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Apr 28, 2009, 11:20:56 AM4/28/09
to Chinnappanahalli Lake Conservation Forum
Any idea what will be the water quantity in the lake?

A new way to clean up the rivers, lakes

NuAlgi can be used for growing phytoplankton in oceans to absorb
carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse effect, thereby aiding in solving
the global warming problemDeepti ChaudharyBangalore: How would you
like the idea of cleaning a dirty lake or a river for a nominal price
and in an eco-friendly way?
Bangalore-based NuAlgi Nanobiotech has devised a way to treat sewage
and effluents through a patented product, called NuAlgi, which not
only cleans a polluted water body without affecting its ecology, but
also adds nutrients to it, increasing the food content for fish.
Growth track: T. Sampath Kumar of NuAlgi Nanobiotech.. Hemant Mishra /
MintNuAlgi, which can be used to clean a pond, a lake or a river, is
available in powder form which needs to be dissolved in water in a
container before draining into the water body. Chief executive T.
Sampath Kumar recommends using 1-2kg of NuAlgi per four million litres
of water. A 1kg pack of NuAlgi is priced at Rs275.
Within 15 minutes of dissolving NuAlgi in the water, diatom algae is
released. These growing algae absorb nutrients and carbon dioxide from
the water and produce oxygen by photosynthesis. The oxygen released
helps aerobic bacteria break down the organics and convert the
pollutants to base constituents, all this minus the stink that
anaerobic decomposition generates. The diatoms are eaten by
zooplanktons that are, in turn, consumed by fish. The ecosystem of the
water body is maintained and observed by the presence of healthy fish,
which are fit for human consumption.
“With the use of NuAlgi, all polluted lakes and rivers can be restored
without harming the water life,” says Kumar, who invented NuAlgi over
eight years, from 1996 to 2004, and has since been marketing it mainly
to fishermen in and around Bangalore.
Besides cleaning water bodies, the product also has several other
uses. NuAlgi can be used for growing phytoplankton in oceans to absorb
carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse effect, thereby aiding in solving
the global warming problem. It can also be used for preventing growth
of toxic algae species called red tides in the oceans. It can be used
for generating plankton and live food in aquaculture ponds which can
boost the growth of prawns and fish. The firm is currently selling the
product for aquaculture in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu,
and is nationally marketed by Secunderabad-based Kadambari Consultants
Pvt. Ltd.
The relatively little-known firm has so far treated at least 100
lakes. In Bangalore, it has treated sewage laden lakes such as the
Madivala lake, Ulsoor lake, Vengayyana kere (KR Puram) and
Puttenahalli lake (near Yelahanka). Some of its other clients include
Cochin Sea Foods, Mysore Breweries Ltd and Ashok Leyland Ltd.
Talking about the positive effects of the product, Kumar says it is a
fast and economical alternative to the conventional effluent treatment
plants (ETP) in treating sewage and other organic wastes.
The qualified chartered accountant, who is now working on applications
of using NuAlgi to produce biodiesel and ways to mitigate global
warming, however, rues the lack of awareness about the product. The
reluctance of people to take up environmental issues have been a
severe roadblock in the propagation of the product. “We are very
successful in clearing ponds, though not as successful commercially.
Nobody wants to clean up water bodies. People don’t care.” I can clean
up the whole of Yamuna in 15-20 days, he claims.
“This kind of play needs government assistance. Lakes, rivers, ponds
are a public property in India and no private firm or body or firm
will take up their maintenance or cleaning up,” said Rajesh Srivathsa,
managing partner, Ojas Venture Partners.
The firm, which is breaking even, employs eight people, and its
immediate future plans include marketing the product more aggressively
and raise funds. Kumar says they are in talks with venture capital
funds but refused to divulge how much he plans to raise.
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Apr 29, 2009, 2:45:38 AM4/29/09
to savet...@googlegroups.com

Hi Dipanakar,

Where can I get NuAlgi ? Can you give me the contact person
for sourcing this ? I have some personal property with a
water body. I would like to get it cleaned. Would like to try this option
as it seems very practical


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Dipankar Khasnabish

Apr 30, 2009, 12:53:21 AM4/30/09
to savet...@googlegroups.com


651, 11th Main road, V Block,

Jayanagar, Bangalore-560 041.

Tel: 91-80-26591524, 26595314

E mail: sam...@nualgi.com

Please let us know your expernce

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