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Carrie Thomas

Sep 1, 2011, 10:50:15 AM9/1/11
Following last night's action group meeting, I have updated the website by adding in comments:
Re the Site 144/HC22, (the one similar to KS0001 that Planning turned down for residential use.....what a WONDERFUL gift this document is, David), I've added 4 new comments to the KS0001 site-specific list and 2 new ones to Killay infrastructure.
Also 1 new Comment to KS0001 re myxomycetes (turns out they're SLIME MOULDS), though I was unable to get contact details to talk with the biologist himself.
I have NOT added any comments based around Planning Policy Wales. Let me have useful ones and I'll update the site.
The word document with all the comments on, linked from the 'have your say' page is also updated with the 7 new comments, and is also attached here for you Mike, as requested. The document starts with the instructions for the logging online process.......just scroll down and you'll get the comments as bullet points as in the 4 webpages: KS001 site specific; Country Park; Green Wedge and Killay infrastructure.
As and when we get further info to consilidate/ exemplify/etc these comments, do let me know so I can do the online updating (so anyone choosing from our lists of comments have the most useful and up-to-date-versions).
Likewise, if any comments are not felt useful enough for anyone to make, let me know, ready for removal.
Best Wishes,
- Carrie Thomas -
Touchwood, 4 Clyne Valley Cottages, Killay, Swansea, SA2 7DU  South Wales, UK. Tel 01792 522443 : spiritual & self-development sessions or workshops;
Healing including Bowen Technique, Theta DNA, and Byron Katie's 'Loving What Is' ('The Work'):
And for gardening, seeds and plants:
Clyne Valley have your say use.doc

Liz Thomas

Sep 1, 2011, 2:17:11 PM9/1/11
Many thanks Carrie,
These details will be most useful for residents to use in their comments.
Cheers from Nesta

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