[END Act 2] Dr. Kamoyo Aleksandrov - Don't Fence Me In

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Madalain Ackley

Dec 2, 2021, 8:53:07 AM12/2/21
to Amity Outpost - StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Ops Center, Amity Outpost))


Aleksandrov: We have found an area they cannot do damage to, but leading them there will be the trick. ::smiles:: The Commander wants to be the bad parent and drop off the children.


Paarus: We might be able to connect the 30 workbees into a swarm of sorts. They could be our "herd dogs" to help corral the Stellae and guide them away from the station. We have hundreds of Stellae outside, will our 30 workbees be enough?


Ukinix: We don’t know until we try, but 30 is hopefully more than enough to get a start.  They’re pretty dumb and follow each other.  If enough follow us away, that will free up some room around the station and allow us to get some of our other ships out to herd the rest away.


Vataix: If they "eat" the emissions, then perhaps we can make ourselves a bit less tasty.


Keehani: ::Smiles, nods slowly in understanding:: Like a rotten uttaberry.


Aleksandrov: That could work.


Paarus: Response


Vataix: I think the key to the plan is not just luring them away with the work bees or a fence but combining it with making Amity's emissions unappealing to them. Ensign, could you make this fence of yours around Amity, but make it "taste" awful?


Paarus: Response


Vataix: And then, Wil, do we have time to modify the workbees?


Ukinix: We can adapt the work bees to give off the same emissions, using a version of the drone affixed to each bee.  If the emissions are tasty enough for them, yes we can herd them up, then split up in groups and take them to their new home.  Or homes.  ::To Kamoyo:: Doctor, we’ll rely on your suggestions for that.


Aleksandrov: Of course.


Ukinix: With enough of the Stellae led away from the station, our remaining auxiliary craft and the Indy-B can join in the drove.  They can emit the same gases.  ::To Rivi, smiling:: Ambassador, fancy taking a Defiant class out for a spin?


Vataix: I might, but I'm going to stay here first to make sure we get step one done while the workbees get set up.


Ukinix: I’m going to take one of the worker bees.  ::To Zal:: So are you Ensign.  That’s two down, only twenty-eight to go.


Paarus: Response


Keehani: We need to tell the Hawlat delegation about this plan.  I hope they like it.


Vataix: ::nods:: That's your job to make sure they do. ::turns to Aleksandrov:: Can you modify the ensign's fence plan to establish a "distasteful" perimeter around Amity?


With the instruction given, Keehani gave Rivi a quick nod back, before heading out of Ops and towards Copernicus Center’s elevator.


Aleksandrov: I can certainly give it a try. ::she turned her attention to the console and got to work.::


Meanwhile, Wil had gone off to talk with the new ensign.


(OOC: Keeping this here for ease of tags for Paarus.)


Ukinix: ::To Parrus:: Ensign Paarus.  A word?


Paarus: Response


With a smile Wil gestured for Zalbac to follow him to a quiet corner of Ops.


Ukinix: Nervous first few moments, huh?  Talk about thrown in the deep end.


Paarus: Response


Ukinix: Understand, Ensign.  Just keep in mind this is a Diplomatic Corps facility, ultimately we answer to them.  And Starfleet, along with the Corps, work side-by-side with the specialized civilians on the station.  They may not have rank, but they have nous and we need them just as much as we need our officers.


Paarus: Response


Ukinix: It’s alright, this is a tense situation.  We’re trying to delicately negotiate with the Hawlat who worship these creatures, while making sure this shiny new outpost is operational.  ::Smirk:: You might owe Kamoyo a coffee though.


Paarus: Response


Wil gave the Bajoran man a smile, then gestured with his chin to the centre of the room.


Ukinix: C’arn, let’s go back, we’ve got some worker bees to pilot.


Paarus: Response


The two Starfleet officers returned from their chat as Dr. Aleksandrov finished the adjustments to the "fence." Rivi looked over, slightly amused.


Vataix: ::to Wil and Paarus:: Are you two done?


Paarus: Response


Vataix: ::nods:: Get to those workbees. We'll activate the fence as soon as you're in position.


Ukinix: Righto, it’s droving time!  ::Tapping console, entering orders for engineering::  I’ll get engineering on to modifying the bees immediately. ::Tapping combadge:: =/\= Attention all Starfleet personnel.  We’ll need twenty-eight officers to each fly a worker bee to lead the Stellae away from Amity.  Assemble in section Bravo of the shuttlebay in one hour.  Ukinix out. =/\=





Dr. Kamoyo Aleksandrov, BS,MS, PhD

Chief of Geology

Science Department

Amity Outpost




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