Saranac Synagogue News: Shabbos Chol HaMoed Sukkos (September 24-25, 2021 / 18-19 Tishrei, 5782)

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Sep 24, 2021, 6:17:47 PM9/24/21
to, North Buffalo Jews

Shalom Aleichem!

PLEASE NOTE: We expect a minyan if everyone comes on time! Davening starts at 9:30 SHARP.

COVID-19 RULES: Masks are OPTIONAL if you are at least partially vaccinated. Masks are REQUIRED if you are not vaccinated.

Friday: Candle lighting: 6:50 PM, Shabbos begins: 7:08 PM.

Saturday: Davening begins: 9:30 AM.  Zeman Shema: before 10:06 AM;   Zeman Tefilah: before 11:06 AM.
We do NOT say Kel Maleh or Av Harachamim.

Chatzos 1:06 PM, Mincha Gedolah, 1:37 PM. Mincha Ketana, 4:39 PM, Plag Hamincha, 5:51 PM.
We do NOT say Tzidkacha Tzedek.

Shalos Seudos, 7 PM. Parsha review and discussion of upcoming holidays.

Shabbos ends: Shul tradition, 60 min.: 8:11 PM.   42 min.: 7:53 PM.  72 min.: 8:23 PM.
We do not say Vayehi No’am after Ma’ariv.


Barbecue at Ohr Tzion, 39 Plaza Drive, Williamsville. Sunday afternoon, 3 – 6 PM.

Some stay up all night studying on Erev Hoshana Rabbah, some recite Sefer Devarim and Tihillim.

Hoshana Rabba (a Chol HaMoed day) is Monday morning.
On the first six days of the Festival, the bimah is circled once. On Hoshana Rabbah, the last day of the Festival, seven circuits are made. The Hoshana service includes prayers that G-d grant us a year of abundant rain and dew. There is a mystical practice to take a bundle of aravah (willow branches), recite a special prayer, and then beat it on the ground five times after the Hoshanos.

Shemini Atzeres is Tuesday, 9/28. Simchas Torah is Wednesday 9/29. These are full holidays. Watch for separate email.

The Parshah in a Nutshell

Shabbos Chol Hamoed Sukkos
Exodus 33:12-34:26

Gd agrees to Moses' request that His presence only dwell amongst the Jews. Moses requests to be shown Gd's glory. Gd agrees, but informs Moses that he will only be shown Gd's "back," not Gd's "face."

Gd tells Moses to carve new tablets upon which Gd will engrave the Ten Commandments. Moses takes the new tablets up to Mt. Sinai, where Gd reveals His glory to Moses while proclaiming His Thirteen Attributes of Mercy.

Gd seals a covenant with Moses, assuring him again that His presence will only dwell with the Jews. Gd informs the Jewish people that He will drive the Canaanites from before them. He instructs them to destroy all vestiges of idolatry from the land, not to make molten gods, to refrain from making any covenants with its current inhabitants, to sanctify male firstborn humans and cattle, and not to cook meat together with milk.

The Jews are commanded to observe the three festivals — including the holiday of Sukkot, "the festival of the ingathering, at the turn of the year." All males are commanded to make pilgrimage to "be seen by Gd" during these three festivals.

The maftir, from the Book of Numbers, discusses the public offerings brought in the Temple on this day of Sukkot.

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