MSPNPC Prarim: Pasture to Pasture

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Keegan Flick-Parker

Oct 28, 2021, 5:23:39 PM10/28/21
to Amity Outpost

((Amity Outpost - Conference Room))

Luminary Prarim held his furry eyelids shut tight, his fists clenched tight atop the conference table, trying to contain the tumultuous indignation that welled in his chest at the irreverence of the Federation’s actions. How anyone from an organization that claimed to consider its ‘cultural impacts’ so highly could be so careless in this matter was beyond him. He could scarce manage to look at the disruptive miners or their bewildered representative.

oO Spirit, guide me… Oo he prayed, silently. oO Move my lips to persuasive dialogue with these unbelievers so that they might see your light. Oo

As the doors open, Prarim opened his eyes and gave a sidelong glance to his acolyte, Taven. The young pilgrim had been struggling recently. Prarim knew this. He had hoped that this new station - a beacon of so-called ‘amity’ - would provide a more stable ground for the redevelopment of the acolyte’s faith. Prarim prayed he was making the right choice bringing Taven to the table on this matter.

Vataix: Before we continue further, I want to make it clear nothing has happened yet. The Independence is investigating options but the final orders on what happens come from me alone.

Prarim: ::Terse:: That is most fortuitous, Ambassador. My people won’t tolerate any disrespectful actions to the Angels.

Taven (Aleksandrov): Response

Vataix: First, can you explain a bit more about what these creatures mean to you and your history with them?

Prarim’s wide flat nose flared as he contained an exasperated snort - though he had no doubt that the Betazoid Ambassador could sense his displeasure.

Prarim: Of course. I had submitted a Religious Practices document for consideration when my people were first welcomed aboard the Outpost, but I suppose it hasn’t made its way to you yet, Ambassador. ::Taking a deep breath:: My people, the Hawlat, are a nomadic race. The Angels, whom you insist on interfering with, are our spiritual guides. They lead us among the stars, from pasture to pasture, so that we might thrive in spiritual alertness.

Taven: Response

Prarim smiled at the Acolyte’s words, but felt deep uncertainty in his heart. At least Taven had the decency to remain appropriate for the time being. Perhaps that was a good sign - or perhaps it was simply Taven’s way of avoiding the ire of his Luminary. Either way, Prarim thanked the Spirit and hoped Taven would maintain composure throughout the proceedings with the Federation.

Carter: Response

Orrey: Response

Daniels: Response

Aleksandrov: Response



MSPNPC Prarim (he/him)

Hawlat Luminary

Simmed by Kivik


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