rightmost wheel/dial runs away in one direction

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Gary Myers

Jun 2, 2020, 1:38:11 PM6/2/20
to sark110
I've had this unit since they were introduced by Fluid Motion (SteppIR) in about 2017. Its never had the firmware updated (should I?). Although I'd quibble about somethings I love it overall. I also own/use a RigExpert 55-Zoom. 

I have had one problem that showed up within months of having it - I should have sent it in then but it started working fine and didn't bother me for years until recently. Its now doing it again. The dial/wheel on the right end - it runs away often in one direction. If I hit it to go DWN the list it works fine - one item at a time - if I hit it to go UP it sticks on and just keeps running up. It doesn't do this always - but it does it most of the time. On some items it is less than benign like in SAVE FILE/setting the file name. Makes it near impossible to do so. 

I assume the part needs to be changed out - anyone else have this (I'm sure SOMEONE has to have) and know the part number (Digikey?) for this part so I can change it out? 

Or is it a custom part and it needs to go back for repair?



Jun 2, 2020, 2:49:39 PM6/2/20
to sar...@googlegroups.com

Sometimes it helps to clean the switch with isopropyl alcohol or any electrical-contacts cleaner. Otherwise, please see some information in the following link: http://www.sark110.com/resources/repairs/replacement-navigator


Best regards,

Melchor EA4FRB

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