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Steven Andros

Apr 27, 2020, 5:10:22 PM4/27/20
to sark110
Hello everyone,

Since I seem to have a bit more free time available than I usually do, I've decided to experiment with low pass filter circuits for use with my home brew water cooled LDMOS amp. Since the SARK-110 can measure L and C values at a specified frequency, it seems like a better instrument to use that my trusty L/C Meter 2B from Almost All Digital Electronics.

I have a MCX to Type N female cable. With adapters to temporary convert it to BNC, I performed an OSL calibration, then tested the SARK-110 using a 1000pF cap I had on hand.  With the unit set to test at 7 MHZ. It read as expected.

Next, I tried a torroid inductor I had wound. The AADE meter read what I expected - about .48uH, but to my surprise the SARK-110 read almost twice that (.802uH). Given the success with the cap, I was quite surprised at the results with the inductor.

I also need to construct a fixture that will allow convenient testing of not only torroids, but SMD caps. Anyone have a setup they've made that works to their satisfaction? If so, how did you facilitate OSL calibration?

All the best from Bradenton Fl, 

Steve KG4LJB

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