Payment Module - Split Credit Card Payments

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Shawn Pinkston

May 15, 2012, 12:05:34 AM5/15/12
to Satchmo developers
We have a client using Satchmo that has a requirement to allow for a
single order to allow for using multiple credit cards upon check out.
An example would be:

Cart total 100.00
(first give an option to place the total on one card, radio button
We would have a box under the total that says enter amount to be
paid. For the sake of example lets just say 35.00 on a master card.
After hitting enter on that card, not submit at this point it would
have the remainder of 65.00 so for the next step we would do the same
thing here and have a box that says enter amount, of course displaying
the remainder of the original 100.00.
For example sake we will say that the next amount is 48.00 on a Visa
Repeat the following steps from above with the remainder of 17.00 on a
Discover card.

Now the obvious problem here is that if one of the cards declines for
what ever reason we would need to know which one and why or if numbers
are incorrect etc etc. Upon submit that would happen and the wala!
One order multiple credit cards. Has anyone done this before?
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