JP - Lt Cmdr Ukinix & Ensign Kivik - Chocolate Confessions [Part 2]

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((The Glommer and Beagle, Grand Mezzanine, Amity Outpost))

Kivik: When I arrived aboard the Veritas, the rumours around the mess hall about you- ::suddenly realizing what ne was saying:: Oh, I don’t mean to be inappropriate! I’m so sorry, Commander, I think I’ve said too much.

Ukinix: Woahwoahwoahwoah.  Woah.  ::To Bartender:: Hey, could we get another chocolate milk?

Bartender: Of course.

That was a surprise to Wil.  But then again he was Chief of Engineering on the ‘Tas, and even though he didn’t act or feel like an authority, he figured that rumours would be par for the course for any department head.

Ukinix: OK, what rumours.

Kivik: Uhh, I don’t think I should…

The bartender dropped a new full glass of chocolate milk in front of Kivik.

Ukinix: C’arn, Kivik, spill it mate.

The Ensign considered the potential ramifications of taking the offered drink… oO Well, the Commander is your superior officer and if he’s asking… perhaps one could consider it an order - and this ::taking the glass in hand:: a tool to help nem follow that order. Oo

Kivik: ::Sipping:: Well… I suppose it’s only fair to tell you. After all, they were talking about you. Some of my fellow Ensigns aboard the Veritas were discussing the superior officers and I inquired about you. I thought it was silly at the time, but, well, I couldn’t shake this notion I had that you reminded me of that officer. William Riker… Both Starfleet. Both Commanders. Both males - with beards - and both ‘Wil’s. 

The J’naii set the glass down on the counter dramatically, as if ne were a detective having just solved some elusive case. 

Kivik: You see, on my world, there is a lingering stereotype of the infamous Starfleet Commander - the ‘seducer’ who turned good J’naii into deviants with his unruly hairy face and masculine physique!

Wil stifled a chuckle in disbelief.

Ukinix: ::Subconsciously stroking beard to ensure it wasn't unruly:: Really?

Kivik: Yes, yes, I know it’s somewhat ridiculous and surely is unfounded… But the other Ensigns just giggled and said “maybe it was true!” They seemed to think that - well, that you sort of did match that description. I believe the term being passed around was, “ladies’ man.”

Kivik laughed, very nervously. This was not the conversation ne had expected to be having with a superior officer. oO Not just any superior officer… The second officer of this entire station! Oo The Ensign gulped.

Ukinix: ::Staring at “Porthos” while thinking:: Well, I was in a relationship with a Klingon woman for about a year or so.  ::Smile/smirk::  There were a lot of jokes made about me having to go to sickbay every morning.

oO I see… Oo

Kivik: So, you’re corroborating the rumours, then, Commander? From my understanding of Klingon cultural practices, the mating rituals often involve some.. ::gesturing at nothing in particular, trying to think of the right words:: ..aggressive behaviours.

The corner of Kivik’s mouth drew back in annoyance at nir own impertinence. Perhaps Ikaia was right. Was the chocolate milk making nem crass?

Ukinix: ::Incredulous:: No!  ::Dismissive Chuckle::  No.  ::Neutral expression, subconsciously rubbing arm:: Well, apart from the occasional bruise.  ::Staring ahead:: OK, now I’m the one that’s said too much.

Kivik: The other Ensigns hadn’t even mentioned your former Klingon partner…

Ukinix: That's... surprising. oO Then where the bloody hell did these rumours come from? Oo

Kivik: Indeed! The talk of the mess hall seemed to be about your present courtship of another crewmember… ::Realizing this conversation may be quickly going off the rails:: For what it’s worth, though, Commander, I am not a routine gossip - I didn’t stick around to find out who they were talking about. Your private business is your private business.

Ukinix: That may have been Kinan Venroe. Not that it should matter, but I felt a genuine connection with her.  But you're right Kivik, my private life should be private. As should anyone else's.

Not that he considered that any rumours would have been malicious. In fact, being one quarter Betazoid and empathic did have its advantages - he would have sensed if any reporting crewman or officers experienced feelings that equated to strongly disliking him.

Kivik: Hmm… Well, yes. While I tried not to take the conversation too seriously, I’ll admit… I did have my misgivings about you when we first met.

Ukinix: Awkies. ::Palms up:: Ensign, whatever impression you got of me from whatever you heard-.


Kivik: ::Trying to save face:: Of course, I quickly realized the rumours weren’t true at all! You don’t strike me as a ‘ladies man’ at all!

Ukinix: Oh. Really? I mean ::slight shrug:: I never saw myself as a man's man so it's kinda right. Or never saw myself as one who would date Horta either. Non corporeal beings, probably not my thing... Not that I judge or care if anyone does.  Whoever people love is who they love, that's how I was raised.

Kivik: ::Gritting nir teeth:: Ahhh - I didn’t mean it like that, Sir! ::Putting nir hands over nir face:: This is not a conversation I was prepared for…

Ukinix: ::Amused smile:: Neither was I, Ensign.

After a few moments of silence, Wil began to laugh. He felt that Kivik had dug a hole and Wil followed nem in.

Ukinix: I admit I don't know much at all about what happened on J'Naii with the Enterprise, and that's on me. It's shown me that I have to learn more about an officer's background and culture, especially given I'm responsible for everyone's wellbeing. 

Wil took a sip from his beer, then pondered for a moment before continuing.

Ukinix: I come from a culture on an island continent on Earth that was allegedly traditionally egalitarian, but that has a downside. "Tall Poppy Syndrome."  I heard rumours about Captain Riker at the Academy. I even laughed at them and made jokes with other cadets at his expense. But since being offered this position, I did some reading into successful XOs of their time, like Chakotay and Riker.  I could easily sit here and knock Riker down about his former personal life, and whatever he did on your homeworld.  But if I could be half the exceptional Starfleet Officer he was?  I'd be pretty bloody happy.

Kivik nodded. Ukinix was quite right - and Kivik was convinced that anyone who knew the full story ought to feel the same.

Kivik: I completely agree with you, Commander. The truth is that Riker’s actions were quite honorable, in my opinion. Nobody should be punished or condemned for who they love. Unfortunately, this is not the way of things on my world.

Ukinix: I tell you what. I'll read up on J'Naii. Given your interest in anthropology, how about you read up on my background.

Kivik: I’d like that, Commander. ::Smiling:: Considering the number of Australian officers I seem to be running into out here, perhaps that ought to be mandatory!

The barperson made their way over to where Wil and Kivik were sitting at the bar, and placed a down plate with a delicious looking burger.

Ukinix: ::Smiling, pleased tone:: Thanks, that looks delicious. And another chocolate milk for my colleague.

Barperson: ::Smiling:: Sure.

The barperson walked to the other end of the long bar to prepare Kivik's drink.

Kivik: Now, Commander, if I have any more chocolate, I might end up spilling more secrets - ::picking up nir PADD and waving it at Ukinix:: - like this little plan we have for Lieutenant Wong…

The J’naii tried to contain nir chuckles and ended up giggling as the bartender returned with the glass of milk.

Ukinix: ::Slight smirk:: Oh, really?

Wil picked up the burger and took a bite, chewing while still slightly smirking.  The part-Betazoid’s sensing of other’s emotions was far short of any type of definite science for him.  Except for when someone was starting to get tipsy - for some reason, he was good at spotting that.

Ukinix: Nothing that will get you court martialled, I hope.

Kivik giggled again - oO Yes, the chocolate definitely does affect me. Wong was right - and for that, he must pay! Oo

Kivik: No, sir - of course not, sir! ::Playfully sipping the chocolate milk:: I make a point of considering the risks and doing my research ahead of time… ::Grinning:: In fact, after our karaoke night, I took it upon myself to look up a little Earth Music. Tell me if you recognise this tune, sir…

::Singing loudly, glass of milk held aloft:: I COME FROM A LAND DOWN UNDER!

An amused smile appeared on Wil’s face.



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