Ensign Harrison Blackwood - Can we start over?

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((240002 – Unknown Location aboard Nygean Transit Port, Delta Quadrant))

There was a flash beneath the Voth’s attire and he produced a phaser, readied, and aimed at Harrison.

Voth: You can find out what happens if you don’t.  

Hopper: HEY!

The Voth moved his focus to Robin.

Hopper: I am the superior officer here and I am responsible for these men. I am accountable. If you’re going to threaten anybody, threaten me.

Voth: Fine.

The Voth adjusted the phaser, aiming it at Robin instead. Harrison was able to get a bit steadier on his legs, not about to keel over any second now. The muscles in his legs slowly regaining strength. 

Voth: ::Speaking to Reade and Blackwood::  You will help me, or your superior officer dies.

Reade: Woah! Let us talk this out; no need to point a phaser. 

Blackwood: ::Through gritted teeth:: What are our orders… ::to Robin:: Commander?

Hopper: Lieutenant, Ensign, under no circumstances are you to assist this man.

Voth: ::Tightening his grip on the phaser::  Think carefully, Lieutenant Commander. You are signing your own death war–

Hopper: I don’t think so. If you wanted to kill us, you would have just done it. Instead, you drugged us and brought us here, then waited while we slowly came to our senses. Then, after going on about how immoral and dangerous it is to associate with us, you asked for our help…  You need us. I don’t know why, but you need us – alive, and cooperative.

Reade: I agree. If we were going to be killed, you would have done it a long time ago.

Harrison wondered whether or not trying to push the Voth to his limits was a good idea. That said his superiors were making a good argument for why he wouldn’t. All the same, Harrison kept quiet.

Blackwood: oO Shame we didn’t bring a security officer… Oo 

Voth: I see the rumours of your formidable boldness haven’t been exaggerated.

Hopper: ::Squinting, uncertain::  Thank you…  Now, why don’t we start over? Put the weapon down and we can try having a civil discussion about what we want, what you want, and what we can do to help each other.

Voth: ::Beat, lowering the phaser begrudgingly::  You speak truth. I am a… lone operator, but I still answer to the Authority. I cannot, however, be held accountable for the actions of three wayward Starfleet Officers…

Reade: OK, this is much better. Now what do you need us for exactly here? 

Harrison looked back at Scotty and Robin with a raised brow as he used a nearby column to stand up. 

Blackwood: I’m not sure I’m a fan of where this is going. 

Voth: Well, we need some help in getting some things done here. Since we cannot access your shuttle we need you alive to help us out.

Reade: Hmm. 

Blackwood: Commander?

He looked at Robin with a confused look. oO We’re not going to let them anywhere near our ship, right? Oo

Hopper: Response

Voth: You will help, as I cannot go back empty-handed to the Authority. Bad things will happen to me if I go back with nothing to show for myself. 

Scotty appeared to be taking the brunt of these renegotiations. Better him than Harrison. 

Reade: Well, we are not about to do your “dirty” work. If you have something else in mind, maybe, just maybe, we can help. 

Blackwood: ::Begrudging:: Something that doesn’t involve a whole bunch of zealotry maybe.

Hopper: Response

Voth: Well, you are putting yourself in a pinch here. But I agree, I cannot be held responsible for 3 Starfleet officers. I do not want to start some war. 

Blackwood: That’s the first thing you’ve said today that’s made any sense.

Hopper: Response

Reade: Well then. What’s our next move guys? 

Blackwood: oO Besides press charges? Oo I don’t know, maybe we could offer him something to go home with. ::Looking at Robin:: Thoughts, Commander?

Hopper: Response

Harrison turned back to the Voth who continued to watch them cooly.

Blackwood: Could we have a moment to talk amongst ourselves?

Voth: So you can plot your escape?

Hopper/Reade: Response

He gave the Voth an incredulous look, here he was, practically clinging onto this column.

Blackwood: I think you’ll be okay. Just a minute? Do you want our help or not?

Voth: I did check you for weapons before you woke up. You have nothing of value on you…

Hopper/Reade: Response

The Voth shook his head.

Voth: Fine. Fine. You can have one minute, I’ll be over there.

Their kidnapper moved to stand in front of their only exit.

Blackwood: ::Hushed:: Sorry, I didn’t know what else to say. What I was going to suggest besides for him to bugger off was that we could use the fact we come from an FDC facility to offer to reopen diplomatic relations. But I am not sure what kind of ramifications that might have in the long run.

Hopper/Reade: Response

Blackwood: I don’t have any other ideas in mind. Unless we want to try and wrestle him for the phaser, but that could go quite badly given our conditions. That and we have no idea where we are.

Hopper/Reade: Response

Voth: ::Speaking loudly:: Are you quite done over there?

Lieutenant JG Harrison Thomas Blackwood

Amity Station
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