Lieutenant Commander Cassian Iovianus: Space Cattle(Angel) Drive

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Jansen Orrey

Nov 18, 2021, 2:19:06 PM11/18/21
to Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Grand Mezzanine - Amity Outpost))

Cassian leaned his head back and rolled it from one side to the other. There had been a breach in protocol anyway for the man to have even gotten near the conference room for him to intervene. That would have to be reviewed later, for now everything had settled back down as the respective parties stepped back to reassess. He stepped up to the replicator and ordered up a coffee, picking it up. If there had been time for a real cup of coffee, he would have enjoyed it more. For now he was going to work on a walking patrol of the mezzanine.

Aleksandrov: Good day, Commander.

Cassian looked slightly down at the woman speaking. He had not met her yet but she had been someone he had seen around the station, including with the mobile pub at the reception and in the meeting earlier. His green eye began to feed the basic information about her to him. Some of the things he was seeing were unusual, which meant she only seemed to appear human.

Iovianus: Hello there. Apologies for the interruption earlier, the situation should have been more contained than it was.

Aleksandrov: ::slight shrug:: Do not concern yourself. It was really not that surprising when such a hot topic has made its way around the Outpost.

Iovianus: It is still a disturbing thing that he made it so far.

Aleksandrov: I see you are making your rounds?

Iovianus: ::offering a dry chuckle:: A needed duty given the intrusion earlier. There are some blind spots as well in the scans that need to be spot checked regularly.

The conversation with the good looking woman was interrupted by the station’s First Officer.

Ukinix: Hey there. Sorry to interrupt.

Aleksandrov: It seems to be the theme of the day. ::smiles::

Iovianus: I do not think I am going to get used to them.

Ukinix: Ambassador Vataix Has asked us to prepare the Indy and whatever other craft we have to lead the angels away from the mining operations. We need a game plan.

Aleksandrov: How can I be of help?

Iovianus: Non-violent solutions then.

Ukinix: Doctor, we have a bunch of sensor readings on the creatures and with your knowledge we could possibly identify asteroid candidates in the system that could harbour them.

Aleksandrov: I was hoping to get a look at the biologic readings that were done on them. They are quite the unique lifeform.

Iovianus: ::finishing his coffee and recycling the cup:: We need to find a planning space then.

Ukinix: Let’s head to Astrometrics.

((Astrometrics, Level 4, Copernicus Center))

The large holographic display of the solar system was slowly rotating around the room with indicators for the outpost and the asteroid in question. Wil paused the rotation and turned to face Kamoyo and Cassian. He started walking around the hologram to look at it from different angles.

Ukinix: What we’ve learned so far is that the Stellae are attracted to our ships, and by extension our mining facilities. We have the Indy, the Daintree and Yosemite at our disposal, plus a bunch of other shuttles. The creatures are hard to scan, you don’t really know where they are until you’re virtually on top of them.

Aleksandrov: That could make things a little more difficult.

Iovianus: Especially if they are going to keep being attracted to our engines and facilities.

Ukinix: They seem to like to travel in packs, once one goes, they all follow. This is almost like a herding exercise.

Aleksandrov: Sounds like herding woar during mating season. ::chuckles at an amusing memory::

Cassian raised an eyebrow at the scientist but continued to look at the map.

Iovianus: We will have to use all three ships likely to get them moving far enough away.

Ukinix: Responses

Aleksandrov: I do have a question. As these are spaceborne biologics, did you try scanning for them as if they were asteroids?

Iovianus: How do you mean?

Ukinix: Responses

Aleksandrov: If I understand correctly, it is the plasma emissions that they are feeding on. Logically their internal structure would have to be designed to handle it. And like any creature, they would have to have… ::smirks:: Emissions of their own. Put that all together you might have a more comprehensive method of detecting them.

Iovianus: It could be something to consider.

Ukinix: Responses

Cassian continued to look up at the display. He was currently across from the other two. After a moment of thought he pointed up at the asteroid field.

Iovianus: If this is the first mining operation in the region we need to either solve the problem or create a big enough gap to create a complete solution.

Ukinix/Aleksandrov: Response

Iovianus: We can chart a course for them going off in this direction, they will be far away enough that they will find a new feeding ground.

Ukinix/Aleksandrov: Response


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