, Kivik watched as Bec slid from her sitting position to dangling behind the work bee. Somehow, the young security officer seemed unbothered by the situation. In fact, Kivik wondered if ne might be enjoying it slightly. It was all ne could do to try not to think too much about what would happen if Thompkins got too close to the roof of the conduit…

After some time, they found themselves nearing the end of the chute and there, indeed, was the juvenile stellae. In the light given off from the work bees, its soft carapace gave off an iridescent purple glow - much like the nebula surrounding them.

Iko: =/\= slow down, we can't startle the little guy.

Wong/Reade/Ariadust/Thompkins/Carcetti: =/\= Responses? =/\=

Kivik: =/\= Ensign Kivik to Amity Outpost. Lieutenant Wong, Ensign Iko, and myself have successfully found our way to the Angel - with some much-appreciated help from the miners. It appears to be a juvenile that wandered off from the others. Fortunately, while it appears to be a bit startled, it is otherwise unharmed. We’re going to make sure it’s not caught in any rigging and then attempt to beam it safely out again. From there, it should be able to reunite with its parents. =/\=

Amity Team: =/\= Responses? =/\=

With that, Kivik began climbing down from the work bee carefully while Bec seemed to jump off. Kivik, distracted by searching for appropriate hand and footholds to disembark, didn’t even notice as Bec strode forward towards the creature without waiting for nem or Wong.

Iko: =/\= shhh, you're gonna be alright, ok? yes, that's it. that's it. now, scooch over so Dr wong can let you out. that's it. you're doing a very good job. shhh.... =/\=

Hearing that, Kivik turned sharply to see what was going on. At first, ne was so shocked, ne forgot to speak through comms and just babbled incoherently in nir suit.

Kivik: Bec… What… What are you…? ::Realizing ne needed to close comms with the team aboard Amity before it became clear what was happening:: =/\= Understood! I’ll keep you all apprised of our progress! Kivik out! =/\=

With that, Kivik de-magnetized nir boots and pushed nemself down the rest of the way to the ‘ground’, hitting it harder than expected and falling over before being able to magnetize nir boots.

Wong/Reade/Ariadust/Thompkins/Carcetti: =/\= Responses? =/\=

Iko: =/\= scotty got some plasma out for you. That's it. come on, closer to the wall... =/\=

Kivik scrambled to nir feet and started walking as quickly as possible over to Bec and the juvenile Stellae, trying not to seem threatening.

Kivik: =/\= What are you doing? ::With a panicked look to Wong:: We don’t know if it’s safe to touch the Stellae - for it or for us. =/\=

oO And we can’t be sure what the Hawlat would think of us petting one of their Angels… Oo

Bec, however, was too engrossed in speaking to the Stellae to realize Kivik was speaking to her. Kivik figured the only thing for it was to get over there and free the creature. Ne watched as Wong moved to intercept and begin removing the cable, hoping that everyone would be fine.

Meanwhile, Kivik pulled up the case of pattern enhancers that was clipped to the utility hook on nir suit and removed one of the small devices. Placing them around the trapped Stellae would allow them to isolate its energy signature back aboard the Yosemite and beam it out, once it was freed from the cabling. But at least three enhancers would need to be placed to triangulate the creature’s exact position and avoid any mistakes.

Wong/Reade/Ariadust/Thompkins/Carcetti: =/\= Responses? =/\=

Kivik placed the first pattern enhancer on the wall of the chute, to the left of the Stellae. Ne watched as it activated, confirming that it would do its job, before moving on to the next enhancer. Walking around behind Bec and Wong, Kivik felt the struggle of walking along in the Zero-G environment with nothing but mag boots to keep nem moving.

oO I don’t remember working up such a sweat during the Academy training… I really should do more training simulations.. ::breathing heavily:: ..and maybe I need to cut down on the chocolate milk… Oo

Iko: =/\= Almost done Doctor? =/\=

Kivik looked up. While Wong releasing the Stellae would be excellent for the creature’s health - it wouldn’t be ideal if it was released too early. If the pattern enhancers weren’t placed yet, they wouldn’t be able to reliably transport it - and it could float away, out of range.

Wong: =/\=Response=/\= 

Iko: =/\= very good. now... ::realising what she was doing:: someone else give orders because I'm only an ensign. =/\= 

Kivik: =/\= Ensign, Lieutenant… I need another minute to finish installing the pattern enhancers. Once they’re locked in, Scotty can beam the creature out of the conduit safely. You two will need to step back so you don’t baffle the enhancers. =/\=

Wong/Reade/Ariadust/Thompkins/Carcetti: =/\= Responses? =/\=

As the conversation went on, Kivik moved ahead and placed the last pattern enhancer on the wall to the right of the Stellae. As it activated, Kivik pulled out nir tricorder and glanced at it.

Kivik: =/\= ::To Reade:: I’m getting a good reading here, Scotty. How’s it look on your end? Ready to beam out an Angel? =/\=

Reade: Response

Kivik: =/\= ::To Wong:: Lieutenant, we’re ready. Prepare to cut the last cable. ::To Iko:: Bec, you might want to step back. =/\=

Wong/Iko: Response

Reade/Ariadust/Thompkins/Carcetti: =/\= Responses? =/\=

As the last cable was cut, the stored up kinetic tension caused it to snap violently. In the low gravity environment, it swung about wildly without anything to stop it. Kivik dove out of the way, hoping everyone else would be safe.

Kivik: =/\= Now, Scotty! =/\=

Reade/Wong/Iko/Ariadust/Thompkins/Carcetti: =/\= Responses? =/\=



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