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Roshan Pai

Jan 24, 2007, 8:02:03 PM1/24/07
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Dear amchigele baan.dhavaano,
Lot of developments have occurred in the project, over the last one week.
Hundreds of new word contributions have been added to the main dictionary.
The dictionary has been growing very fast over the last few weeks and now has around 1650 words in the main database.
Other updates include:
I. Based on the suggestion by the community, esp by Shri Udyavara Suresh Kamath, work has begun on the Konkani in Kannada script version of the Konkani - English Dictionary. Shri K Ramesh Pai is presently validating the corresponding Kannada words (for existing entries). This page should be up and running soon. This is being done, as a sizeable majority of the community is still not comfortable with the devanagri script. However it is important to note that this is for reference purposes only. Devanagri will remain the main script throughout the project.
II. (*New) Word lists in english are ready for volunteers to take up and translate to konkani. More details on the home page. Do feel free to volunteer for the lists.
Thanks again for being part of the project. Do keep your contributions and suggestions coming.
jai ko.nkaNi !!! jai samaaja !!!
devu bare.n koro !!!
Roshan Pai
GRAND TOTAL  -  1650 word(s)
Udyavara Suresh Kamath  -  466 word(s)
Nithyanand Rao  -  340 word(s)
K Ramesh Pai  -  167 word(s)
Roshan Pai  -  114 word(s)
Satyanath Bhat  -  79 word(s)
Prashanth G Kamath  -  63 word(s)
Rashmi G Bhat  -  60 word(s)
Vishwanath Kini  -  51 word(s)
Sumanth Kamath  -  46 word(s)
Ratna Bai  -  44 word(s)
Santosh Kamath  -  43 word(s)
Manu Pai  -  41 word(s)
Shyamala Pai  -  31 word(s)
Krishna Rao  -  19 word(s)
Sihi Kamath  -  12 word(s)
Gopinath Bhat  -  12 word(s)
Ramanath Pai  -  10 word(s)
Divya Ajit Pai  -  6 word(s)
TJ  -  6 word(s)
Namita Das  -  5 word(s)
Ganesh Shenoy  -  4 word(s)
Madhu Pai  -  4 word(s)
Shobha Shenoy  -  3 word(s)
Sudhir Kodkani  -  3 word(s)
Rahul Gelani  -  3 word(s)
Yugal Kumar  -  3 word(s)
B Sandeep Pai  -  3 word(s)
Arvind Hebbar  -  3 word(s)
Rohit Kumta  -  2 word(s)
Daya Shreehari  -  2 word(s)
Viral Prabhu  -  1 word(s)
Manoj Kini  -  1 word(s)
Umesh Pai  -  1 word(s)
Subhas Bhat  -  1 word(s)
Deepa Iyer  -  1 word(s)
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