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Apr 28, 2009, 11:10:16 AM4/28/09
to Chinnappanahalli Lake Conservation Forum

This is a minor update on the rain water harvesting. Please also see
the mail below.

I had brief discussion with Ghosh today - he said he is happy to
explain the rain water harvesting plan in Purva. He is usually there
upto 6 PM. This Saturday he is not available, and from 1st April he
may not be regular to Purva.

So if any of you can, please connect with him at 99801 40025 if any of
you are back any day before 6 PM. I will target next week


Hello Dipankar,

Thanks for your time and effort to make Purva Riviera Water
Harvesting facility to work.

It looks like all the rain water are currently getting directed to STP
and the same is giving a problem during rain and the inflow to STP
gets to overflow level. So, now it is right time to work with Mr.
Ghosh/Purvan Kara to find out the available water harvesting facility
and we need to divert the rain water to this facility as soon as

Our Handiman GM Mr. Vinod also plan to talk to Ghosh and get some
detail on this task.

Thank you,

Hello Dipankar,


As it is mentioned in Timirji's e-mail, we need to find a time from
Mr. Ghosh/Purvan Kara (99801 40025)to go through the Riviera campus
and to identify the already made Water Harvesting facility tanks.

Siraj /9740499677.


Hello Vinod,

Here is the e-mail trail the one I was discussing with you this

I will check with Ghosh some time during this week or next week and
will do the action plan to start to use this facility from this year
Monsoon period.


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Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 12:42:45 +0000
Subject: [purva_riviera] Re: Water Harvesting** Imp and action

Girish/Vatsalya/Other like-minded people
Can one of you please talk to Mr Ghosh(99801 40025) of PPL at PURVA
RIVIERA - I talked to Shankar Naraina of PPL - he claimed there's some
sumps next to boundary wall ( no further details) - he promised to
instruct Mr Ghosh to explain 'rainwater harvesting' details of Riviera
to people-who-shows-interest. Some people need to walk across the
property along with Mr Ghosh to know this in detail

So follow up on this important thread....


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It's still mystery to me(so no info to be passed to new MC - pardon
me for my ignorance) - only PPL folks can tell what is there in the
plan / what not - as per my knowledge there's no separate sUMP at
RIVIERA to collect RAIN WATER and reuse such water. There's hardly any
soil in Riviera - seems 90% concrete slab at ground level - 10% soil
around the boundary wall only - my guess) so even green grass across
cobbled parkway is also not enough for this.

Yes, please follow up on this thread.... worthy cause ....


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Hi Vatsalya,

You had raised avery important point. In fact I was curious about

We do not have to wait till rainy season to come, I feel our balance
STP water,
can also be harvested (Whatever STP water that is left after
cleaning and watering plants).

I know there is an underground tank build specifically for this

I am really shocked to hear that�water harvesting�is notï
¿½functional yet.
Then where is the rain water going all these days ?

After May first week I can join you�to sortout this issue.

Timir: Do you have� any information on this�topic? or is this
also a mystery like our bore wells ? May be you can handover this info
to new MC.

Bore wells are nota mystery�any more,you de-mystified it� :))



--- On Mon, 4/13/09, vatsalya rastogi <vasu23@ wrote:

Hi All

I just checked with the Handimann Manager and Water harvesting is as
of now not operational in riviera. He was telling me there are still
some unfinished tasks.

I would request the new commitee to look into this matter. Apart
from the fact it is mandatory� for a housing society to do water
harvesting we should� also help in conserving nature.

We all faced the water problem some months back and we need to act
now to restore the water table and conserve precious and pure rain

If the committee needs any volunteers i am ready to help. and i am
sure lots of other would be for this cause.

The rainy season is nearing in a couple of months and if we can have
an action plan in place we can save and conserve lots of water for our

Thanks and Kind Rgds



Apr 29, 2009, 1:22:26 AM4/29/09
to savet...@googlegroups.com

Hi Dipankar,

I had a chat with Mr Ghosh the day we had heavy rains. What he mentioned
was the rain water which is collected is suppose to be going to
few dry bore well which ment for water harvesting. HE said he give me
the sketch for the same. But it was too late and little busy I could't
follow up. I will be free afte 10-May then I can follow up
with Ghosh and work with you folks on this.

We should also think of sending our regular STP water (clean) into those
water harvesting wells. So that we conserve as much as water we can.


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