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Mar 1, 2009, 10:16:49 AM3/1/09
Hello All
I agree the lake is getting worse, true. As summer  creeps in water in the lake get depreciated, but the sludge remains same or increases. Naturally what we call the BOD and COD (biological oxygen demand & chemical oxygen demand) levels increases and result in foul smell and growth of bad bacteria  increases.
Hence action is required to clear the lake of carbages and sludge.

This easily said than done. It is a long continuous and grueling task. What best we can do, in my opinion is to persuade and force the authority to act and to regenerate the lake. W e can at best collect funds and provide for initial expenses. Our continuous follow up is the only way to persuade the authority.

For this a transparent group is to be formed which I understand Mr. Gopal is trying to do. To set up a tranparent gruop lot of persuation and awareness is needed, which I hope can come from you young people from the flat system.

I hope Mr. Abishek will not try to clear the lake by his physical actions, which can be very very dangerous due to the presence of trillions of harmful bacterias and virouses that most possibly can damage the human system. Further it can be dangerous to approach the lake due to the sludge which will not allow anybody to get a foothold.
I think what Mr. Gopal is trying to do is the corect and proper way to tackle the LAKE.
 It will take time and continued effort can bear fruit. There is no quick fix solution to this. Hence try and give full support to GOPAL AND KAPIL.
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