Saranac Synagogue News: Sukkos (September 20-22, 2021 / 14-16 Tishrei, 5782)

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Saranac Synagogue News: Sukkos (September 20-22, 2021 / 14-16 Tishrei, 5782)

Shalom Aleichem! This is this week's news at the Saranac Shul. Hope to see you there.

COVID-19 RULES: Masks are OPTIONAL if you are at least partially vaccinated. Masks are REQUIRED if you are not vaccinated.

See for an overview of the holiday.
A full list of customs can be found at

NOTE: Dues reminder: $110/person, $220/family, or give what you can, everyone should give something.
The Little Shul gives you a great big “ya'asher koach!” Mail it in, donate online, drop it in the pushke, or hand it to an officer.

Monday evening, Erev Sukkos Day 1: Candle lighting: 6:57 PM, Yom Tov begins: 7:15 PM. “Lehadlik ner shel Yom Tov, Shehecheyanu.”

Tuesday: Yom Tov services begin at 9:00 AM.  Shema before 10:04 AM, Zeman Tefilah: 11:05 AM.

Mezonos Kiddush: approximately 12:30 PM. Dress appropriately for the weather!

The Alts will be sponsoring a luncheon after kiddush.


Tuesday Evening: Erev Sukkos Day 2: Mincha/Ma’ariv: 6:45 PM [30 minutes before Shkiah]

Holiday Candle lighting, and cooking for the second day: After 8:15 PM (“Shel Yom Tov”). [60 minutes past Shkiah]
Most light in the Sukkah just before Kiddush. Light candles and stoves from an existing flame; do not extinguish the existing--or any intermediate--flame. Don’t forget, you can usually use your hot water heater pilot. If an existing flame is unavailable, it is preferable that you SKIP candle lighting rather than violate the Yom Tov fire restrictions).

The Alts will be sponsoring a yom tov dinner after services.

Wednesday, Sukkot Day 2: Services begin 9:00 AM, Say Shema before 10:05 AM, Zeman Tefillah 11:06 AM

Mezonos kiddush in the Shul Sukkah: approximately 12:30 PM. Dress appropriately for the weather!

Wednesday Evening: Mincha/Ma’ariv: 6:45 PM [30 minutes before Shkiah] Holiday ends / Chol HaMoed begins: [Shabbos: Shkiah; 60/42/72min.] Shul tradition, 60 min.: 8:13 PM.   42 min.: 7:55 PM.  72 min.: 8:25 PM.


·         NOTE: From Rosh Hashanah until Simchas Torah, Weekday minyans will be announced via email or in Shul.

·         The Sukkah will be available to anyone who wants to eat or study in it. During the holiday, we will have daytime and nighttime Kiddush in Sukkah both of the first holiday days, and a Mezonos kiddush on Shabbos during the day.

The Parshah in a Nutshell


Leviticus 22:26-23:44 Numbers 29:12-16

The reading begins with an injunction that a newborn calf, lamb, or kid must be left with its mother for seven days; one may not slaughter an animal and its offspring on the same day.

The reading then lists the annual festivals of the Jewish calendar: the weekly Shabbat; the bringing of the Passover offering on 14 Nissan; the seven-day Passover festival beginning on 15 Nissan; the bringing of the Omer offering from the first barley harvest on the 2nd day of Passover, and the commencement, on that day, of the 49-day Counting of the Omer, culminating in the festival of Shavuot on the 50th day; a "remembrance of shofar blowing" on 1 Tishrei; a solemn fast day on 10 Tishrei; the Sukkot festival -- during which we are to dwell in huts for seven days and take the "Four Kinds" -- beginning on 15 Tishrei; and the immediately following holiday of the "8th day" of Sukkot (Shemini Atzeret).

Gd declares the fifteenth day (and the subsequent six days) of the seventh month to be a holy convocation, no work shall be done during that time. The reading then describes the Sukkot offerings which were brought in the Holy Temple.

Parshah in a Nutshell is copyrighted by its author, publisher and/or, and is produced by If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you do not revise any part of it, and you include this note, credit the author, and link to If you wish to republish this article in a periodical, book, or website, please email


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