Saranac Synagogue News: Shabbos Vayikra/Parshas Zachor (March 11-12, 2022 / 1-2 Adar II, 5782)

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Saranac Synagogue News: Shabbos Vayikra/Parshas Zachor (March 11-12, 2022 / 8-9 Adar II, 5782)

Shalom Aleichem! We wish everyone a pleasant Shabbos!

·         Shabbos services are suspended until further notice. Please attend the synagogue of your choice. Good Shabbos!

Friday: Candle lighting: 5:59 PM, Shabbos begins: 6:17 PM.

Saturday: Zeman Shema: before 9:29 AM;   Zeman Tefilah: before 10:27 AM.

Chatzos 12:25 PM, Mincha Gedolah, 12:55 PM. Mincha Ketana, 3:51 PM, Plag Hamincha, 5:04 PM. Sunset is 6:18 PM.

Shabbos ends: Shul tradition, 60 min.: 7:18 PM.   42 min.: 7:01 PM.  72 min.: 7:31 PM.



This is Shabbos Zachor, we do not say Av Harachamim during davening. According to some opinions it’s a biblical requirement to hear the reading of “remember what Amalek did” in Shul.

NO GUARANTEES, but if you’re available for a minyan for reading the Megilla Wednesday night, please let Bob or me know.

The Parshah in a Nutshell


Leviticus 1:1–5:26

Gd calls to Moses from the Tent of Meeting, and communicates to him the laws of the korbanot, the animal and meal offerings brought in the Sanctuary. These include:

• The “ascending offering” (olah) that is wholly raised to Gd by the fire atop the altar;

• Five varieties of “meal offering” (minchah) prepared with fine flour, olive oil and frankincense;

• The “peace offering” (shelamim), whose meat was eaten by the one bringing the offering, after parts are burned on the altar and parts are given to the kohanim (priests);

• The different types of “sin offering” (chatat) brought to atone for transgressions committed erroneously by the high priest, the entire community, the king or the ordinary Jew;

• The “guilt offering” (asham) brought by one who has misappropriated property of the Sanctuary, who is in doubt as to whether he transgressed a divine prohibition, or who has committed a “betrayal against Gd” by swearing falsely to defraud a fellow man.

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