Saranac Synagogue News: Yom Kippur (September 15-16, 2021 /9-10 Tishrei, 5782)

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Sep 14, 2021, 9:21:44 PM9/14/21
to, North Buffalo Jews
Message from the President:

Shalom everyone! It's been year of change, a year of uncertainty ... but I'Y'H all of us will be together at Saranac for Yom Kippur, Succos, and Simchas Torah as well as many Shabbosim in 5782 and beyond. A sweet and healthy year for all of us, and may we all be with Moshiach in Eretz Yisroel speedily in our days! --Shmuel Rashkin

The fast is from Wednesday 9/15 at 7:24 PM through Monday, 9/28 at 8:23 PM.

Shalom Aleichem! A gut gebentched yar!
May you have an easy fast and a meaningful holiday.

Reminder: Shul dues: $110/person, $220/family. Additional contributions welcome.
Donation link below. Thank you to all who have paid their dues. Please remember your Shul!

See and
for an overview of the holiday.

A full list of holiday customs can be found at, page 32 (PDF reader required to view:

Please note: The Artscroll prayer books substitute “Hashem” for G0d’s name throughout the English text.

Those praying in English MUST substitute “G0d,” “L0rd,” or “Ad0nai” (as appropriate) for the prayer to be valid.


COVID-19 RULES: Because the new variants of COVID-19 are so contagious, we encourage even vaccinated folks to wear a mask. Masks are available at the entrance. Social distancing is encouraged. We recommended you wash/sanitize your hands regularly.

This section only applies if you are not yet vaccinated, or within two weeks after your first shot:

·      Please maintain your social distancing, especially from those who are not vaccinated (children, etc.)

·      For your own safety, masks are still required while in the building, unless consuming food or drink.

·      Singing is a high-risk activity. Please, wear a mask while singing, leining or speaking.


Wednesday morning, September 15

After Shacharis: Kapporos

If you want to do Kapporos in the Shul, we do it with money at Saranac. Feel free to come in and perform this ritual after Shacharis or any time during the day.

Wednesday afternoon


NOTE: When you come to Shul, bring your non-leather shoes and white kittel.

Men and boys normally visit the Mikvah in the afternoon today. If you are not vaccinated against coronavirus, many are choosing to take a shower instead. This leniency normally is not considered sufficient for Yom Kippur.

Enjoy a full, festive meal with wine and meat, if desired (may be eaten before or after Mincha).

4:40 PM: Mincha in Shul (~2:45 before Shkiah.)

Seudah Hamafseket: a final light meal (One should avoid cheese, milk, fish, eggs, and wine at this meal). (between Mincha and Shkiah)

Light candles for Yom Kippur: 7:06 PM (18 min. before Shkiah)

Kol Nidre: 7:14 PM (~10 min. before Shkiah)

Fast begins: 7:21 PM Leather shoes are not worn for the duration of the holiday. (3 min. before Shkiah)

Holiday begins: 7:24 PM (Shkiah)

Ma’ariv ends about 8:24 PM (~90 minutes past Shkiah)




(continued on back)



Thursday Morning, September 16


When rising, and after using the bathroom, wash your fingers only to the knuckles. No other washing is permitted unless it is necessary to remove soil.

Shacharis: 8:30 AM. Please be on time—we anticipate an early minyan.
The Shul requests that everyone be in Shul no later than 9 AM to ensure we stay on schedule.

Torah reading: Approximately 11:15 AM

Yizkor: approximately 11:45 PM

Musaf: approximately 12:15 PM through approximately 2:30 PM

Thursday Afternoon/Evening

Services resume with Mincha at 5:15 PM (~2:10 before Shkiah) and Ne’ilah at 6:50 PM (35 minutes before Shkiah) .

Thursday Night

Ma'ariv: 8:05 PM, (42 min after Shkiah) followed by Kiddush Levana (weather permitting)


Fast ends: 8:23 PM* (60 min after Shkiah.)
*if you need to finish early, Y.I ends 45 minutes after Shkiah, or 8:08 PM this year.


Havdalah: 8:15 PM (~72 min after Shkiah). There will be a “break-the-fast” in Shul this year. Please follow safety protocols.

Have meaningful Yomim Noraim as we lead up to the festive fall holidays!

It is commendable to begin building your Sukkah immediately after Yom Kippur.

The Parshah in a Nutshell

Yom Kippur Torah Readings

Leviticus 16:1-34; 18:1-30

The Torah reading for Yom Kippur morning describes the service performed on this day by the Kohen Gadol (high priest) in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. A special feature of the Yom Kippur service was the casting of lots over two he-goats -- equal in age, size and appearance -- to determine which shall be offered to G-d in the Holy Temple, and which shall be dispatched to carry off the sins of Israel to the wilderness.

The climax of the service was when the Kohen Gadol entered the innermost chamber in the Temple, the "Holy of Holies." Wearing special garments of pure white linen, the Kohen Gadol would enter the sacred place with a pan of burning coals in his right hand, and a ladle containing an exact handful of ketoret in his left. Inside the Holy of Holies, he would place the ketoret over the coals, wait for the room to fill with its aromatic smoke, and hastily retreat from the holy place.

"This shall be an everlasting statute for you," the Torah reading concludes. "...For on this day He will forgive you, to purify you, that you be cleansed from all your sins before G-d... once a year."

During the afternoon Mincha service, we read chapter 18 of Leviticus, which details the prohibitions against incest and other deviant sexual behaviors. The Torah reading is followed by a haftorah (reading from the Prophets) which tells the story of Jonah -- the prophet who was sent to prophesy the destruction of the sinful city of Nineveh, ran away from G-d, was swallowed by a fish, and learned the power of prayer and repentance to evoke G-d's mercy and annul the harshest decrees.


Parshah in a Nutshell is copyrighted by its author, publisher and/or, and is produced by If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you do not revise any part of it, and you include this note, credit the author, and link to If you wish to republish this article



David Kunkel, Media Coordinator / Webmaster / Gabbai, for
Shmuel Rashkin, President   •   Bob Alt, Vice President

The Saranac Synagogue

Congregation Achei Tmimim   •   85 Saranac Ave   •   Buffalo, NY 14216   •



Sep 15, 2021, 1:49:45 AM9/15/21
to,, North Buffalo Jews

Shanah tovah and gmar hasima tova to everyone.  And iy"h,  I'll be able to see you either in Buffalo or (preferably!) here in Israel during the coming year.


Malcolm (Menachem) Ainspan

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