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Greg Blok

Mar 11, 2015, 8:42:50 PM3/11/15
to say...@googlegroups.com
I am using Saymore for Oral transcription of Bible Stories and would like to localize the interface so that my language helpers can do some of the work involved in transcribing our recordings. (into Thai)
However when I click on "Change User Interface Language" and "I want to localize SayMore for another language" I get the screen attached.
Now you (wonderful) computer guys possibly think it is acceptable and rational to show people everything that needs to be translated...
But I look at the list and wonder if maybe that's a bit intimidating. (OK I'll admit it freaks me out).

Now if I had designed this page and I was attempting to get the interface localized I would make this window look/work like the WeSay tasks window. It would only show me the first 4 words that are on the main menu to translate (Project, Session, Person, Help) and then when I have done those it would show me the next words to translate (About this project, Access, Description Documents, Other Documents Progress, Title, Description, Vernacular etc) and it would work through the most visible things first (ie. only what we see on the three different tabs/pages) and slowly go deeper and it would include explanations or even screen shots of where this is and what it needs to convey. For instance - &2) Launch {0} is a little ambiguous.
So my "WeSay like" tasks window would automatically save all the words I have already translated and then when I click on "Change interface language" it would show me Thai as an option - regardless of how many words I have translated. (The rest just stay English). Then I can work my way through doing the localization and start using the program with a partial Thai localized interface. It would give me the option of looking at the (scary) long list of 1002 entries but it wouldn't insist that I work through them in the order they are presented. (Which isn't really the order of most importance). Oh yeah and I did look at MainWindow hoping that it would just be the main things I need to translate... But its not really is it?

There are probably only 50 or 60 words that I need to translate into Thai to get this program localized so that my Language helpers can start using it. Not 1002! And not things like this: (Retries attempted: {0}). (At least not until they see it and ask me what it means).
And what do I do with this: &Change User Interface Language... Do we put the & at the start of our Thai sentence? And the ampersand in this one?? - Pro&ject Where will the ampersand go in the Thai translation of that word? In the middle?
So enough of a rant from me. Love the program.
Hope these suggestions are "easy" to implement.
They would make localization a lot more user friendly and you might even find more people willing to at least start the process.


John Hatton

Mar 12, 2015, 10:37:48 AM3/12/15
to say...@googlegroups.com
Hi Greg,
In most cases, you can hold down alt and shift, and click on a label you want to localize. That will bring up the localization tool with that label selected.

Second, if you have the top-level "SayMore" item selected as in you screenshot, yes you get the whole list. But if you select one of the other labels, you can narrow down to what you're interested in.

On Ampersands, these are for keyboard shortcuts; e.g. a button with "&Close" will be selected if you type alt+c. You can omit the entirely, or put an ampersand before the character that you want to be the shortcut.

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John Hatton

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